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Garage Door Opens a Little Then Stops

Garage door opens a little then stops. One of the first signs that your garage door needs to be repaired is if the entry does not open or close correctly.

For example, many homeowners wake up in a hurry one morning, late for work or school. It is pretty frustrating when you run outside and discover that your garage door is malfunctioning!

One helpful thing you can do before calling in professional help has inspected the situation yourself, which could prevent you from spending hundreds of dollars on a service call!

Garage Door Opens a Little Then Stops

If your garage door opens and doesn’t close, you probably need to replace the logic board. This receives and responds to signals from the remote so it’s important to get this replaced as soon as possible.

You don’t want to keep having to use your old opener, because those can cause problems too.

reason why garage door opens a little then stops

1. Something is blocking it

Modern-designed garage doors are fitted with an automatic reversing mechanism that prevents the door from crashing into something on its way.

The reversing mechanism may not kick in if a small toy or garbage can is blocking the form or an accumulation of dust or spider webs, etc., on the lenses.

You should clean the lenses with a damp cloth and carefully wipe them off when this happens.

2. Issue With Springs

Opening a garage door is all about using the right gear. Have you ever been wondering what can really cause your garage door to stop opening?

The problem is most likely in the spring or hinge where the chain attaches to them, or it could be something as simple as incorrect calibration of your opener.

If you have trouble opening your door when it’s pressed down, it is probably due to the broken spring mechanism.

This needs particular attention, and we recommend that you call a professional to help resolve this quickly before this becomes dangerous.

3. Issue With Control Band

If your garage door opens and suddenly stops, it could be that the logic board, which is also known as an open-close unit or controller, did not respond to any commands.

The logic board receives signals from a remote and then reacts accordingly. If you haven’t noticed this problem yet, you might need to consider replacing the board.

If your machine still has issues with remote use or if using a new remote doesn’t work correctly. You can actually save money by replacing just the logic board rather than purchasing a whole new opener.

Why your Garage Door is not opening in Cold Weather?

Garage doors are commonly used primarily to keep your car safe and secure. They also come in handy when you want to store things like boats, and with their effortless accessibility, it’s sometimes easy to take them for granted.

In certain colder weather conditions, such as when paired with cold wind or rain, they’re prone to developing annoying problems such as jamming.

Lastly, just like other automatic devices that run off electricity, exposure to shallow temperatures can render them useless and hard to open.

Lack of Lubrication

In cold weather, grease can become complex and stiff, making it more difficult for a garage door to function smoothly.

This is usually because the grease has associated with dirt on the tracks and joints. To assure that your door opens smoothly:

Clean off all old grease from the trenches and joints using a lubricant solvent like acetone.

Ensure that you put enough new grease onto the tracks and joints, which can be found at any home improvement store or local hardware store.

Pay attention not to get too much or too little grease since the appliance will only stop functioning correctly.

Metal Contracts and Shrink

There are several reasons why your garage door may not open all the way in cold weather, but one easy-to-fix solution is that the metal is probably contracted.

Metal gradually moves away from itself when subjected to colder temperatures, so if it shrinks to the point where it will no longer open your door all the way.

Making sure that springs and hinge areas get a fresh coat of lubricant should do the trick!

As previously mentioned above, as anyone who owns a garage or warehouse/storage space knows, lubricating these parts even occasionally can extend their life considerably!

Springs are Braked

Garage springs are essential to an operational garage door. They provide the lift or force that makes the door open using a coiled metal that is sensitive to tension.

Usually, several of these springs are within a single door, and each one assists in opening the driveway gate when it is manually moved for entry or exit.

If any malfunction occurs in them, the results could seriously compromise the complete functionality of your vehicle gate.

And this could be more dangerous if you have kids at home. Most times, accidents can be prevented if effective preventive maintenance procedures are kept.


Garage door opens a little then stops. Now that you’re aware of the common reasons why your garage door isn’t working correctly.

It seems logical to consider finding an expert if you don’t feel comfortable attempting to fix it on your own.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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