Best Blender For Crushing Ice Under $100

Best blender for crushing ice under $100. A blender can be one of the most vital tools in your kitchen. The best models include a powerful motor, three to five preset speeds with pulse option and a range of included accessories.

High power blenders are great for chopping ice, frozen fruit and making smoothies, margaritas and milkshakes.

Low speed models with only a handful of settings can make hummus, fresh nut butters and baby food. These days there are many blenders to choose from on the market at a wide range of prices.

When looking for the best blender under $100 on a budget it’s important to look at the exact features you need as well as those which will be beneficial.

But aren’t necessarily essential to your recipes and lifestyle such as whether or not it can go in the dishwasher when cleaning up is far more time-efficient than traditional hand-washing!

6 Best Blender For Crushing Ice Under $100

1. Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

ninja professional countertop blender

Ninja manufacturers kitchenware that many of us use on a daily basis and they have been creating top of the line products at a relatively low cost.

One of their most popular in-home products is the Ninja Professional. This particular blender is more powerful than many blenders on the market, which is ideal for those who love to make smoothies or other drinks requiring a blender, such as margaritas or some flavored cocktails for example.

The Ninja Professional has 72 oz of blending power, making it large enough to blend your favorite beverage for your whole family at once, giving you enough time to entertain yourself elsewhere while it blends away!

The blades of the blender are its most robust component, allowing users to put things in which need hard work to be blended.

The Ninja will move through frozen fruit and ice like butter and chop it into a smoothie-ready consistency in just a few seconds.

There are multiple blending options for different blending needs, allowing users to use the blender for practically any beverage they desire.

While additional care should be taken when washing or storing the pitcher due to its lesser durability compared to the blade, it’s still a great investment that can be used reliably over multiple years with care from its owner.

2. KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender

kitchenaid 5-speed blender

Kitchenaid makes a variety of products, including blenders and there’s no doubt they have experience when it comes to making this style of product.

The KSB1575ER offers you the capacity to mix, chop, liquefy, puree and stir. There are many delicious recipes that require all of these features so imagine how easy smoothies will be with one such appliance!

The level of power is impressively high at 550 watts. It can not only crush ice easily, but it can also mix berries, vegetables and even soup!

The blender has a marvellous blending system which senses the consistency of the contents that it’s blending and adjusts itself according to this.

This best blender for crushing ice under $100 also has a soft start in order to pull in or mix ingredients before full blending is applied for an evenly blended result.

This blender comes with a pitcher that is designed to be unbreakable, stain-free and scratchproof, so it’s super easy to clean.

It can be put into the dishwasher if needed and has a capacity of 60oz which means your family can enjoy smoothies on a regular basis.

KitchenAid Diamond Blender is designed with 6 different blades and a 1.2-horsepower motor to cater to all sorts of blending needs, from chopping and stirring to blending and liquefying.

3. Ninja Nutri Pro Blender

ninja nutri pro blender

This small but powerful Nutri Ninja is our choice for the best personal blender. What this basically means is that it is ideal for making single servings of products, and with its 900 watts, the Nutri Ninja Pro is built specifically to do just this.

The way this best blender for crushing ice under $100 is that you remove the container and drink from it, then screw on the lid and take out on your journey with you.

It’s lightweight (1.8 lbs.), so will fit into most bags or backpacks if you are going anywhere, a motorbike or even an office desk drawer without too much strain!

You can leave it on a shelf as well and take it out every time you have to blend something fresh (the bottle being made of glass). It can be cleaned in the dishwasher – so no worries about unpleasant scrubbing involved.

And above all, what really makes this one of our favourite ones at g-kupdirect is the price: it comes in at just $34.99 – great value for a quality product like this!

This 900W mini blender is a real bargain, with excellent features which can’t be overlooked when looking to purchase something similar.

Due to its smaller size, which also makes it very portable, this works great for making one or two servings of some kind of fruit or vegetable smoothie or gruel – something which many other blenders do not feature such as this mini affordable piece of kitchen kit.

It’s perfect for individual servings for the whole family and could prove to save you a lot of time as well as money by doing all the hard work for you!

4. Hamilton Beach Blender

hamilton beach blender

If you’re looking for a budget option that still offers plenty of functionality and some nice additional features, the Hamilton Beach 58148A Power Elite Blender could be your pick.

While this model is lighter in weight and less powerful than most full-size models, it comes with a sturdy 40-ounce glass container.

It also benefits from patented Wave Action technology that forces food onto its blades for optimum blending power – we liked how little effort was needed on our part to switch between functions thanks to the five-button interface.

However, there are some negatives that must be taken into account as well: cleaning can be trickier due to food sticking beneath the blades and this model is certainly not as strong or reliable as more expensive products.

Hamilton Beach blender comes with 12 different functions, making it easy to create just the right texture for your favorite smoothies, icy drinks and shakes simply by touching a button.

Its modern control panel is intuitive – with only five buttons – and clear, ensuring that you know exactly what you’re doing at any given moment.

What’s more, best blender for crushing ice under $100 unique Vibration Control Motor prevents the kind of loud noise most blenders emit every time they turn on.

This also features a pouring spout that’s ideal for easy dips or soups because it doesn’t drip or leave any mess behind.

5. Oster Reverse Crush Counterforms Blender

oster reverse crush counterforms blender

This is the world’s first blender designed specifically for the commercial kitchen. It handles all of your blending needs with a powerful 1100-watt motor, a 2.5 peak HP and 5600 RPMs to make sure your food items are perfectly blended.

With over 240 pre-programmed settings and multiple speed dials, there is no wrong way to use this professional Oster blenders.

That’s why we’ve taken care of all of the tedious recipe work by providing you with unique pre-sets which contain various textures that allow you to effortlessly create wonders like potato soup, salsa, juice mixes, and more!

For the convenience of the chefs working in today’s fast paced restaurants who need quick clean up options, this is the only blender you will ever want to use.

The Oster Versa blender gives you three options when it comes to blends. You can choose from a creamy soup, chunky salsa or anything in between!

The powerful 1200 peak wattage helps everything reach your desired level of smoothness without hassle.

This machine has six-point stainless steel blade design and Dual Direction Blade Technology for better blending results, and preprogrammed settings make the creation of smoothies and shakes easy.

Three customizable settings also give you more control over your creation! For example, you can create your own personal soup blend with ease with this machine.

6. COSORI Blender

best blender for crushing ice under $100 in 2022

Cosori’s blender is an efficient and cost-effective choice for blending frozen and frozen food. With a 1400W motor, the Cosori blender can turn ice into snow in just few seconds.

The razor sharp blades of the Cosori blender remove all the chunks of food while chopping (rather than pushing or grinding) without the removal of vitamins and minerals like many blenders.

And because the blades are made with stainless steel, they’re harder to rust than other blade materials. With Vitamix machines being known to be pricey.

We believe that Cosori produce a reliable alternative that outputs similar results in terms of health benefits, and also costs less than one may expect!

This best blender for crushing ice under $100 controller allows for a host of exclusive features: at any given time, the user can increase or decrease the blending speed in order to achieve customized results.

Furthermore, thanks to this feature, you can easily mix up liquids and ingredients in ways that are normally impossible with other blenders.

Also, because you can make and introduce a vortex into your mixture over the course of a few seconds if desired (while keeping your hand steady throughout), Cosori Blender is proof that quality does not have to come at the cost of complexity.

In addition to its intuitive design and solid construction (forever ensuring a comfortable grip), Cosori Blender also comes bundled with multiple accessories – clearly demonstrating how much thought and consideration went into its creation!


How strong should a blender crush ice?

Blenders usually come with a minimum of 300 watts motor, which means that they can crush ice. However, they are not recommended because they won’t have enough power and speed to crush the ice effectively.

A blender of 600 watts or more is recommended instead as it can provide more energy and speed required to crush whatever amount of ice you desire.

How many watts does it take to crush an ice blender?

Crusher blenders have a heavy workload and therefore require strong motors. A typical blender uses less than 250 watt so you should consider a more powerful one.

The more power it has, the higher the price point. In some cases, you should check out 1000 watts or even 1500 watts motor since depending on your moile usage this is your best choice to buy


Best blender for crushing ice under $100. Our favorite blender for this price range is the Ninja Professional Blender – its six blade design, customizable controls and excellent build quality make this an ideal choice for those who want a reliable product that they can rely on. Another option worth considering is the KitchenAid KSB1575ER, which has the “intelli-speed” technology that will adjust to suit your ingredients.

It offers an incredible amount of control and is a great option for blending shakes and other drinks besides just smoothies. We’d also like to give our third place award to the Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender BL456R . Though it might not be as versatile as some of these other options, it offers fantastic results making single servings at a time.

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