Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

Best paint sprayer for furniture. Opting for the best paint sprayer for furniture to give your home a facelift is not always easy.

Sometimes, you might be renovating old furniture or even fixing worn walls. Suddenly, you start to think about giving your home’s interior a fresh new look.

There are so many different paints available with so many other functions that it can be overwhelming to find a suitable paint sprayer for you and your needs.

Plus, there’s always a wide variety of colors or shapes; it creates difficulties choosing the right one for yourself. Thankfully we have done all of this work for you!

7 Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

1. Graco Airless Paint Sprayer

graco airless paint sprayer

Our top pick for wall painting is the Graco 17D889. One of its most impressive features is its variable speed control feature which allows you to control the flow of paint for a perfect painting outcome.

When painting over the walls in your home, you will need different spraying speeds for different wall sections, and this paint sprayer allows you to do that easily.

This best paint sprayer for furniture comes in a durable storage case that will enable you to keep the sprayer and its tips in the best condition for prolonged use.

You won’t need to refill paint in this sprayer repeatedly because a large paint bag can accommodate much paint—cleaning it after use may be challenging.

2. Wagner Furniture Paint Gun

wagner furniture paint gun

Not all sprayers are made equal. That’s why we take the time to test out everyone that comes through our doors and make sure it lives up to our quality standards.

We’re so confident in our choices; we guarantee them for 90-days from the date of purchase. We think this particular sprayer from Wagner has some exciting features!

For example, the highly-adaptable pole reaches 5 feet but can be shortened if you only need a smaller reach.

The sprayer is also lightweight; you’ll be able to clean with fewer trips back and forth from your paint stash — which saves you time and energy, getting the job done twice as fast!

Another feature we love about this sprayer is how easy it is on your budget! Most professional-grade paint sprayers cost hundreds of dollars.

Still, the Wagner 0529033 can be yours today for less than $80 — and that’s not including the two free cans of paint and four assorted nozzles you’ll get free when you add this item to your cart right now.

3. REXBETI Ultimate Paint Sprayer

rexbeti ultimate paint sprayer

Rebate Ultimate-750 Handheld Turbine Sprayer is best chosen by the home DIY enthusiasts who are yet to get the hang of things but want to get into furniture painting right away.

Given that you can use it with both thinner and thicker paints, you might want to try a few colors first to determine which one works best!

Plus, not carrying around an air compressor makes this sprayer ideal for light work. The six-point five feet long power cord is also perfect.

There isn’t always a socket conveniently located within reach when painting furniture. You will have complete control over your paint flow due to the side turning on this sprayer.

You won’t have to worry about breaking or damaging anything regardless of how much pressure you put behind your strokes! Stamina keeps going and delivers quality artistry even if you’re using this sprayer for hours.

4. Fuji Semi-Pro Spray System

fuji semi-pro spray system

Fuji is another brand with produced sprayers that are highly recommended among top paint sprayer kits. It’s labeled a semi-professional device, but still, it’s one of the best in its class.

The two-stage turbine and the quality build make this model highly sought after, but there’s no outcome compromise.

The non-bleed, low-pressure technology produces smoother paint jobs and more refined surface finishes when compared to other DIY sprayer brands of equal price or even more expensive ones.

With the flexible pattern control, you should expect a professional look in your painting or staining projects.

Depending on the canister you use, you can use this best paint sprayer for furniture for both bottom feed and gravity feed.

The Fuji Semi-Pro 2 is perfect for larger projects such as deck painting or staining or intricate furniture work that requires a lot of precision spraying, for example, cabinets.

5. Wagner Stationary HVLP Paint Sprayer

wagner stationary hvlp paint sprayer

The Wagner 0529021 Flexio 890 HVLP Sprayer is a versatile tool for spraying wood stain, varnish, and paint. It can be used to spray complete furniture pieces, fences, and wooden objects that need finishing in your home.

This gun comes with a unique storage box. In addition to the two paint sprayed patterns also facilitate spraying paints directly from the canister using different paints like oil enamels, latex paints, and primers.

The sprayer’s design makes it perfect for long hours of work and is lightweight enough to allow you to put it away when the job is done quickly. Its easy-to-store design neatly fits a 15 ½ ft hose inside the storage box.

6. TCP Global Spray Gun Set

tcp global spray gun set

We highly recommend a top-feeding paint gun for your furniture project if you have an air compressor.

Although, we mostly recommend an electric painter for furniture projects so you won’t have to drag the air compressor along with you.

We still had to mention this TCP kit because it has tons of great reviews and comes with two full-size paint spray guns and a smaller detail spray gun that will help deliver some fantastic results!

This best paint sprayer for furniture comes complete with everything you’ll need for your DIY or home improvement project, minus an air compressor.

7. Thunder Furniture Paint-Sprayer

thunder furniture paint-sprayer

This particular sprayer is a massive disappointment. Yes, it is attractive to the eye, with a black and blue combination of color schemes.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a paint sprayer that delivers top performance, look elsewhere.

For one thing, the tiny fluid container means you will have to keep reloading more and more fluid as you go.

This causes multiple problems since they make the entire process inefficient in terms of time consumption. In addition, the parts are very poorly made because they will start to clog after two days’ use!

And no matter how many times you clean it up or even disassemble it for further cleaning, these problems persist for a long time – three weeks to be exact!

With this product, we believe that there is too much sacrifice for you to get a final product, so we would advise anyone who plans on undertaking some decent painting job.

Buying Guide – Best Paint Sprayer for Furniture

1. Check the sprayers’ tips

Paint sprayers get measured with their capacities, sprayer tips, and fan sizes. The large size of the pattern makes the paint more dispersed on broad surfaces without much effort.

The color level can be affected by the density of the paint you are using, which requires you to use narrower patterns to cover large spaces instead of broader designs for smaller areas when spraying with different colors.

You’ll also want to purchase a paint sprayer with a reversible tip so if it gets clogged; you’re able to fix it rather than having to buy new equipment!

Again, make sure you’re getting a mixer for all your needs since some jobs might call for larger patterns, and others might require more minor.

Also, when purchasing your machine, be sure you’re comparing brands and models side by side so that you’ll get an even flow or application over your surface.

2. Weight of the sprayer

When choosing a paint sprayer, there are many things to consider. One of the most important factors to consider is the weight; you should make sure your device is light enough to handle.

In addition, it’s equally if not more important than the portable model, so you can move it around quickly while working on large projects instead of being limited to one area by its bulkiness.

Be mindful that lighter equipment also has its drawbacks, such as smaller components and hose sizes, which increase both your chances for malfunctions and interruptions in your workflow.

When considering other aspects of your sprayer, consider the price; these products are costly and go up from there but may be worth it when comparing models based on their performance level, power source, and unique features.

3. Horsepower

You must seek an easy-to-handle paint sprayer if you want a quick paint job. An easy to handle paint sprayer can reduce your work tenfold if it has excellent agility in its operational mechanics and is relatively lightweight.

Perhaps find a medium-sized gravity-fed gun by Interpaint that will be sufficiently light but still able to maintain optimal speeds while still being strong enough and stable enough to support larger loads of material.

4. Coating

When purchasing a sprayer, you will have to decide on the paint you would like your painting job to be finished with.

If you think of a thicker coating, make sure your purchase is large enough for the job. I recommend using more extensive tips for both coating types because small ones are more likely to clog and are challenging to clear up in the middle of your job.

5. Project Size

When considering what pressure one should get for their air sprayer, it is essential to think about your planning amount of work.

There are different types of air sprayers, and some of them have other pressures. If you’re planning a large project, then an air sprayer with higher pressure is ideal, but if you only need to paint a small item or surface, an air sprayer with lower pressure would be sufficient.

6. Cost

Some standard paint sprayers found in the local hardware store range from $230 to $450. These prices are only relevant if you have a single project to complete.

If you were to buy a paint sprayer for one-time use, I would suggest hiring a professional’s services instead since they are done producing costly results.

However, we understand that there are times when people need these sprayers and purposely purchase them as well.

If this is the case with you, I will do some research before deciding upon your final choice to ensure it’s suitable for all of your needs.


Best paint sprayer for furniture. Furniture is an essential part of our homes, and thus it is crucial to keep it well-maintained. Using a paint sprayer for furniture is often a great way to give new life to your pieces if you’ve noticed stains or signs of wear and tear on them. Each paint sprayer operates differently, and therefore knowing what you’re looking for can help you find the best option to suit your needs.

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