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How To Remove Fluorescent Light Cover

How to remove fluorescent light cover. To uninstall your fluorescent light covers, you must first identify which type of covers you have – either drop ceiling or wraparound or flat.

All fluorescent light covers under the hood of fluorescent light are lightweight enough that an individual can adjust them – only using their hands!

There’s no need to call up the local handyman, and this means you should be able to remove the cover yourself on your own time without having to pay for a costly service call.

The only tool you’ll need is a basic A-frame ladder at least five feet in height enabling easy access beneath your fixture so that you might flip out your lights and start anew with more energy-efficient LED string lights.

How To Remove Fluorescent Light Cover

guide to remove fluorescent light cover

There are a variety of lighting fixtures available – large and small, surface or recessed. The ballast in all fluorescent bulbs allows the bulbs to remain within their vaulted ceilings but be able to light up a large area.

Over time, the bulbs begin to burn out and can cause damage to the ballast that will cost you extra money to have repaired or replaced.

Make sure to always buy high-quality fluorescent light bulbs that aren’t made with cheap materials so they last longer and operate at full capacity for longer.

Here is how to remove the fluorescent light cover:

Remove the cover from a drop ceiling light

Drop fluorescent ceiling lights are typically seen in commercial or institutional settings and sit up inside the ceiling to flush the cover with the other ceiling panels.

These frames have two levers that unlock the light body. Once both levers are unlocked, open the frame until it is slightly angled outwards to access these lights.

Next, grab ahold of it horizontally and pull away from the hinge side to thoroughly remove it by swinging it down to allow full access to the bulb(s).

The removal of a fluorescent light cover

To remove a wraparound fluorescent light cover, grab one long side, push up and then pull it down. Do the same with the other side.

After replacing a broken fluorescent light cover or having finished changing fluorescent light bulbs, secure one long side of the light blanket over the lip, then repeat on the other side.

The removal of a flat acrylic cover

removal of a flat acrylic cover

Removing a flat fluorescent light cover means that you will have to push up on one end to create enough of a gap at the other for it to maneuver out of the frame.

These light covers bend when inserted into place, so as long as you aren’t handling them roughly, they shouldn’t break. If it seems like they are stuck, don’t worry!

You can try gently tapping around the perimeter with a soft mallet first before trying again (be very gentle with doing this.

Replacing a fluorescent light cover

Fluorescent lights often have covers to shield you from the light. A replacement cover might seem challenging to find, but several options can solve this problem for you.

Measuring the light’s dimensions will help you get the correct size of a new cover.

Also, consider the type of replacement cover you’re looking for because flat acrylic replacements won’t work when a wraparound version is needed and vice versa.

Some stores sell covers in different colors from which you can choose. If your current fluorescent light cover is broken.

Remember that the hardware store should be able to help with ordering or finding an exact replacement for it. You can also purchase your fluorescent light covers in different shades to change your desired brightness.

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