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Bugs That Look Like Flying Termites

Bugs that look like flying termites. Bugs that look like flying termites. Flying termites can look like a number of flying insects that appear in and around homes.

Because you are likely not to see one at any given moment, the chances are there will be a time when you get something that looks like a flying termite but which is actually something else.

Only if you know about flying bugs such as white flies or fungus gnats when you might think yours is a winged termite.

Don’t worry because this guide will help inform you about three different types of flying insects that may look like winged termites, including identifying features for each type so that you’ll never misidentify a winged bug again.

Bugs That Look Like Flying Termites

Termite and ant taxonomy can be somewhat difficult to ascertain when you’re not quite sure how to tell the difference between termites and ants!

Despite their resemblance, ants are shorter in length than other insects in their family like termites and have six legs – whereas termites only have four.


mayflies that look like termites

Mayflies are winged insects that look like shrimp or small lobsters when they’re flying. But when they’re at rest, you can tell that they aren’t a specific type of bug because their tails are visible.

If you know what mayflies are then you might be able to identify them as bugs that swat flies with one swing of their mighty swatters. Mayflies gather on lighted surfaces.

This is where these bugs lay their eggs. The young remain in the water until they turn into adults.

When they’re now resting, they’ll embrace their wings together, and their abdomen becomes visible. Mayflies aren’t known to spread harmful diseases either.

They’re a key indicator of the ecosystem’s health. It’s because they stink so bad! Mayflies cannot survive in the environment if there are toxins in the water or poor air quality.

Take a deep breath and think about where you live; trees surrounding your home, fences and flowers blooming outside – if your area has these pleasant conditions, then you could be breathing some of the cleanest oxygen around.

Green Lacewing

green lacewing that look like termites

They’re no different from any other flying bugs except for the fact that they are attracted to light and like to lay eggs in your garden.

Chances are that if you’ve bought larvae or eggs of these green lacewing, then once they turn into adults, they will help you protect the plants in your garden from unwanted pests.

Such as aphids, thrips, spider mites, whitefly, chiggers and mealybugs. Like flying termites, green lacewings do not swarm around in massive numbers but instead have four wings which are more or less the same length.

At least one of them has large eyes and a clubbed antennae consisting of five segments as well as three pairs of legs that serve as an additional pair of eyes.

It’s crucial to understand what attracts different bugs, especially green lacewing bugs, in order to prevent them from multiplying in one’s home or business.

If a property has an inviting environment, then the natural phenomenon known as the green lacewing bug multiplication effect will take place and it may take some time and a little effort to get rid of the insects all together.

Flying Ants

flying ants that look like termites

Unless you take a clear look at them, flying ants can be very hard to distinguish from flying termites. But there are some vital differences between the two creatures.

If you know what to look for in both of these creatures, it won’t be hard to spot the differences like an expert.

Like termites, they move in swarms looking for new wooden structures to lay eggs after mating.

Ants don’t bite (but their bites hurt worse than that of a termite) and instead use their pincers (termed “mandibles”) to tear through the wood and make their way into your home or commercial property.

Termite swarms have grown to approximately 3/8ths of an inch in size whereas flying ants only grow to about 1/4th of an inch long – it’s pretty easy to tell them apart once you see them side by side.

How to get a rid of Bugs That Look Like Flying Termites?

Three flying termite look-alikes are attracted to lights from the homes of people. The flying termites like being around lights inside and outside of a home.

So using the correct type of light in your house is crucial for preventing them from entering. Vapor lights and yellow bug lights don’t attract bugs and can help curb any that happen to show up by keeping them away from the areas closest to a building.

Such as doorways and windows near the foundation while they come in through a forgotten window or open door on the first floor in particular.

To keep bugs away from your home, take preventative steps such as installing window screens with no holes and making sure your yard is clean. Avoid water accumulation by repairing potholes in the road.


Flying ants that look like termites. Three bugs have a very similar appearance to flying termites and can be easily mistaken for them by the inexperienced observer.

The three bugs in question are the flying ant, mayfly, and green lacewing bug. In this guide you will find information that will differentiate between these three insects and their flying counterparts.

The distinctions will help you get rid of what could potentially lead to an infestation before it gets out of hand.

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