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What colors go with rose gold

What colors go with rose gold. Rose Gold is a new color that first appeared in the late 19th century but rose gold jewellery has not been around as long as you might think.

It was first introduced in 2010 and became very popular in fashion and interior design. Rose gold watches spread quickly when they were first released here at Casio in 2012.

The earlier versions of this metal were most commonly a combination of copper and zinc, though now they are made primarily from combined copper, nickel and zinc due to the cost savings.

Today, rose gold is positively buzzing even though it’s still not common to find on the street.

What colors go with rose gold

Rose gold has seen a huge rise in popularity in both fashion and interior design over the last few years.

Here is a guide on what colors you should pair with rose gold for an optimal effect.


cream color with rose gold

Cream and rose gold are often seen together but can be as good with certain hues. While cream might seem like a mix of yellow and white, it is more of a warm shade because it has a hint of yellow or orange underneath.

As two shades sit on the warm side of the color wheel, this pairing will add some elegance to your room design.

For example, use thick cream faux fur throws along with plush rose gold velvet curtains draped in front of golden candelabras to create an over-the-top luxurious atmosphere in your living room or bedroom.

You can also highlight an existing room with metallic colors, such as the metallic version of rose gold, for example.

This could be achieved by using metallic rose gold candle holders, or metallic rose gold table legs throughout the space.



The pairing of rose gold and lilac can make for a playful color scheme, like how they pair with off-white or gray.

Lilac will bring out the feminine side of rose gold, making it feel more dainty and reminiscent of the 1940s. Rose gold is a shade of pink, and lilac is a shade of purple.

Both register closely in fans’ eyes but have different temperatures: rose gold registers as being warm and lilac cool; this helps us draw further comparisons in their aesthetics.


White is a pure neutral color that is neither warm nor cold, and it can be used to produce a clean, elegant feel in any space.

Rose gold can be incorporated with white as the main base color in interiors and exteriors of home or office spaces to create an understated style.

Adding additional accent colors such as bronze or burgundy will help you define your design style further effortlessly for appealing wall decor and sophisticated furniture combinations.



Rose gold and gray are both cool colors; however, they complement each other. Choose a light shade of gray to create the best contrast between your two favorite colors.

Avoid darker shades with blue or green undertones, as they can affect the vibrancy of your rose gold. If you’re looking to bring some atmosphere into your living room, paint your walls in grayscale.

This combination evokes a sophisticated chic vibe in any space, and it works perfectly if you’re trying to make a statement or add some balance to an overly-colorful room.


teal color with rose gold

Teal is a striking and bold color that is vibrant without being overwhelming. Its jagged lines create modern and contemporary shapes full of character.

It pairs beautifully with rose gold because it is a shade of blue-green, which sits directly opposite rose gold on the color wheel.

This makes them complementary colors! These tones will balance out the femininity of rose gold and add a fun element to any design.

Since these are such bold colors, a more neutral base like oatmeal or cream should be used to prevent them from becoming overpowering when paired together too.

Teal blends superbly with gray or off-white as well, making it possible to create an elegant palette while still staying true to the distinctive shades you’ve chosen for your brand.

Forest Green

Forest Green

Rose gold is a gorgeous, warm-toned metal with many shades paired perfectly with other colors. Green is one of Rose Gold’s complementary colors on the color wheel, but they are a little tricky to wear together.

Pairing this color with other hues, including brown and beige, makes for a lovely combination that can bring elegance and class to any space in your house or office.

We love the effect of combining a deep green shade such as Forest Green with Rose Gold because these two tones seem to blend without looking too overpowering against each other effortlessly.

The result is an elegant and aesthetically-pleasing combination that makes your room look sophisticated yet inviting at the same time.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a color that mismatches rose gold in terms of the hue and the shade. Navy blue is a cool color while rose gold is warm, and it also has more darkness than rose gold, which makes it full of life.

Rose gold contains orange undertones from copper, making navy blue a complementary color. Both colors have different shades and hues that easily come together to blend well in any room or area in general harmonically.

Navy blue works especially well for formal spaces such as dining rooms and home offices with much elegance in grandeur.

Still, it can also work for any other space if spectacular accents are added to the walls, such as wall decor pieces of an elegant nature like fairy tale scenes or wall paintings already mentioned earlier in this blog post.

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