Best Hammer Drill for Concrete

Best hammer drill for concrete. Drilling holes in concrete may appear to be a tough process, one that should be left to experts with experience.

However, if all you have is a masonry drill, this is a simple job that can be completed securely and effectively without the need of any additional gear.

The fact that one must exercise caution when dealing with high-pressure – and frequently sharp – drilling equipment in close proximity to hard, unforgiving surfaces makes it a potentially hazardous activity.

So, you need to have right tool do the desired task. In this guide, we have reviewed and gathered 5 best hammer drill for concrete.

5 Best Hammer Drill for Concrete


1. Makita Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Floor

best hammer drill for concrete floor

Makita, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality power tools, provides a rotary hammer drill with a torque-limiting clutch.

When the bit is stuck in place while in operation, this prevents the gears and other sections of the device from being harmed.

There are three different modes of operation for this tool: hammer, rotational, and hammer alone.

It’s also ergonomically intended to decrease the consequences of repetitive stress injury when grasped. It can accommodate any SDS-max standard drill bit when correctly mounted.

This Makita best hammer drill for concrete has greater speed per dollar than rival drills. It indicates that you are getting more RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) for your money.

This Makita is ideal for difficult drilling since it has the ability to drill through rock with ease. Its synchronised RPM and integrated BPM imply fewer jams and more torque than standard drills.

One of the most important safety features that manufacturers should consider is a torque limiter. This can prevent gears from turning too freely, making it easy for them to overwork themselves and possibly damage other components if the drill bit binds in the hole.

2. TACKLIFE Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Walls

best hammer drill for concrete walls

Due to sturdy metal frame and hammering mechanics, TACLIFE’s power drill may also be used as a jackhammer.

The user may effortlessly switch between different purposes thanks to an easy-to-use orange button on top.

This best hammer drill for concrete may be used for both wood and concrete building tasks.

It’s the appropriate instrument for demolition and lowering foundation rocks in foundations since it’s made of strengthened steel.

You won’t have to continually pushing the lock-on button for the drill to revolve. As a result, your hands and wrists will be less fatigued. It isn’t too hefty at five and a half pounds, though there are lower options available.

Because of the auxiliary handle, which rotates 360 degrees, this tool is a joy to use.

When working in a small location, this makes it simple to acquire the appropriate angle because the cable is out of the way. It’s also quite small, making it simple to carry and store!

A robust metal chuck makes switching drill bits and screwdriver bits a breeze. The chuck can accommodate up to a half-inch diameter.

You may also use your drill as an electric screwdriver if you select the forward mode. There’s also a depth gauge to help you with your DIY projects.

3. Makita XPH10Z Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Anchors

best hammer drill for concrete anchors

The Makita cordless hammer drill is ideal for those who want a strong drill. It’s vital to keep in mind that this isn’t your typical drill.

The product’s body is designed in such a way that it’s simple to recognise what it’s capable of.

That is why so many professionals consider it to be a high-quality solution for all of your drilling needs.

A 2-speed motor with 0-600 and 0-1900 RPM can help you with all of your drilling needs, including fastening screws into position and drilling through concrete.

Furthermore, the front handgrip of this tool includes a rubberized soft grip that provides a cushioned surface and reduces friction from the drill head’s repetitive motions when hammering out set screws and rivets.

This best hammer drill for concrete has features that enable you to manage the drill’s temperature and prevent overloading.

As well as a button that switches it on or off regardless of how hot or cold it is, which is very useful while working in inclement weather.

Finally, you will be surprised to learn that this cordless hammer drill boasts two distinct characteristics. The first is a lithium-ion battery with a quick charger that can charge to full capacity in less than thirty minutes.

This increasingly common charging time is critical for individuals who don’t have the time to sit and wait for extended amounts of time when working on projects that need various tools and equipment in their daily life.

Another feature that impressed us was an innovative protective technology that resists dust and water, allowing user to complete more activities without having to worry about keeping the tool safe.

4. DeWalt 20V Best Hammer Drill for Concrete Drilling

best hammer drill for concrete drilling

This small and heavy-duty drill boasts a superb design and a dependable power supply.

It has a long battery life, has more torque than the norm, is adaptable, and makes work easier to regulate by providing an extra range in its speed transmission.

Along with its light weight and low torque, this drill may be used quickly and with less effort than standard drills.

While it comes to the figures that matter when working on different surfaces, such as masonry materials like concrete, we compare it to other drills.

Two lithium batteries are included with this equipment, which help to improve the drill’s overall performance.

The tiny brushless hammer drill/driver weights 3.5 pounds. It features a variable-speed trigger switch with a brake, as well as a 1/2-inch adjustable chuck. A timer-controlled LED work light is also included with the purchase!

This drill is one of the greatest drill-drivers on the market today if you want to get greater results while using less energy.

A new brushless electric motor produces more mechanical output each spin while also being more efficient. – Two-speed gearbox for greater performance under load and shorter job completion time.

5. Skil 6448-04 Best Hammer Drill for Drilling Into Concrete

best hammer drill for drilling into concrete

Skil has a long history and has garnered various awards for their technological contributions.

The design of a gadget that allows one to efficiently locate holes for screws in board materials is arguably the company’s greatest effort.

As a result, it’s no surprise that this company is among the top seven makers of corded hammer drills.

This item features a powerful 7.0 mph top speed and is designed for tough applications, it also accepts large diameter bits, has a 1/2″ keyed chuck that can drill through solid surfaces and comes with a side handle, which guarantees better control over the drilling process.

Because the hammer and handle are removable, the device may be utilised by those who are left-handed.

It has a depth guide that can be adjusted and is controlled by the trigger. This enables it to be used on materials such as wood, nylon, titanium, and other brass alloys.

Skil also has a reversing switch button that allows you to easily reverse the bit’s rotation. Apart from that, the drill machine comes with a cable guard to keep you safe while working with it.

6. Porter-Cable 20V Best Hammer Drill for Drilling Masonary

best hammer drill for drilling masonary

This brand’s newest model is the Porter-Cable PCC606LA 20V MAX High-Power Hammer Drill.

It can generate up to 27,200 BPMs of power and has two separate speed settings for better adaptability while working on different projects.

One of the best advantage of this hammer drill is that it has a charge metre, allowing you to keep track of how well the device is charged so that you may use it for hours at a time.

This best hammer drill for concrete also comes with a high-lumen LED light to illuminate places and make working with it simpler.

Another feature that sets this drill apart from the competition is its 12-inch ratcheting chuck, which is tiny enough for precise fitting but large enough to accommodate large bits when necessary. It also has around 23 different clutch settings.

This superbly designed power model comes with well-organized and handy accessories that may be quite useful if correctly applied, as they play a key part in project success.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and you should have no regrets about purchasing it if you evaluate everything (not just the features).

7. DEWALT DCD996B Best Hammer Drill for Core Drilling

best hammer drill for concrete in 2022

If you’re searching for a cordless hammer drill, the DEWALT DCD996B is a good option.

One of the 20V Max tools is this. It will save you money on batteries and charges if you already have a few other 20V Max gadgets.

This cordless driver, unlike other drills, has a high-tech brushless motor. Instead of carbon brushes, an electronic circuit board is used to relay electricity from the motor to the driver.

As a result, the driver’s speed fluctuates depending on the amount of resistance encountered in order to compensate.

DEWALT’s cordless drill has three speed settings, a maximum of 2,250 rpm (revolutions per minute), and a unique work light that turns on automatically when you press a button.

This best hammer drill for concrete also comes with a built-in level to assist you maintain your balance while working with it.

This drill includes a built-in LED bulb with three distinct light levels to choose from. If you need to work in a dimly lit environment, this is the way to go.

If you forget about it and leave it on, the light has an automated timer that will turn it off after 20 minutes to save your battery from being drained.


Is it possible to use a hammer drill on concrete?

A hammer drill is compatible for drilling holes in brick, mortar, concrete or masonry. But it is ideal for making holes in poured concrete. You can’t use this kind of drill to drill flooring or other surfaces like wood.

Do you require specific hammer drill bits?

Drilling through cement surfaces necessitates the use of specialised masonry tools. Choose a drill bit with carbide tips that can endure the power of a hammer drill.

What is the best speed for drilling concrete?

When drilling holes into concrete at a slower pace, the drill bit is less likely to overheat and ruin itself. Starting softly and progressively increasing pressure as you go is the best method to achieve this. Drilling through concrete should be done at a speed of 350-750 revolutions per minute.

Is it possible to drill through concrete with a 12v cordless drill?

Yes! A hole can be drilled into concrete with a 12-volt drill. Drills that connect into wall outlets are frequently used on large projects.

What is the best way to drill into ancient concrete?

For better control, start the exercise at a slow tempo. Drill into the base with a steady, delicate touch; do not yank the drill out. Drill to a depth of 1/4 to 1/8 inch. Stop the drill, brush or blow the concrete dust away, and remove the drill.


Best hammer drill for concrete. We hope you’ve enjoyed our compilation of some of the most popular hammer drills available today.

With such a wide range of options out there, hopefully we’ve been able to help you decide which one is best for your particular needs.

Thank you for your time. Have a nice day!

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