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How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

How to fix a sinking office chair? For most office-goers, a sinking office chair isn’t even a problem. After all, we sit on it with our heads looking towards the ground.

But some people hate the sight of what they see and the feeling that something is wrong when the chair you’re using has sunken so deep due to its worn-out seat or its compressed cushion inside.

While it’s always possible to replace your old office chair with a new one, you might find yourself spending more than you planned for if you choose to buy a new one that’s made from leather.

This is when you have to consider DIYing instead to solve this problem yourself by replacing your old seat or cushion with handmade versions instead at much lesser costs and effort.

How To Fix A Sinking Office Chair

guide to fix a sinking office chair

One example of DIY office chair hacks is the industrial mod look. Just as you would use vintage items in a home, you can use them for your office furniture as well.

For example, some people have modded their cabinets with pipes from plumbing or other industrial items.

You can also get creative and paint or stain your furniture or make them look older so that it fits into the theme of an industrial setting even if it isn’t.

1. Lubricate Mechanical Parts

First and foremost, think about the experience you’re having with certain parts of your chair.

If you feel similar friction in several areas of your chair, such as plastic and metal pieces that meet together.

Look at these areas to see if they are still moving smoothly. They might need some WD40!

The best way to do this is by spraying a little WD40 onto any areas that don’t move like they should (such as hinges and joints) or by taking the time to lightly rub it over those spots on top of a cloth.

Once your pieces have been lubricated, you can bet those moving parts will slide more smoothly for a more comfortable ride!

2. Remove and Replace the Pneumatic Cylinder

Another method to help repair a sinking office chair is to replace the pneumatic cylinder or spring. This does tend to wear down over time, much like any other part in a piece of machinery.

Take note that different chairs come with different ways of attaching their cylinders, and removing them can be difficult for those who are not accustomed to taking apart such devices.

Still, it’s important not to let yourself get lost in your work when you happen to find this issue upon sitting down at your desk.

So after taking some time off – because you deserve it as an entrepreneur – consider seeking out others who may know how best to deal with this problem to avoid seriously injuring yourself while attempting it on your own.

3. Use a Ready-Made Kit

If you don’t want to use any of our suggested methods to fix your office chair, you can always buy a general replacement kit from a local store.

Before fitting the C-shaped spacers underneath the chair, make sure the maximum height adjustment has been made.

Once this is set, hold one section that goes around the tube itself with both hands facing upward before attaching a plastic spacer to the cylinder skirt.

Continue with each full circular piece of plastic until you get to about knee level for standing up. To test if it’s all correct, sit on the chair and start shifting yourself back and forth as if sitting normally.

At this point, remember to check everything is holding firm while doing so.

Reasons Behind Sinking Office Chair

For height adjustable office chairs to function effectively, one must first understand the basic mechanics of these office fixtures.

The most important aspect of a height-adjustable office chair is its ability to change height – and this ability is made possible through integrated hydraulic or pneumatic technology.

Almost all mediums of this kind are used in various areas of industry, from heavy machinery to construction equipment to space vehicles.

One of the more common reasons for an office chair to have trouble staying in an upright position is a result of poor hydraulic components or adjustable cylinders.

Largely because these kinds of chairs come with pneumatic parts such as a cylinder or piston and can show wear and tear problems over time.

The malfunctioning pneumatic cylinder will make it impossible to keep the seats up when they should be.

However, no matter what has caused this problem, you’ll want to fix it before it spreads any further than those two chair legs that shifted positions earlier today.

If you want to avoid spending hundreds or thousands on buying new freaking chairs, there are simple DIY solutions that can help solve the issue temporarily!


How to fix a sinking office chair. Here are several quick and simple fixes to prevent your office chair from sinking below its normal level.

First, make sure you check the external components of your chair, including the cylinder that supports the whole thing because it’s often stuck or otherwise making contact with a level lower than it should.

If it’s not the cylinder, use this information alongside our other suggestions to see if we can find a fix for your issue. These fixes can be done independently but take the chair into a specialist if they prove complex or time-consuming.

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