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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On A Tight Budget

How to get rid of bed bugs on a tight budget? This is a life-saving guide for you if you’ve bed bugs and can’t afford an exterminator. It includes information on getting rid of bed bugs on a tight budget.

This guide will explore the six cheapest ways to get rid of bed bugs from your home at home without hiring a professional or spending much money or time.

Plus, we will explain the methods that are not recommended to do yourself even though they seem like they could be cheaper or more accessible than investing in professional services.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On A Tight Budget

get rid of bed bugs

Pick up a big jug of rubbing alcohol. (This solution will be very strong.)

Pour over the couch and other hard-to-reach areas where you think may have been previously infested or could be present even though you have been diligent in your vacuum cleaning efforts.

Rubbing alcohol will kill bed bugs on contact – so this is one of the best ways to get rid of them if they haven’t become resistant to it already!

1. Steam Cleaning

We don’t recommend putting your mattress in a vacuum to get rid of bed bugs. You can leave a lot to be desired when using a vacuum cleaner for this task.

Vacuum cleaners might remove a few bed bugs that are hiding, but they’ll fail at completely getting rid of more mature bed bugs and their eggs, baby bed bugs, and other nymphs.

Only heat will do those tasks. If there’s anything that kills a heavy infestation of bed bugs instantly, it’s the heat. And steam cleaners produce heat at temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit!

Steam effectively kills more than just the adult bed bug – it also roasts any eggs or bed bug nymphs instantly! No wonder professionals use heat treatment regularly as the primary means to get rid of heavy infestations of these parasitic insects.

2. Cover mattress with a encasement

It’s often helpful to have a pest control company steam clean your household while on vacation. When they do leave, you must pick up on any possible signs of bed bugs at the earliest opportunity to make sure they cannot come back.

After a thorough and professional treatment, it might be unlikely that any bed bugs will still be present.

You will need to seal or cover your mattress, though with a unique mattress cover that will protect for the time being until the bed bug infestation does pass and you can afford more permanent repairs.

This can be necessary because steam cleaning leaves seals (such as folds in the fabric) behind. A separate service provider can help correct this problem before your home is entirely free from pests.

3. Repair any cracks

repair any cracks

Bed bugs often hide in the refined spaces between your frame and headboard or any other furniture pieces in your bedroom.

Then it’s a smart move to make sure you seal these cracks after steam cleaning the furniture.

Not only will you remove any bed bugs caught within these gaps, but also obstructing their movements will deter them from using it as an exit point of entry into your bedroom.

Another option would be sealing all of the cracks throughout your home using a silicone-based sealant. This not only acts as a deterrent for pests such as bed bugs but is difficult for them to chew through.

So once applied makes for an easy reminder that it’s time to inspect for signs of bugs and treat them if necessary.

4. Use desiccant dust

We may have identified where some bed bugs are hiding. In the past, one of the easiest ways to ensure your home was free of bed bugs was to sprinkle a fine layer of desiccant dust.

Primarily made out of diatomaceous earth and silica aerogel – on beds, carpets, in furniture, cracks and crevices, around electrical outlets and light fixtures, under baseboards and just about any other place their bodies can fit.

Just make sure none gets into eyes or mouth! It’s safe for humans too but should not be eaten or allowed to come into contact with skin.

The powder is harmlessly ingested by insects like bed bugs – a process that kills them even though it doesn’t kill their eggs.

You may need to wait up to half an hour before seeing visible or immediate results indicating it has embedded itself into the bodies of your unwanted guests.

5. Remove dead bugs

Since you’ve already cleaned your room with a vacuum cleaner, it’s time to use it again! You want to vacuum your room’s floor and furniture slowly.

Any hard surfaces in your room, like the cracks between the floors or walls and even chair legs, should be sealed before vacuuming.

Doing this will remove any dead bed bugs or those still alive along with their eggs. Bed bugs do not lay eggs on hard surfaces, and if they did, it would have happened within tiny crevices and fissures.

Although you’ve made sure there aren’t any cracks along the floor or walls by sealing them up with tape and glue, there is always a chance that babies could re-emerge from these tiny fissures.

Does it Make Sense To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs By Disposing Of Bed And Couch?

You should always follow safe practices to remove bed bugs from your mattress and other furnishings. Otherwise, you run the risk of further infesting your home with bed bugs if you attempt to remove them yourself.

To properly eradicate the bugs from a significant surface like the mattress pad, you should call in an exterminator as soon as possible.

If you’re unsure if you might have a small infestation on your hands, make sure you treat everything cautiously.

If in doubt about a particular item like the sofa or upholstered chair in your living room, for example, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and seek out professional help sooner rather than later


How to get rid of bed bugs on a tight budget. In this post, you’ve found out how to get rid of bed bugs if you don’t have money and can’t afford an exterminator. First, one should familiarize themselves with their surroundings by learning the four stages that professionals religiously follow when battling bedbugs. Then there are several easy-to-implement steps outlined in this post to help heat, desiccants, and pesticides kill bedbugs in your home.

There is also a detailed list for using interceptors to track progress and steps for taking action should a re-infestation occur. Would you please consider sharing this article about battling bed bugs to help ensure that readers suffering from this plague on society don’t needlessly waste their time, energy and money? It will save them a lot of stress.

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