How To Reset Whirlpool Washer

How to reset whirlpool washer. If your washing machine is displaying an error code and won’t stop, performing a reset on the unit will sometimes remedy this problem.

However, if the washing machine has a defective part or blockage within the unit, you’ll still need to address the issue so as to prevent further problems from occurring with the washing machine.

While most Whirlpool brand washing machines can be reset by disconnecting its power cable, some models may feature unique instructions for resetting them.

You typically can find the specific reset instructions for your model either in the technician guide (which generally includes diagnostic information) or under your control panel’s motherboard.

How To Reset Whirlpool Washer

reset whirlpool washer 2022 guide

We will discuss here the methods of resetting the whirlpool washer.

Method 1: Unplug the Washing Machine

One way to reset a Whirlpool washing machine when it is stuck on the rinse cycle is to reconnect the supply line after turning off the water.

The reset button functions by allowing power to return to the washing machine in case someone has forgotten something and left their laundry inside.

If this fails, try again, but double the time between each attempt for safety reasons and so as not to damage your appliance.

Method 2: Press a Few Buttons Together

Some Whirlpool washing machines require pressing or holding a combination of buttons in order to be reset, but the button combination might occasionally vary from model to model.

Referencing the user manual is one of the greatest ways to learn which buttons are effective for resetting your particular device.

Pressing the Pause/Cancel and Power buttons may work for your Whirlpool washing machine model if you can’t find the handbook for your specific appliance.

Method 3: Press the Power and Program Buttons

If the above methods have become ineffective in turning your washing machine back on after it’s been unplugged, you may need to resort to another extreme measure.

Pressing the Power button and then Program followed by pressing Water Level should do the trick of restarting your machine.

But don’t leave it off for too long or attempt this too many times because that might ultimately damage your product.


How do you do a factory reset on a washing machine?

If the washing machine isn’t running properly, it could mean there is a problem with something mechanical. Get your appliance tool box from underneath your sink and check for any loose connections or parts.

Then open the door of the washing machine 6 times and close it within 12 seconds. Run the rinse/spin cycle to test if your problems are fixed.

Does a washing machine have a reset button?

The majority of more recent washing machines have a reset feature that lets you restart the appliance when it develops an error code or other problem.

A number of different factors can bring on these issues. Still, they are typically brought on by power surges, unbalanced loads (such as clothing that is too loose or stained), and unanticipated power outages.

While some machines have a button you may press to restart their motors, and others might need to be manually unplugged from the wall socket and then replugged.


If your Whirlpool washing machine is currently displaying an error code and won’t stop, perform a reset on the unit by disconnecting its power cable. If the error code still remains, then the problem may be with the machine’s motherboard or a defective part within the machine. In the case of a defective part, the washing machine will need to be replaced. For more information on resetting your washing machine, please refer to your machine’s technician guide or motherboard.

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