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How Do Drywood Termites Enter Home

How do drywood termites enter home. Drywood termites aren’t the only type of termite. There are many kinds of termites.

Each kind has its own way of infesting a home or building. In this article, you’ll learn about drywood termites.

You’ll also learn how drywood termites invade a home and what the signs and symptoms are that tell you that your home has been invaded by drywood termites.

And if it has, there are certain ways to eradicate the risk of a drywood termite invasion in your home for good.

How Do Drywood Termites Enter Home

drywood termites in home

Drywood termites are very difficult to discover inside your home when they first get there. While they can be seen flying in through windows, using your pets and children as an alternative path is quite easy for them.

While many people like to believe you should have your entire house treated once you get some drywood termite signs, the truth is that drywood termite colonies will only grow once the colony is a few years old.

This means that no matter how many treatments you undertake, getting rid of these creatures will end up costing you more than it would cost if you simply get the source of their infestation eliminated at its source.

The very best thing to do is to call in a specialist who knows what signs to look out for that indicate something more serious might be happening in your home.

Is there any spread of termites between houses?

Bed bugs and pests can spread from one home to another very easily, so it is important that home buyers check for history regarding such bugs in their neighborhood before buying a house.

For example, if your neighbor’s house has an infestation of termites or bed bugs, chances are you could also have them enter your own home on your property.

Subterranean termites travel by coming out of the ground unexpectedly and heading to other parts of the property while bed bugs can be found hiding in luggage.

Either way they come into our homes, it is easy for them to spread between houses quickly since they share many means of transportation including flying in swarms.

Why are drywood termite swarms attracted to your home?

Although drywood termites invade homes randomly during swarms, it’s true that light from your home attracts their attention.

Light coming out of your home during evening hours may call their attention and draw these termites toward your abode.

What Is The Best Way To Get Rid Of Drywood Termites?

Termites, especially drywood termites are annoying beasts who love to enter our homes in large numbers and wreak havoc as they feast on whatever you hold dear inside your home.

They are hard to kill because they’re made up of millions of tiny ants that can sneak into your home in various ways.

That being said, most DIY ways we find online simply aren’t strong enough and aren’t proven to work when it comes down to getting rid of the problem at hand and this is why hiring a professional is often necessary.

The worst part is, unless you know specifically where they are lurking, there’s no way you’ll ever be able to see them or get rid of their nests.

With so many places for them to hide – not even professionals can always find them for you despite treatments being available for purchase at this time.

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