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Where To Sleep If You Have Bed Bugs

Where to sleep if you have bed bugs? Are you afraid to sleep in your bed because you have bed bugs? I would be. It’s a good thing that we’re here to talk about it.

We know that you might be searching on the Internet to find out how you can still get some sleep at home despite having bed bugs.

Do not worry; this article will enlighten you with some helpful tips that will help you sleep tight, knowing there is a way to do so safely at home until your source of infestation is eliminated or controlled.

Our handy-dandy infographic showcases five actionable tips that deal with recommended preventive measures, along with the surprising yet utterly accurate answer to your primary concern – where do I sleep when I have bed bugs!

You’ll also be glad to learn our top three causes for bed bug bites and a quick explanation of what attracts them, so make sure you read all about it.

Where To Sleep If You Have Bed Bugs

how to get rid of bed bugs at home

To sleep without bed bugs, you’d need to clean your bedroom, such as vacuuming and steam cleaning the carpet and furniture with soft-to-the-touch surfaces and crevices where bed bugs tend to hide.

You’d also need to use a mattress encasement to prevent any bed bugs hiding in the mattress from biting you.

Let’s check out the five easy steps to make sure your bedroom is free of bed bugs when you crawl into bed at night.

  1. To kill hidden bed bugs, steam cleans your mattress.
  2. A mattress encasement should be placed over the bed mattress.
  3. Use things that repel bed bugs on your body.
  4. You Should Wear Clothes That Cover Almost Your Whole Body to Prevent Bed Bug Bite.
  5. Make Your Home Bed Bug-Free By Using Bed Bug Interceptors.

How do you kill bed bugs instantly?

Rubbing alcohol and bed bug insecticide sprays are instant bed bug killers. However, we’d rather you refrain from using them. There are two reasons for it.

First, rubbing alcohol can be unpleasant to sleep on. And second, the liquid is toxic and will kill most people who breathe in its fumes.

Bug bombs do not work against tiny biting bugs like bed bugs and fleas because they only work to poison insects that walk through the area where the spray has settled.

The treatment itself is also costly, so research shows that it’s better to hire a professional exterminator instead of trying things at home that may make matters worse if left unchecked!

When pests escape professional attention for too long, heat treatment may be used alongside pesticide treatments (when necessary) to obliterate an infestation.

Is it safe to sleep in a bed after bed bug treatment?

You can sleep after four or five hours, but it is highly recommended to use a mattress encasement before you do.

Most bed bug exterminators will tell you that after the initial session has gone on for four hours, you can cuddle up and enjoy a good night’s rest on your newly bed bug-free bed.

However, some exterminators may recommend waiting for more prolonged. Many bugs are known to wait until they’ve had a bite to eat before emerging into the light of day – meaning yours could emerge from hiding, causing further issues later.

It’s always wise, therefore, to wait an extra couple of days before sleep comes your way again for sure.

Is it possible for bed bugs to follow you to other rooms?

Although bed bugs are not known for jumping or flying, they do have an incredible ability to travel in search of new infestations.

If you bring something from an infested room to another room that doesn’t have any bed bugs, the bed bugs can’t transfer from their source location (the infested room) because it isn’t close enough for them to latch onto the unexpected item.

So we must remember that when transferring stuff from a specific room into another place, make sure all the items are wrapped with air-tight packaging.

This is necessary because if even one baby’s egg of a bed bug is left on some clothing or fabric while moving things around and they’re not adequately packed up properly, all it takes is one little hitchhiker to ruin everything.


Where to sleep if you have bed bugs. If you have bed bugs and want to know how to sleep with them, we recommend checking four steps out of a list of 5 steps in our ultimate guide on how to sleep with them. The five steps are just tips for sleeping with bed bugs to ensure those pesky creatures won’t wake you up while they feast on you.

We’ve mentioned why it’s never a good idea to shift rooms permanently if one room in your home has been affected by a bed bug infestation. If you want to save yourself the trouble of ever dealing with a bed bug infestation at all (and who doesn’t?), then be sure to keep an eye on our ultimate guide on bed bug infestations for info about preventative measures that’ll help keep the critters away from your property.

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