Best Spray Paint For Plastic

Best spray paint for plastic. Spray painting is effective on many things ranging from wood to shoes. Plastic is one material that spray painters often worry about, though.

It’s understandable – compared to other materials, plastic can be fragile, and the wrong type of paint on it can be detrimental to its surface.

However, you don’t have to miss out on one of the best methods for projects because there are spray paints out there with formulations specifically made to adhere well to most plastics without causing deterioration.

We developed this guide to give people all the information they need before purchasing so they don’t have to waste time or money with products that won’t meet their needs.

8 Best Spray Paint For Plastic

1. Rust-Oleum Specialty Plastic Spray Paint

rust-oleum specialty plastic spray paint

The Rust-Oleum 211338 is the best spray paint for plastics globally, and it comes at a relatively affordable price.

However, this best spray paint for plastic has a distinct odor that can be flat-out gag-inducing, so we recommend checking out some of our other choices if you plan on using it indoors because this stuff has one of the stinkiest smells ever created.

Its outdoor application also varies from comparable products in that its range is smaller than usual, and you’re going to need to use more coats than usual because of it.

It will cost you less to buy an alternative (Spartan 720500 is an excellent choice) if you live far away from anyone else or otherwise work off-site.

Other than those drawbacks, though, this spray paint works beautifully and has a lot going for it that makes us wholeheartedly recommend it.

2. Krylon Camouflage Plastic Spray Paint

krylon camouflage plastic spray paint

The Krylon K04293007 is spray paint for people who want an easy experience, a reasonable price, and aren’t opposed to the colors that make up camo.

If you’re looking to create a camo look on something plastic, you’re in luck as this line contains every color you need for camo, and you also have access to stencils which will make creating that look easier.

This spray paint won’t require any sanding or priming, so this formula is right for you if you’re looking for a fast and low-effort spray paint.

The formulation bonds with most plastics which gives it many uses, but bear in mind that it takes seven days of curing before this spray paint becomes chip resistant.

Don’t use the object much until then because otherwise, the finish may be ruined! The only downside is these cans are pretty small so if your project requires a lot of colors.

Then consider some other options from our list above. All in all, we think this is the best spray paint for plastic for the money.

3. Krylon Thick Clear Glaze

krylon thick clear glaze

This 3-in-1 clear coating glaze offers 2x the protection of competitive products at a fraction of the cost. Apply with an applicator brush to plastics of any color (even unfinished or previously painted surfaces).

Each coat is dry in 15 minutes and ready for use in under 4 hours. The durable, high-gloss coating provides your project with chip resistance and lasting shine.

So you can display one-of-a-kind handiwork without worrying over regular wear or tear. Get started on your DIY project today!

Just make sure to prep your surface as shown in package directions before applying coats – running your plastic parts through a dishwasher cycle works excellently while also helping to seal in colors.

4. Krylon Fusion All-in-One Spray Paint

krylon fusion all-in-one spray paint

Fusion All-in-One spray paint was created to simplify your project because it’s the only product you’ll need when you have to paint plastic, wood, metal, PVC, or even canvas outdoors or indoors.

The interior/exterior durable finish is intended for either use and does not require priming. The paint dries in 20 minutes which is quick enough to touch.

This best spray paint for plastic can also be used as a spray can that’s upside down so that you can reach hard places more easily without complication.

If you don’t like what you did, change your mind once within two hours and if you change color choice within 48 hours, then simply spray another set of coats without any evidence of previous colors ever being painted over.

5. Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover

rust-oleum 2x ultra cover

Plastic fences are gaining popularity because they’re easy to clean, do not rot or rust, and look attractive. One of the drawbacks is that plastic makes the surface vulnerable to moisture and the sun’s powerful rays.

To protect the surface of your fence from weather damage, apply this oil-based paint from Rust-Oleum. This water-based product dries quickly to a high gloss finish that hides imperfections for a clean look.

It is also easy to apply. This product comes at an affordable price, and one 12-ounce can cover up to 12 square feet of surface area.

By purchasing this best spray paint for plastic in bulk, you can save money on a large project if necessary.

6. Rust-Oleum Automotive 11-Ounce Paint

rust-oleum automotive 11-ounce paint

Rust-oleum is an excellent brand of automotive spray paint! I have used it on several surfaces, including automotive plastics, polypropylene, polystyrene, resin, PVC, and fiberglass.

It comes in 11-ounce cans, and they can design to prevent hand and arm fatigue through the continuous spraying action.

The wide comfortable spray tip allows you to apply paint at any angle, even when the can is upside down. This is handy when trying to reach hard-to-get areas in your car.

Application is easy – remove loose dirt, wipe the surface clean and let it dry thoroughly before applying the spray paint. The paint dries to touch in 20-30 minutes and is completely dry in 24 hours.

7. Colorbond Plastic Refinisher Spray Paint

colorbond plastic refinisher spray paint

ColorBond L, V & HP is a multi-surface leather, vinyl, and challenging plastic paint that will not flake, crack or peel.

ColorBond is automotive interior paint that bonds to surfaces like dashboards, door panels, seat covers, and almost all other car parts.

It does this by creating a flexible and strong bond with the surface, which makes it last longer than most paints.

8. Dupli-Color Spray Paint

best spray paint for plastic in 2022

Dupli-Color is known for the excellent quality of its paint. They have been in the business of auto body paints for more than 60 years now and have managed to bring cutting-edge technology to their products.

Dupli-Color Trim & Bumper Paint has fade-x technology, ensuring a long-lasting finish even on bumpers. The product also offers solid-color coverage.

Once dry touch time is 30 minutes, one can handle it in as little as 1 hour, and clean up is 2 hours. These are some valuable features that you can use while dealing with polyurethane or thermoplastic rubber bumpers.

This best spray paint for plastic is perfect for exteriors and interiors because of its ability to protect and renew any discolored bumpers it comes in contact with.

A fan spray nozzle that comes in handy with this spray paint also makes it convenient to use by spraying indoor surfaces – crates, chairs, etc.

Buying Guide – Best Spray Paints for Plastic


1. Paint Quality

Like most things, you get what you pay for regarding spray paint. You want your color to look nice and last a while, so you don’t see any unsightly scratches or dirt over time.

You also want something that doesn’t look flat or dull but is still forgiving enough to hide mistakes when learning how to use the product to its full potential.

It’s hard to communicate this balance by using written words when describing paint, so we created a color palette for spray paints that provides the best approximation of what it looks like out of the can and after drying on an object. We hope that it will help make your decision easier.

2. Mixture quality

If you’ve used spray paints before, you have run into some poorly made products. In most cases, lousy Quality spray paint causes a few common issues, one of the most frequent ones being a clogged nozzle that results from the paint being thick or improperly shaken and stored.

This problem can be avoided by shaking the bottle well before use, cleaning it off inside with mineral water, or changing the nozzle.

One way to prevent these issues is to make sure you heed any expiration dates on display or listed online in product description listings that often accompany online purchases if not already included within the box when it arrives at your door.

If you notice either of these things on an item that’s “new and unused,” alert yourself to return or exchange it immediately as it’s likely to not work in a manner you would find ideal using it past its prime time focus stance vantage point period of relevance time frame.

3. Can Quality

Spray paint is an essential tool for artwork and many other purposes. One good way to find it is by shopping online because you’ll be able to see so many options and types.

Before you place your order, though, there are a few things about spray paint cans in general that you should learn, like how they get made.

While all cans are made from cheap materials intended to be thrown away, some companies put more money into the production than others. Because they use a better type of metal alloy or manufacturing technique, the can will rarely clog up.

It would also be wise to learn about each specific type of spray paint regarding how well it can work before purchasing it.

If a can has too many problems even after you buy it, you always have the option of returning it if necessary.

4. Cure time

You’re going to want to think about several things before you go out and buy spray paint for your paint project. One way to determine which type you might need is to first look at the surfaces where it will be applied.

If the character has a lot of texture, meaning it has grooves and folds like in concrete, then that means that enamel or industrial-grade paint is probably best suited.

Also, if you’re painting something like wood or metal, you may need a primer to achieve satisfactory results. If your paints aren’t dry within a few hours, then there’s a good chance that one of these factors affects the overall drying time of your object.

So it’s essential to determine what those might be, and never forget that the Quality of the particular brand and color will make a difference.


Best spray paint for plastic. When it comes to spray-painting plastics, we like the Rust-Oleum 211338 best because it gives a nice semi-gloss finish and dries quickly. However, some users may need a primer with this particular product due to its strong odor and require more time than its competitors to dry; be sure that you cover the surrounding area well, so you don’t get paint.

Back on your surfaces! On the other hand, we felt the value of this product to be quite fair for its ease of use, especially for beginners, and lack of maintenance required, as we mentioned previously though one potential downside is that it only comes in camouflage colors which aren’t very aesthetically pleasing or practical in our opinion! Otherwise, we hope our buyer’s guide and reviews on this site have helped you decide on an appropriate brand or product.

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