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Colors that go with Lavender

Colors that go with Lavender. Lavender is a soothing and rich colour. Whether used in clothes, accessories, or the room’s main design, the pop of lavender or the dominant colour makes the space more vibrant and inviting.

The hue is a purple variant (a shade derived from mixing purple with white).

Suppose you’re a brave homeowner that’s not afraid to venture out of your comfort zone when it comes to interior design by mixing things up with this elegant colour instead of opting for an all-white or tone on tone palette.

In that case, this guide will show you some great ways to pair it up and make more of one of these lovely shades – without compromising on style.

Colors that go with Lavender

different colors that go with lavender

You might think that lavender is lavender, but as with many colors, there’s a huge range of shades. The undertones in the shade you choose can make a huge difference to your kitchen and bathroom for example.

The difference in color is vast and when choosing too light or too dark of a shade it can end up making your décor look very outdated.


If retro designs inspire you, then, by all means, fire up your living area with a lavender and bronze correlation. You can have a lavender wallpaper and rug on an all-bronze bed and lampshades.

In the living room, you can have a white wall with lavender curtains and throw pillows with either beige or tan colours and buy a bronze coffee table.

This combination will probably make the room darker, so unless this isn’t the energy you want to channel in your house, this pair will serve beautifully with the right fixtures.



This is a bold choice for any home in the grey area between daring and dreary. It’s not often that anyone would opt to paint their walls black.

But if you’re looking for something gothic and sinister in style, then why not go the whole hog?

One way to soften the space while keeping it dark is by adding a delicious dash of lavender to your colour scheme.

Not only will this tone perk things up, but lavender is also on the lighter side of purple so that it won’t be too much of a shock.



Lavender and pink are a match made in heaven, especially for the ladies! We love matching lavender and pink with blue.

A sky is a beautiful place where we can see many unicorns across the horizon! When you mix lavender with pink paint on your walls, it can give off a pretty trippy effect, but that’s why we love it so much.

Girls will use their unicorn vision to find decorations like taffy coloured curtains or gum-coloured sheets.

You can find all of these things in beauty supply stores as they’re usually part of bachelorette parties, which also own champagne-coloured gowns and wands.



A colour like beige doesn’t necessarily excite homeowners as a perfect colour palette to incorporate in their home design.

Still, it comes to life when paired with bold colours like lavender. Beige is an earthy nude colour, so pairing it with light colours will keep it from overpowering the room.

Lavender is a very modest side of purple and will mix perfectly with this colour. The room has many light colours incorporated in its design, but the allure of lavender still brings out a sense of sophistication in the space.

When looking for inspiration on creating a lavender-inspired room, think of ways you can use beige as opposed to other lighter colours while incorporating lots of purple and shades of purple throughout your project.



Lavender and silver harmonize perfectly together, blending to become a brilliant display that can be achieved in any room.

You may use both colours but keep accents minimal and slightly understated so the predominant color, which could be white in the living room, is highlighted as you know it to be the focal point of this setting.

If your couch is silver-coloured, then feel free to mix things up with lavender pillows or throws along with an accent rug on the floor.

These additions will help spice up the space by complementing your base colour theme whilst bringing various elements on board with a similar tone.


Mint and lavender made for a lovely combination because they are both natural colours from the mint leaf and the flower.

This pair is an excellent choice for your home if you’re passionate about your interior design choices, which is why our designers couldn’t believe it took us so long to come up with this colour scheme!

Both colours take on a lighter tone than their primary colours, making them appear softer, but inspired by nature.

These colours can work well in a child’s nursery or other parts of your home if you’re an enthusiastic but soothing type looking to bring some calming peace into their space.

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