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Best Garage Door Color For Red Brick House

Best garage door color for red brick house. Redbrick homes have been a mainstay in residential communities for decades. A red brick home’s exterior gives it a simple, warm look that many people love!

You can use garage door paint to match the color of your beautiful red brick exterior. However, just because your home has a traditional style doesn’t mean you can’t give it some flair.

Red bricks are comprised of a variety of beautiful shades you can use to ensure your home has a perfect look.

Although other shades are present, tans and browns must be accounted for when matching garage door paint with red bricks.

Best Garage Door Color For Red Brick House

different garage door color for red brick house

As a homeowner, you want to make sure your home is aesthetically pleasing and that can begin with what color you paint your garage doors as they play a large part in its overall design scheme.

If you’re wondering what color of garage doors might look best on your brick house, we’ve put together this list of the best colors for brick houses that is sure to help!


A classic color that’s suitable for any exterior is white. This timeless and versatile shade goes with virtually any shade of brick, but it sets off orange tones the best, especially in orange bricks that are ribbed.

White is a trendy color that blends well with traditional and modern architecture and will draw the eye to your garage door rather than other aspects of the house and its exterior.



Gray is a classic choice for exterior home designs. It’s a neutral color that blends well with red and many other warm colors on a vivid palette.

If you want your construction to blend in with the overall aesthetic of your neighborhood, gray is a good option for this, and it works for both new homes and old ones alike.

For example, light or cool grays work well on predominantly pink or beige homes as they add just enough flair without being an eye-catching design by themselves.



Like white and gray garage doors, black is another color that works well next to red brick. This bold color adds sophistication to a modern-style house, as shown here.

Black is one of those colors, which creates a sophisticated contrast with light red brick tones.

This is an ideal garage door color, which doesn’t require repainting as it hides dirt better than the lighter counterparts like white and gray.

However, black is arguably one of the most challenging colors to pull off on a red brick house.

To accomplish this, use black on simple exteriors (without any outlandish architectural elements) so as not to make your brickwork look overwhelming or busy.

Beige or Cream

Beige or Cream

Choosing the right garage door color for your red brick home can be challenging without help.

Red bricks come in various hues and textures – making it difficult to get an ideal color match.

One way to determine your best option is first to pick out the paint color you’ll use for the garage door itself because it will impact how you perceive the undertone.

Stick with a neutral color option like white or beige to make things easy.

Natural Wood Stain

Natural Wood Stain

You might want to consider having a wooden garage door installed on your brick home. Whether it’s just the front facade or your entire home that’s brick, wooden garage doors look good when paired with brick exteriors.

They offer you the flexibility of choosing any stain color and several designs that complement most styles of architecture.

While there are many different kinds of wooden garage doors one can choose from to build, you should pick stains consistent with the tone and undertone of your red bricks.


Best garage door color for red brick house. Garage doors are usually straightforward to be laid out and installed. Before you paint your garage door, make sure you check with the manufacturer’s color recommendations first.

It’s always better to double-check than have to repaint it later on due to safety reasons. You may also want to base your choices on how much time and budget you will spend.

Such as if he needs a new one entirely or just a touch-up for an old one. We hope these examples of garage door colors that go with red brick inspire.

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