Best Drill Press Under 200

Best drill press under 200. If you want the accuracy only a drill press can offer, there’s no choice. Any project with tight tolerances and specific measurements will make your life easier if it’s done on a drill press.

You won’t have to do as much work by hand or with other tools, and you’ll ensure that everything comes outright. Your only problem is: they may cost $1000 or more.

But you don’t have to break the bank or have buyer’s remorse over this big purchase. Some contenders are well under $200, but low-end models come with their own set of issues.

Whether you go the high-end or cheap route, below, we will present reviews for some of the more popular choices in this category.

6 Best Drill Press Under 200

1. WEN Benchtop Drill Press

wen benchtop drill press

When looking for a drill press, it’s essential to consider the different variables of quality, price, and comfort.

One excellent option is the WEN 4208 Drill Press, as it provides a superior level of value for an efficiently priced product.

With five different speed settings available and up to 2-inch spindle travel, this product can be adjusted to accommodate any project.

This provides ease of use, which is essential for some projects. Durable construction makes the WEN 4208 durable enough for industrial applications yet priced so as not to require an extensive budget.

The motor can produce up to ⅓ HP to suit your needs should you be looking for more power than a ¼ HP and more petite than ½ HP.

It’s better suited for light-duty DIY projects that you plan on occasionally completing, especially considering the lightweight and compact build quality makes it perfect for setting up on a bench or table and then moving it into storage after completion.

The workbench can hold up to over 26 lbs. This makes it the perfect companion if you enjoy creating customized shelves because this drill has a maximum capacity of 1 inch deep.

This best drill press under 200 only works for wood and metal, so you need to ensure that your projects fit these specifications!

2. SKIL 10-Inch Drill Press

skil 10-inch drill press

The SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press is a budget model ideal for smaller operations and hobbyists.

It’s best suited for working in tight places, like on stairs or a corner of your home, because it has a compact footprint compared to other models.

It provides you with some portability because it is battery-powered, which may come in handy when traveling and working on a project in a remote area where there is no electricity source nearby.

If you have a small shop or need to spend an extended amount of time drilling holes into materials on location, this is possible to consider.

This best drill press under 200 comes with five different speeds to vary your drilling speed depending upon what you are trying to do – taking care not to break your bit by going too fast, for example!

The adjustable depth stop is helpful for repetitive drilling jobs and allows for better control over the way your drill press performs at higher speeds.

This workbench has a tilting design, making it easy to use and high in versatility. It can be tilted up to 30 degrees in either direction, increasing its ability to be used on many different types of projects.

The beam laser also comes in quite handy! This feature is most useful for beginners trying their hand at DIY who may need some assistance lining holes up before drilling them.

3. BILT HARD 2.3-Amp 8 in Drill Press

bilt hard 2.3-amp 8 in drill press

The BILT HARD Heavy Duty 25-Joule Press Drill might not be the best drill for sharpening blades, but it sure makes for a handy and inexpensive tool for drilling holes into wood.

One idea Bilt Hard could consider in future models is to include either gloves or an option to get gloves on eBay so that people don’t have to bear with painful hand burns when using this press drill!

Hopefully, with some minor adjustments, the next iteration of this model can deliver on a much-needed boost in quality at little-to-no extra cost. Bilt Hard includes the option to turn the beam off.

Because having an LED light shining brightly while one is trying to work can end up being quite distracting and make it impossible to focus on their project.

If your children are adventurous and curious, they’re likely going to get their hands on any corded appliance in your house at one point or another.

Several preventive measures are available to help you monitor their whereabouts and protect them from accidentally hurting themselves during active play.

One solution is that an automatic shut-off feature built into this model will prevent overheating and potentially dangerous situations from developing when children are concerned.

4. Grizzly Industrial Benchtop Drill Press

grizzly industrial benchtop drill press

This tool allows for five different speed settings, which lets the user choose an environment accordingly to the depth of their project and also helps prevent accidents in case anyone might be working near it.

This allows the hobbyist to experiment with different avenues of cutting because they can connect to both steel and wood simultaneously, depending on what they’re working on.

This best drill press under 200 is perfect for beginner carpenters or outdoor enthusiasts looking to start their work shed or maybe even a tiny treehouse in their backyard.

This is a safe utility knife meant for those just beginning construction projects. While more experienced workers would still probably want something more high-end and equipped with various customizable settings.

There’s no reason why you as an amateur shouldn’t pick up this handy addition for your toolbox as well! This Drill press Kit includes everything you need to drive any fastener quickly.

It features 200 in-lbs. Of torque and 16+1 clutch positions to power through any fastening scenario, while the variable speed control allows precise adjustments from 0 to 350 rpm for greater material feed control.

The LED work light provides optimal visibility regardless of location. The ultra-compact size will enable it to fit into tight spaces to go wherever your project takes you.

5. Genesis 4.1 Amp Drill Press

genesis 4.1 amp drill press

The Genesis GDP1005A features patented cross-pattern laser guidance for enhanced precision.

This drill press features a durable cast iron base and high-torque, 1/2HP motor. Able to withstand both wood and metal needs on your benchtop, you can count on it to power through even the most challenging jobs.

The dual-caliper gear head allows easy material removal with five different speeds plus an adjustable work table that rotates at 0 to 45°.

A large, easy-to-use safety switch also includes a lockable key, so accidental power ON is impossible – a feature that makes this drill press one of the most trusted options available today!

If you want a laser level with technology, this is the tool for you. It’s pretty cheap compared to similar units on the market but still boasts many of the same handy features.

For example, it uses a patented laser guide system and will operate for two years without any supervision; this is all provided the product is used as intended.

Do not exceed working hours, measured and indicated by hand pressing a button located on one of the structure’s upper corners.

Purchasing from a well-known brand means that you can get assistance quickly if anything does go wrong (which hopefully it won’t).

6. EURO TOOL Small Benchtop Drill Press

best drill press under 200 in 2022

For a drill press under $200, the EURO TOOL Benchtop Drill Press offers a meager price. It can cost much less than other inexpensive drill presses on the market. The speed of this drill reaches up to 8,500 RPM.

This is faster than some of the most expensive options in the product category and still very fast compared to other drill presses that are way cheaper.

However, you may not be able to do everything with it due to size or power limitations. But it is even small; due to its light weightiness of only 13 pounds, this option will be easy for you to move as needed throughout your workshop.

For example, if you want a convenient place for your tool, sometimes you have to pack it away after use, but storage shouldn’t be a problem since this model is space-saving and affordable!

Also, while this best drill press under 200 overall quality is exceptional, there are a few places where it isn’t entirely up to par. One of the most prominent places where this becomes most apparent is with the drive belt – making it relatively weak and, in some cases, prone to breaking instead easily.

The same can be said for the chuck as well, although admittedly, at times, other issues have made it unusable upon delivery or have led to its premature failure against natural wear and tear.


What is a good HP for a drill press?

A small drill press with a 3/4 HP motor is ideal for professionals who use them daily, such as carpenters and engineers.

Individuals who use this type of equipment on a more casual basis like to work with a smaller unit, so they don’t have to strain as much to do their job.

What is the best rpm for a drill press?

If you want to choose the best spindle speed for your metal spinning project, it’s not a bad idea to start between 700 and 1000.

That will give you steel with crisp details and allow you to use more miniature gauge aluminum with better strength characteristics.

If any small bits of metal come off in small nuggets when drilling large holes or if your drill bits are getting too chewed up before they should be, you can increase the speed by increments of 100 each time until the problem stops.

Can you use a spade bit in a drill press?

A spade drill is used with a spade bit. These drills are used anywhere from construction sites to even at home. The drill bit itself is called the spade bit, and it features a unique shape that allows it to cut more effectively in rigid materials such as brick and stone.

This type of molding can be inserted into the drill itself or with a tool that simulates a rotary power tool’s operation (such as a drill press).

It cuts into material using both the rotation of itself and its motorized facility. To determine how deep you want your hole to go when using this type of drill, you can use either an axle collar.

You can also wrap some electrical tape along the top part of your spade bit near its tip – this will help manage how far down the hole goes.

What is a sensitive drill press?

Because it’s called the sensitive drill press, you know that a person has to be pretty close by when working with it.

Or else, how do you know when to remove the tool from your material? To be correctly run, the operator needs to oversee its operation and make sure that everything is going according to plan. The sensitive drill press comes in two types: floor-based or benchtop versions.


Best drill press under 200. A drill press is a kind of tool that is used for drilling holes in different materials. The spot can be of any shape, size, and depth based on the user’s requirements. A drill press allows you to complete your projects quickly and precisely.

We have reviewed the top best drill presses you can buy for under $200, and each model has a user-friendly interface. We hope our reviews will help you choose the perfect tool for you. If you haven’t found what you are searching for most, we have an Ultimate Drill Press Reviews with comprehensive buying Guides.

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