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What color flooring goes with gray walls

What color flooring goes with gray walls. Flooring is an addition that can turn a good space into a great distance – fitting it with hardwood flooring can be rewarding in terms of how it changes the look of a room.

In most cases, light colors are best, but there are some other points to consider when deciding on what wood floor color to use in your home.

What color flooring goes with gray walls

different color flooring that goes with gray walls

One thing to keep in mind is the wall color – will they complement each other or clash?

We’ve discovered some guides and tips on coordinating these two features, which we believe you will find help with right away.

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood flooring is quite striking. It brings out the gray of the walls without conflicting with the rich tones of gray, especially when paired with a bluish-gray wall paint color.

The white furniture pops from this combination, as shown in this example. Cherry wood flooring can come in hues ranging from yellow and red to pink for a warmer effect.



Since gray is a neutral color that goes with black, it can work nicely with white wooden floors.

Some people prefer installing white wooden floors in high foot traffic rooms as this light color hides dirt and dust.

Keep in mind that if you want to use white for the flooring, you must paint the walls a darker shade of gray to prevent the room from appearing too drab or dingy.

The best way to go about this color combination is actually by painting both surfaces – the wood panels and the walls – separately so that you can choose contrasting, complementary shades of gray and white, respectively.



The next wooden floor color you should consider using is white. This neutral color works well with gray walls, making for a great fit in areas where there may not be much traffic.

If your room is on the smaller side, then white wooden floors and gray walls can make the space appear brighter and more spacious.

White and gray go well together because they look classic, as if they were meant to match each other! This is a brilliant choice of wall & flooring colors if your home has a small or medium-sized space.


A chameleon will blend in perfectly with a background color, changing its hue as you move it closer or away from the shade.

You can use this hint to buy the perfect paint color for your living room walls and wooden flooring because gray is a classic and neutral choice that pairs beautifully with both bold and subtle hues.

So when painting your furniture, it doesn’t become another part of the patterned carpet but instead stands out on its own.

Light Brown

Light Brown

From the classic look of Light brown wood floors to the trendy designs of darker colors, with traditional white walls or vivid colors such as green and blue, your foot will define how your room looks.

Whether you want to add a touch of warmth or a cold nip in the air, be sure to pick soft colors that best fit your needs.

Medium Brown

If you’re not a fan of light brown wooden floors and prefer a darker version, how about one that’s closer to being in the middle?

That idea works with both light & dark colored walls. Some of the most popular mid-toned wooden flooring types include oak & birch.

This color combo works best for high-traffic rooms because darker-colored wood is better at camouflaging dirt or dust than its lighter counterpart.

Dark Brown

Dark Brown

When discussing the best of both details, dark brown wooden floors and dark gray walls could be what you’re looking for. This trendy pairing might at first seem like a recipe for disaster (pardon the pun)

But, done correctly, it can create a stylishly minimalist and contemporary look.

Dark gray walls and light brown wooden floors are some of our favorites because they go great in any room, no matter how big or small, especially when paired with tall windows and large ceilings.

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