How to replace the blower wheel in your GE dryer

How to replace the blower wheel in your GE dryer. The blower wheel in your GE dryer model is responsible for circulating hot air through the dryer drum and out the exhaust vent.

This part is generally made of plastic, and over time, it can become worn down and cease functioning properly.

If the blower wheel is not working correctly, your clothing may not dry or it may take several cycles before your garments are fully dry.

Additionally, a high-pitched squealing noise or a loud rumbling sound may indicate that the blower wheel is malfunctioning.

If the blower wheel is defective, it will need to be replaced. The step-by-step repair guide below outlines the process for replacing a defective blower wheel.

How to replace the blower wheel in your GE dryer

replace the blower wheel in your GE dryer 2022 guide

We will discuss here the steps pf replacing the blower wheel in the GE dryer.

Step 1: Take the Dryer Apart

In order to reach the blower wheel, you will need to take your dryer apart. Start by unscrewing the screws on the top of the control panel.

With the screws removed, you can now tilt the panel forward to disengage the three locking tabs located on the bottom of the console.

Rotate the control panel back and place it on top of the dryer. Open the door and remove the two screws holding down the front panel.

Close the door and begin to remove the dryer’s top panel by lifting it up and pulling it towards you.

Step 2: Remove the Front Panel

With the top panel removed, take out the screws attaching the front panel to the dryer cabinet. You will need to disconnect the door switch before being able to remove the front panel completely.

Lean the panel forward so that you can see the metal shield blocking the door switch. In order to remove the dryer drum, first swing the shield out of the way and disconnect the wires from the door switch.

Remember to take note of where the wires were originally placed so you can easily reassemble the door switch later. Next, remove the front panel from the cabinet and set it aside in a safe place.

Now, unthread the screws that were securing the support panel to the dryer cabinet. Reach under the drum and push down on it to loosen it from the screws.

Finally, pull the drum out of the cabinet and set it aside with the front panel.

Step 3: Remove the Blower Motor

If the idler pulley falls off when you move the motor, don’t worry–you can put it back on during reassembly.

To remove the blower motor, use a 3/8″ nut driver to remove the screw that holds the clamp on the wheel. Pull the screw and front half of the clamp off the blower wheel.

Take the faulty blower wheel off the motor shaft, but you can leave the back half of the clamp on.

Step 4: Attach the new Blower

Attach the new Blower

To attach the new blower wheel, start by sliding it onto the motor shaft. Next, take the back half of the clamp and line up the hole in the wheel with it.

After that, put the front half of the clamp back on the shaft, and then reattach the screw to secure everything in place.

Before you put the motor back into the blower housing, give the blower a few spins to make sure it’s not loose.

Then, to reattach the idler pulley, lean the motor slightly sideways and maneuver the pulley underneath the wires that are connected to the motor.

Step 5: Reattach the Dryer

Now that the new blower wheel is in, it’s time to start putting your dryer back together. Lift the drum using the belt and fit it into the dryer cabinet.

Make sure that the shaft on the back of the drum is in line with the opening at the rear wall of the dryer. Next, let the belt rest on the drum with the ribbed side facing down.

Then, kneel down and reach under the drum to thread the belt around the motor shaft and idler pulley in a letter “Z” formation.

Once the belt is reattached, spin the drum a few times to align the belt. Tighten any screws that might have come loose during installation and put back any panels you removed.


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