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Colors that go with charcoal gray

Colors that go with charcoal gray. Gray is an enormously popular colour in home decor whose reputation has rapidly been transformed from a dull and drab colour to a highly sought-after colour used to create sleek, cozy, or ultra-modern styles.

There are so many charcoal grey colours available. Still, dark charcoal grey is undeniably the most desirable as it has become something of a mainstay in interior design and seems to have no intention of going anywhere fast.

In this article, we have some ideas for ways you can incorporate black into your home decorating schemes, whether living rooms, kitchens or bedrooms.

Colors that go with charcoal gray

different colors that go with charcoal gray

Charcoal is a popular color because it is dark, yet unlike black it’s bright enough to create depth in any room – make for perfect textiles when you’re considering which set of materials to use for your next project.

Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow is a bright colour that can make a cold grey space more cozy and relaxed.

If you’re looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where you can unwind, paint your walls charcoal and invest in soft, light yellow furnishings for the room.

Such as ivory suede curtains or an overstuffed white sofa with a bulbous rounded back. Having things that are smooth to the touch.

But you also want to compliment colours while creating that atmosphere you’re trying to achieve is essential when creating an eye-catching space, so take some time figuring out what textures of fabrics will match well.

Blush Pink


Pairing charcoal grey and blush pink is a fantastic way to balance each other out. Blush pink is light and delicate, while charcoal grey is dark and heavy, making a perfect contrast.

Blush pink is innocent, whereas charcoal grey has heavy emotions, so they contrast in associations.

Or say you’re a fan of the dainty colour but don’t want your space to feel overtly feminine?

Then go for dark accents with a pinch of charcoal grey so that room stays modern and balanced.


White is an excellent backdrop for charcoal. While it isn’t as versatile as black, there’s a good chance that charcoal will blend into any look you’re going for when partnered with white.

It incorporates both neutral and masculine dark grey tones into an ambience and space that can be modern or classic; however, it’s currently designed.

Pick a colour from either of these options to use as your main feature while flickering the other one in via throw pillows or contrasting trimmings with little further details sprinkled around.

This will make for a cozy yet charming abode.



Teal is a deep green-blue shade that’s highly saturated, making it capable of standing out.

However, charcoal grey also works well to give this colour a grounded and balanced feel.

When using both shades, your teal walls will still stand out and not lose their vibrancy, but at the same time, most rooms with these shades seem more relaxed and less intense, which can be very soothing.

However, if you want to add more warmth or lightness into the mix, why not try adding a third hue?

For example, this could be anything from soft pink to off-white over dove grey, as it would create an even more significant contrasting effect.



Greige Is a grey/beige colour combination popular in modern decor. More often used in interior design than in fashion, this colour will look stylish and classic while also present and trendy.

Muted greige can make black appear whiter and brighter while working with other colours to add texture and depth.

Having the right amount of greige lets you create an uncluttered yet enjoyable space without making things too busy.


When it comes to metal surfaces in a charcoal grey room, copper is an optimal choice. It complements the charcoal grey background by being a high contrast option that offers beauty in its subtleness.

Both glossy and matte copper surfaces are glorious in contrast to charcoal grey. Still, they should be placed next to each other to fully enjoy the incredible intensity of the colour blocks contrasting each other.

Consider using copper framed mirrors hung closely together on a charcoal-grey wall or copper metal legs on a charcoal-grey sofa.

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