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Why Won’t My TV Connect To Wifi

Why won’t my tv connect to wifi? If you are running into a situation where your smart TV isn’t able to connect to the wifi network, there are a few things that you should check to discover what the issue may be.

Intelligent TVs are modern and sleek devices thanks to their ability to access the internet and deliver viewers with a wide variety of films, TV shows, and other content within a few quick clicks.

This article will help you determine and solve the problem that you have with your device’s connection so let’s get started!

Why Won’t My TV Connect To Wifi

reasons why won't my tv connect to wifi

When a TV doesn’t connect to a wireless network, there are many different potential causes for the issue. The most common reason is that the wireless internet is down or not functioning correctly.

An outdated configuration of your router can also be to blame, or a simple factory reset could solve the problem as well.

Today, many Smart TVs can access wifi and operate somewhat similarly to desktop computers. The older TV models do not have these features but can still connect via Ethernet cable with compatible cables.

Although this issue seems challenging to you at first glance, it might just be an easy fix! Let us present some simple steps that you can follow to fix this problem as soon as possible!

Here are the possible reasons why your TV is not connecting to wifi:

1. Internet Issue

This is the most straightforward reason for failure. Before diagnosing anything, make sure that the problem is not related to another device or electronic device in general.

If other internet-ready devices are functioning, then you may want to contact your Internet provider or check and see if there’s an outage, a storm, or any other reason why they might be experiencing difficulties.

Often, these companies provide customer support via phone so calling them first is always a good idea before buying new equipment.

2. Make sure that your TV is in the Correct Network Area

If the user is using wifi for an intelligent connection, you need to ensure they have a link to the correct network. If they live in an apartment building and use Wi-Fi, the TV may be connected to the neighbor’s network by default.

You will need to refer to your TV manual to navigate to the wifi setup screen and verify that it is using the same network name (SSID) as your laptop or mobile device.

Even if you do not know what this means, we assure you that you’ll get by just fine with our product if this is all fairly straightforward from here out!

3. Disable the Guest Mode

Some routers have a “guest mode” that allows devices to access the user’s network, but only in a locked mode, reducing the risk of hacking.

However, this option itself may interfere with the automatic setting of a TV’s Internet connection.

So make sure that even if you need to disable guest mode, you will also be able to configure your router correctly to connect to your network without any issues whatsoever.

4. Connection Buffering

Streaming content to a TV can require more data than usual, depending on the network’s speed. If multiple devices are connected simultaneously, it might overload available bandwidth and cause buffering issues.

The type and speed of your internet connection will prevent you from streaming content at any given moment.

During peak hours where demand for internet usage is higher, it’ll be harder to stream video without experiencing problems.

Because available bandwidth might not be able to keep up with transmission rates, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) don’t provide access to dedicated channels for each user.

To fix poor streaming performance in Google Chrome, try increasing your data transfer rate by upgrading your current internet plan or changing providers.

Do Factory Reset of your Smart TV?

Restoring your smart TV to factory defaults can fix the Internet connection.

We’d like to take the time to remind you that restoring your TV to factory settings will delete any current user settings, saved content and registered accounts on this device.

If these actions are not reversible or the correct TV model is used for reference, contact support first before attempting this procedure!


Why won’t my tv connect to wifi. Sometimes, when the TV is new, you need to be patient and allow it to configure all of its software updates automatically.

This process requires you to have a little bit of patience for the TV to complete necessary updates for your Netflix account or other channels installed by the manufacturer to work correctly.

During this update process, you must understand that the TV will not show any screens or windows during these updates.

Once they’ve completed all software updates needed, you’ll be able to use any feature the TV provides smoothly.

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