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9 Ways to Dehumidify your Bathroom

9 ways to dehumidify your bathroom. Humidity not only irritates; it also damages walls and paint. If humidity occurs more often, it can cause serious issues which require extensive repairs that can cost you more.

There are numerous ways to dehumidify your bathroom which can help you get rid of humidity and let you enjoy fresh air.

9 Ways to Dehumidify your Bathroom


9 ways on how to dehumidify your bathroom

1. Install the Exhaust Fan

Using an exhaust fan to Dehumidify the bathroom is one of the most straightforward methods.

Turn on the exhaust fan before taking a shower and keep it running for 10-15 minutes after taking a shower. It will completely Dehumidify your bathroom area.

2. Open the Window while Showering

Windows are the natural way to If your washroom has windows, keep them open while showering as it will continuously release water vapors out.

If you’re planning to build a new bathroom and you’re here for an idea, place the window opposite the shower just beneath the exhaust fan. It will allow passing out of the air through one side.

3. Wipe the Floor After Shower

Wiping the floor after the shower is the best practice, as water on tiles is a safety hazard because it makes the surface slippery.

Moreover, it causes mold, which can destroy your paint and wall too. If you leave the water to try itself, it will cause more humidity. So, wipe the floor after taking a bath, and it also decreases the level of moisture.

4. Dry the Used Towels

Most people leave the towel in the bathroom after the shower as it is considered that air particles in the air only cause humidity.

The fact is that humidity is also caused by wet towels and clothes that are left behind. Moreover, it lasts long as the clothes take a long to dry indoor. So, put the wet clothes and towels outside to reduce the humidity in the shower.

5. Use Condensation-reducing Paint

Condensation-reducing paints, also known as anti-condensation paint, prevent moisture from forming on the surface. These paints provide thermal insulation, which holds off water and moisture.

Using anti-condensation paint helps increase paint life, decrease mold and save the internal structure.

6. Spend Less Time to Shower

Spending very much time showering doesn’t make any sense as it costs you time, money, and effort.

The more you spend time in a shower, the more humidity is caused. A cooler shower is almost humidity-free as it has a very much reduced number of particles in the air.

So, try to spend less time taking a bath, which results in the slightest humidity.

7. Place a Plant

One of the most natural ways to get rid of moisture is by placing a plant in the bathroom, which absorbs moisture. There are dozens of plants that remove humidity in the bathroom. Do buy any of these and put them in the bathroom.

Here is the list of some flowers that can reduce humidity:

  • Epiphytes
  • Peace Lily
  • English Ivy
  • Spider Plant
  • Boston Fern

8. Use Ventilation Fans

Exhaust Fans and Ventilation fans are often considered the same thing, but their application is different. The difference is that ventilation fans bring fresh air indoor from outside and exhaust fans throw indoor air outside.

Ventilation fans can help you a lot in dehumidification by bringing the fresh air indoor, which will minimize the concentration of air particles causing humidity.

9. Buy a Dehumidifier

If you’re a lazy bum like me and don’t want to spend the time practicing all these ideas discussed above, buy a dehumidifier.

A dehumidifier works by sucking warm air into it and has a cold coil that condenses moisture in liquid. The dry air passes through a warm coil and is added back to the room.

So, buy the dehumidifier and make things easy for you automatically without any effort.

What is humidity and how it affects us?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. The more temperature it is, the more is humidity level. Also, humidity reduces the oxygen level in the air, which makes it difficult to breathe.

Damage should be prevented before it is caused. Read out our top 9 tips to keep your bathroom humidity-free so that you breathe enough air and keep the bathroom preserved from any further damage.


9 ways to dehumidify your bathroom. Hope so you got the inofrmation needed to dehumidify your bathroom and have a good bathing experience.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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