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Maytag Ice Maker Not Working

Maytag ice maker not working. Maytag ice makers offer a one-stop solution for creating ice at home.

To start using your Maytag refrigerator, it’s essential to ensure that it is properly connected to a water supply which should first be tested by a plumber or heating engineer.

Suppose you are experiencing issues with your Maytag refrigerator’s ice machine. In that case, the cause may be that the water filter has become clogged by debris or minerals, the wiring is faulty and needs to be repaired by an electrician, or there is no connection to a water supply.

Maytag Ice Maker Not Working

maytag ice maker not working issue 2022

We will discuss here the reasons why the ice maker not working.

The temperature of the Freezer is too High

Too much heat in the Freezer can cause your ice cream to melt, and it would be a shame if that happened. You need to check the coils and fan for any build-up of dust or grime preventing efficient cooling.

If you’re using an immersion blender, it would also be a good idea to clean off any food grease stuck on your blades before blending anything.

If you want to keep your recipes fresh for longer, ensure the temperature in your Freezer is set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15C).

Alternatively, try investing in one of those nifty large deep freezes if you have the space!

Clogged/Frozen Water Line

It typically means a clog in the water supply pipe, whether you have a cube ice maker or one that produces no ice.

You should check to see whether the water valve behind the refrigerator is accessible or if your water shut-off is open.

If any water is left in the line after you’ve opened the shut-off, drain it using a bucket or warm running water before unplugging the appliance and moving it away from its present location.

Due to how rapidly lines can freeze up in cold weather, I advise doing step 1 later in the day once your equipment has been removed from its original location.

Ice maker is Not Turned ON

The way each model is turned on and off varies slightly, although most refrigerator ice makers operate similarly.

Your owner’s manual is the greatest resource for information on how to turn your ice maker on and off. Every model has an online counterpart that offers beneficial troubleshooting advice and further information for any problems that arise during use.

Depending on the model, there are different ways to turn on and off an ice maker. Reading through your owner’s handbook is an excellent place to start when finding out how to make these modifications.

If you need assistance choosing the best model for your needs, you can also send questions to an online support line.


Why would an ice maker suddenly stop working?

If your ice maker is malfunctioning or won’t work, it could indicate that your filter needs servicing, or you may even have a build-up of limescale.

To hand-wash a limescale filter, start by unplugging the appliance from the wall and disengaging it from any drainage system.

Can the water filter cause the ice maker not to work?

The most common cause of an ice maker not working is a clogged water filter. The easiest way to solve this problem is to replace the water filter and ensure it’s correctly installed! If your ice maker isn’t turned on, check the power cord and verify that it’s plugged in.


Anyone in need of a new appliance for their home should consider a Maytag refrigerator. However, problems with a refrigerator can occasionally occur and be challenging to fix. Because of reason, it’s critical to know who to contact if your Maytag ice machine breaks down.

So that your ice maker is back in working order and you can resume enjoying ice with your favorite beverages, our qualified and experienced technicians can perform expert repair and maintenance on your Maytag refrigerator.

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