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Ice Maker Making Ice But Not Dispensing

Ice maker making ice but not dispensing. A household benefits from having an ice machine. It implies that you won’t ever need to go to the store to buy bags of ice simply because you’re hosting a party or inviting your friends over for a BBQ.

If you use your machine frequently by turning it on, ensuring adequate water flowing in and out, and keeping the drainage holes free, you shouldn’t experience any problems with the ice not distributing as it should.

However, as the colder months approach and more people stop needing as many cold beverages daily, you may run into troubles or issues if you don’t use your ice maker frequently enough or skip these basic maintenance duties.

Ice Maker Making Ice But Not Dispensing

ice maker making ice but not dispensing issue 2022

We will discuss the steps to fix your ice maker if it’s not dispensing ice.

1. Check the Doors

The most common cause of a refrigerator that isn’t dispensing ice is a simple case of the doors not being completely closed.

This may be extremely embarrassing if it happens to you as it’s one of the easiest problems to fix, yet it can be awkward because you’re nowhere near being a professional repairman and aren’t used to dealing with such things.

2. Check the Dispenser paddle.

Sometimes the automatic shut-off resulting from continued dispenser use can be annoying as it can prevent users from making more ice for longer periods.

If you think this is the cause of your problem, try to reset the device by releasing the dispenser paddle and letting it rest for a couple of minutes.

After that, if you are still experiencing this issue, confirm that there is sufficient water in the reservoir so that when you push down on the dispenser paddle, your machine will produce ice again.

3. Check the Water Supply Line

If you push a cup against the dispenser and instead of getting ice, you hear some buzzing noise that lasts for approximately 15 seconds, this suggests that it is impossible to make any ice because there is no water flowing through the line.

If your refrigerator’s water supply comes to a stop, most likely, the reason could be due to some tube linkage that stops the water from finding its way into the freezer compartment to get frozen.

4. Check the Ice Bucket Auger

checking the ice bucket auger

When you press the ice dispenser inside the recycle bin, ice is released. A drill powered by a motor under the chest is the mechanism behind this.

Inspect the dispenser’s motor carefully to rule out any issues if something isn’t working properly with it.

If everything appears to be working as it should, put your ear close to the bin housing and listen for any gear noises.

Ask someone who works in janitorial services for a recommendation for a reliable person to find out how frequently the drill needs to be cleaned.

They probably deal with these kinds of problems often, so it should be pretty simple for them to devise your solution!


Why is my refrigerator not dispensing ice?

Your refrigerator’s display won’t dispense water or ice if it has been locked. To unlock it, press the lock button three times. With the doors open, the ice dispenser won’t function.

Before trying again, make certain there is ice in the bin, and the door is completely closed on both sides.

What does the ice dispenser solenoid do?

When it comes to dispensing water, you want to make sure your refrigerator uses a component that will control the flow of water so that there is no chance of flooding occurring.

Water dispensers that use a solenoid component ensure the peace of mind you need.


If your refrigerator works well for you when you use it and maintains good insulation, it’s probably a good idea to check the seals where the door closes to ensure there aren’t any holes or tears. Beyond that, turn the temperature down on your refrigerator to see how its energy efficiency differs from one extreme to the other. If there is still a problem after that, seek help from an official professional.

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