Best Stud Finder For Plaster Walls

Best stud finder for plaster walls. Before installing anything on your plaster wall, it is essential to ensure that the object being installed will be able to support its weight.

This means finding the location of studs behind your drywall, as they are usually wooden or steel frames that hold up objects like shelves to their supporting walls.

Check the back of your wall by using a stud finder, a tool where different densities (denser wood) and solidity in a wall can accurately tell you where the wood frame is.

Stud finders work either through an LED light or beeping noises, and some come with multiple functions such as sensitivity settings for increased detection.

We have considered all of these factors when writing out our reviews for this category, leading to offering our choice of the best stud finder.

7 Best Stud Finder For Plaster Walls

1. Franklin Sensors Stud Finder

franklin sensors stud finder

The FS710PRO ESD is a compact stud finder with 13 sensors that help you identify the location of studs. The unit works independently to find the middle of a wall using magnetic fields and transmit acoustic signals that reach the center of your wall.

This stud finder creates sensitive vibrations and turns these vibrations into sound waves to pinpoint the exact location of the stud behind your plaster or drywall surface.

When it detects a mark, it will blink yellow. When it detects an actual hole from where an object has been drilled through the surface and hits a stud, it will flash red.

Having accurate measurements is critical for many industries. They need full assurance whether or not they are drilling holes in places where objects are already present to not unnecessarily weaken the structure around them, making their building unsafe.

2. BLACK DECKER Stud Finder

black decker stud finder

The BDL190S model from Black and Decker is unlike any traditional stud finder you’ll find on the market.

Uniquely, this best stud finder for plaster walls includes a hands-free feature that operates with the help of a hanging pin to be inserted into a wall and auto-leveling technology that ensures perfect accuracy when you drill in fasteners along an even line (red-line projection included).

It boasts compatibility with wood, metal, and live wires, allowing you to identify materials hidden beneath the surface before drilling in all your hardware without fear of hitting unexpected objects.

That comes with all the other functions you’d expect from a quality stud finder, including battery indicator lights.

Priced significantly higher than most standard units on this list, the BDL190S is undoubtedly one of the most potent stud finders on the market today if you can afford it.

3. Bosch Digital Multi-Scanner

bosch digital multi-scanner

The GMS120 is a nifty stud finder made by a company known for its quality tools. This particular device uses light to help you locate things on your walls.

It works pretty well despite there being some false positives here and there. The GMS120 can reliably detect wood pieces up to 1½ inches deep into the wall, which is more than enough for basic stud finding needs.

It also can see not just live wires. Still, other materials, such as metals, can distinguish between their different depth levels, making it an ideal tool for electricians and plumbers.

Among all of its other features is one which makes it very easy to use: a self-calibrating mechanism that means you don’t have to spend time setting anything up before getting started!

Despite this, the GMS120 doesn’t excel in readability because its screen appears dim compared to others on the market today.

4. Zircon Stud Finder

zircon stud finder

The A200 by Zircon is an incredible tool for finding studs. This stud finder also locates metal and cord, and pipe wiring.

You can trust it to do the job since this reliable product uses automatic self-calibration and helps eliminate unwanted “false indicator” interference from objects with a magnetic field.

This best stud finder for plaster walls has ergonomic design which makes it easy to hold, whether left-handed or right-handed, excellent news for individuals who complain about wrist strain when using other stud finders!

While some people are impressed with this product and its features, others have complained about reliability issues.

5. CRAFTSMAN Stud Finder

craftsman stud finder

This product by Craftsman is both heavy-duty and versatile, providing a variety of fastening applications without taking up lots of space in the garage.

The Craftsman CMHT77633 is a stud finder with an LCD to provide ease of use. The lightweight design gives owners the ability to have so much freedom when finding studs; one can even use it on a roof slab or ceiling!

Its superb detection depth allows stud detection through fabrics, wallpapers, and drywall. From nails to screws and drywall to sheetrock, this stud finder has you covered for any application requiring the precise amount of force (measured in pounds).

However, we understand that although this best stud finder for plaster walls is remarkably durable when applying pressure being exerted against it while working.

It may not be the best choice if you want something more professional because this particular unit is not highly accurate.

6. StudPoP Magnetic Stud Detector

studpop magnetic stud detector

The Magneto Stud Finder is a relatively inexpensive model for those who know what they want but don’t want to spend money on unnecessary features.

To start, one should first note how easy it is to use the model – all one has to do is hold it near the wall, and, if there are any nails present, the stud finder will click and then point in their general direction.

While the device doesn’t use traditional power sources (such as batteries or electricity), it still works well enough that you won’t have any trouble locating anything inside your walls – assuming they have metal fasteners.

This product also includes a plastic casing so that even users prone to misplacing things won’t lose track of their device; you know where to look if something in your house decides to go off at random.

7. CH Hanson Magnetic Stud Finder

best stud finder for plaster walls in 2022

If you have been looking for the best electric pencil sharpener on a budget, the Rados LSA-3 may be needed.

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This can impact your writing depending on which level gets shaved off or discarded by chance. You also won’t have to worry about it overheating since it doesn’t get hot at all, and being lightweight makes it easy to bring along with you anywhere.

Another exciting feature in the Rados LSA-3 is its handy automatic shut-off function that keeps your battery from completely draining if you forget to turn it off.

Remember, when finding the best stud finder for plaster walls, you should look at durability and functionalities that would ease up your life.

Buying Guide – Best Stud Finder For Plaster Walls


1. Type

Stud finders can have many uses in day-to-day life. Some stud finders are designed to determine a person’s biological age, while others are designed to help you navigate your way through the woods.

Stud finders used by those lost in the woods work through thermal imagining systems that outline the trees when the laser is directed at them, similar to police helicopters that use this technology for tracking criminals.

Studs can also be made of metal due to their magnetic properties and can be used as an anchor or antennae or as fixtures on walls.

This makes metal studs much different than regular wooden studs, which cannot be located using a magnetic stud finder.

Suppose a person requires contact lenses or glasses. In that case, they might need to find a specialized optometrist outfitted with expensive laboratory-grade chemicals, such as a densitometer, that might reveal the thickness of their cornea and lens to prevent eye injuries during surgery.

2. Price

As with any other product you buy, the price should not immediately draw your attention. This is because the reason why low-priced items are cheap is usually because of their lack of quality.

When budgeting for a stud finder, consider placing a marker right at the top of your list as magnetic units tend to be cheaper by comparison and offer better value in terms of performance than mechanical alternatives.

3. Frequency of use

If you want a tool to quickly find the studs you need to anchor your nails on a frame that holds up large wall hangings, you don’t necessarily need a powerful detector.

However, suppose you are working on different projects that require the usage of stud finders regularly. In that case, you need to have one handy that is high quality and reliable.

4. Variety of Modes

It’s essential to look for app-controlled stud finders so you won’t have a limited area for detection. While the most common type of stud finders locate wood and metal objects.

The best ones should also be able to detect other materials like concrete, plaster, or sand, which can make all the difference when it comes to locating things in your home or office.

It’s crucial that your application can allow you to specify exactly what material you would like it to detect.

5. Additional Features

An excellent stud finder does more than locating a stud. While doing so is good, it’s also important to have features that complement the tool’s use.

For example, you might receive a lever or a laser light, making your search for a stud go by quicker. This means that you’ll only need to invest in one tool instead of buying several different ones on your quest for finding the best stud finder.


Best stud finder for plaster walls. There are so many different choices at hand regarding stud finders. What you do not know is that the tool has many uses, and having one at your disposal can genuinely make a difference in any project you attempt, whether as a professional looking for something better than an alternative.

As someone wanting a more straightforward way to put up shelves and other fixtures without taking up too much time or seeming like too much of a challenging task. It’s one of those things that should be considered more essential than you may think, and the STUD FINDER REVIEWS we have provided can help you make a more intelligent choice about which one will do best for your needs and budget. We hope this information helps.

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