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California Bugs That Bite

California bugs that bite. Are you moving to California? Or are you living there? It is a great state that has a unique ecosystem.

We have put together a list of common California bugs that bite. Several of them invade homes, and others can be found outside throughout the day. Learn more by reading on.

California Bugs That Bite

Here are some common California bugs that bite:

1. Bed Bugs

baby bed bugs at home

Over the years, it has been found that bed bugs have become a huge menace in almost every city. Some major cities like LA, San Francisco and others are falling prey to this problem.

In 2021 out of the top 30 towns affected by bed bugs, San Francisco was at 22 and LA at the 9th most-affected city, but there’s a marked improvement from 2020, whereas San Francisco is ranked 13th and LA 4th.

The current scenario is not encouraging as things are not looking good with the escalating infestation of bedbugs since the last few years because of extreme heat, which results in an increase in human waste and humidity, along with other factors.

These factors contribute to an overall increase in the number of people afflicted by this problem.

Now the cure for them is get

tting more expensive, and many of those pesticides and treatments may not be effective against those particles, hence underlying bigger concerns about this issue.

2. Fleas

fleas bugs

Fleas are not only annoying to your pets but also you! Fleas prefer animal blood, but they can move on to humans if the conditions are right.

This happens when fleas hide in your sofas, beds and furniture. The source of fleas is outdoors, and that’s why no matter how hard you try to keep them out of your beloved home, it will still be a battle.

To stop the warfare, you need help from an exterminator who knows how to fight flea infestations and because cleaners do not have such knowledge or experience in this field and rarely seem eager to handle the situation by themselves, we find that hiring someone with related knowledge makes more sense.

3. Ants

black ants

Ants are hardworking creatures. They live every day in a tenacious struggle to survive various weather conditions.

They also like to play hard by taking time out during the summer months to enjoy the sounds of nature at their pet picnic: Ant’s Day Out!

A time when they get to steal the spotlight and be heroes while acting like they’re simply having fun (for example, making huge ant-sized pancakes).

It’s important not to forget that sometimes ants will get over-excited during this festive holiday when it’s just another day in the office.

Don’t forget, some ants can be extremely private about certain things, so you won’t want to intrude on their privacy.

For instance, if you see them carrying an item of food (or anything else) larger than themselves back home after some hours working outside. Working hard motivates these ants, who on average work upwards of 1,000 steps.

4. Mosquitoes

mosquitoes bugs

Mosquitoes used to be mild-mannered in California. But over the years, there’s been a sharp increase in two non-indigenous invasive mosquito species.

The yellow fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) invaders.

These disease-carrying mosquitoes have immigrated as close as southern California and have now spread across California and several states on the west coast.

5. Buffalo Gnats

gnats bugs

There are several different kinds of insects that bite in California. Mosquitoes get all the press, but they aren’t the only ones. One similar specimen to the common mosquito is a buffalo gnat or black fly.

These small bugs are also very active in California, and many people ask what buffalo gnats look like?

They’re tiny black flies, and they can be deadly and dangerous to you and your livestock if they bite you.

They are very similar to mosquitoes except for their distinctive humped backs, making them easy to distinguish from other biting insects such as mosquitoes in California, where there is more than one kind of biting insect that has been reported as “Very annoying”.

6. Kissing Bugs

kissing bugs

A kissing bug is a bloodsucking parasite that can give you a terrible disease from feeding on your blood.

California has its fair share of these terrestrial arthropods that have expanded to other states, including New York, Texas and Oklahoma.

Their common names include conenose bugs, assassin bugs and Jerusalem crickets which are well known for being disease carriers.

This is why kissing bug control in California is so important to protect your home and your family. While these pests might look insect-like, they belong to the hemipteran family of the order Heteroptera and are typically between 1/4″ – 5/8″ in length, with their bodies covered in fine hairs.

Most species will tend to be either brown or black with some red or orange markings on their segmented bodies with no wings to escape predators.

Thus, they hide during the day so they may feed on unsuspecting victims at night through piercing tissue instead.


California bugs that bite. California is home to several different insects, including some very tiny ones that you won’t be able to see with your eyes. Take this guide on flying ants as an example. It’s difficult to spot these in the open, but there are other types of bugs, such as those that crawl around indoors or those that bite and burrow under a person’s skin.

These types present a challenge for most people who aren’t sure what they should do about them. This guide covers more detailed information on microscopic bugs like bedbugs to understand better what you’re dealing with and what your next steps should be if your house hasn’t been infested with parasites.

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