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Front door colors for blue house

Front door colors for blue house. Choosing the right paint for the exterior of your home can really make a difference to first impressions. Paint is what makes people subconsciously judge your house.

It says something about you as a homeowner and requires some thought, especially if you decide to change the color of your front door or even redesign it entirely.

For instance, many people find darker colors more attractive on houses than lighter ones which is why they tend to choose these two options when they are selling their own homes.

Those looking to attract new buyers should talk to any real estate agent on how paint choice can maximize curb appeal when it comes down to enticing prospective buyers!

Front Door Colors For Blue House

black front door colors for blue house

The front door color for a blue house is an essential element of the home’s external appearance. After all, the entry serves as point of contact for visitors.

Therefore, a well-painted door welcomes friends and family into the safe haven of your house. Here are 7 best colors that matches blue house front door:


A black front door brings the color black into a house which in turn can give out two totally different impressions.

Firstly, it can make the house seems more elegant, solid and powerful.

Secondly, it can make it look dull or intimidating instead if not combine with other colors as you can see in this example.

The outside of the house looks stunning because of its use of white trims – they draw attention to the door but don’t overshadow any of the other splashes of color that are on display.

Classic White

Classic White

White is the perfect color for a front door. It goes with pretty much anything and looks extremely clean!

For example, it looks great in contrast to blue, so why not add some blue plants to your yard to enhance the color combination even more?

You could also try white columns or trims if you want, but don’t forget to insert some black hardware for a classic, glamorous look; up those ante with some French windows too if you like that kind of thing.

Overall, this combination looks amazing and is sure to stand out when compared to other doors on your street.

Dark Grey

Gray is perhaps the most resistant and versatile color on earth. It’s a safe choice for just about any kind of project, including homes with blue siding on the exterior or front door.

For example, the gray just outside of the front door to this home creates an ideal accent amongst the other colors in the house that is decidedly neutral but still very noteworthy.

A dark shade of gray balances out well against the smoky blue color on this wall by creating drama without being obtrusive.

Undertones of purple or blue – which you can incorporate into your own projects – add warmth to gray and make it blend much better with lighter shades like white, which are more common with light blue paint schemes.



Brown is a sophisticated shade that never goes out of style. When combined with blue, the earthy tone brings an enjoyable warmth to the entrance.

Whether stained or painted, a brown door next to dark or light blue siding is the perfect choice for those who want a traditional home style without compromising on elegance.

For the perfect door design, add some artistic glasswork in order to allow natural light to brighten your home.

Natural Wood

Natural wood doors will always look elegant and fanciful to your visitors. Even if it is not stained, a natural wooden door gives the right impression of style intertwined with opulence that makes an ordinary visitor feel important.

If you have a siding made of steel, you should make sure to combine this material by using a wooden door so that they may form a harmonious pair in terms of colors and textures.


red front door colors for blue house

The red front door design is not standard for the real estate industry, but it can make your entrance look bold and memorable.

The use of an older stained-glass door containing a monochromatic theme can make your home’s entrance pop out in every sense.

The use of glass will tone down the bold red, and makes it look more subtle as compared to an all-red setup.

However, if you want even bolder entrances and you have decided that no amount of white or blue will ever make them pop out, go ahead and throw in some gold or brass components on your front door.

Bright Yellow

A blue house with a bright yellow door is like a gem. It’s so rare because of the simple fact that blue and yellow are complementary colors.

Hence, if you want to catch someone’s attention there really isn’t any better way to do it than by using complementary colors in your design.

For instance if you have a soft shade of light blue siding, you could use bold yellow on a darker shade of blue.

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