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How To Decorate A Deep Corner Fireplace Mantel

How to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel? There are many different ideas to consider regarding how to decorate a corner fireplace mantel.

Corner fireplaces are great additions to old, new, and modern buildings and properties, and they offer a timeless, aesthetically pleasing sense of elegance that adds something special to your property.

Having a corner fireplace in your home will also provide some much-needed warmth; chimneys often have this bonus due to their ability to conduct heat faster than typical sources of heating do (i.e., radiators).

However, having one in your living space does not mean that it shouldn’t be decorated as it can look dull and bare compared to other styled elements in a room such as a furniture and wallpaper.

We want you to know how to add more flavor to the personification of your fireplace while still keeping with traditional home d├ęcor standards.

How To Decorate A Deep Corner Fireplace Mantel

different ways to decorate a deep corner fireplace mantel

Hang a mirror in the middle and a sconce on either side for an easy fireplace mantel decorating idea.

Anchor the mantel with a larger vase or decorative object and fill in with smaller accessories like candles, vases, decorative objects, and more!

Pick up on colors and materials found elsewhere in the room for cohesion.

1. Tablecloths

The ideal mantel design comprises both fabric and wood, stone, or brick. The material has to cover the length and half-width of the mantel.

Ideally, there should be fabric hung right above the fireplace and centered just above it all. You can place objects on top of your mantel, but we recommend not doing so when there are lit candles under them (because then you’re asking for trouble!)

Also, one may want to wear gloves when extinguishing a fire because any potential falling sparks from extinguished logs will stick to the fabric.

2. Mirrors

At the height of the mantel, you need a mirror that fits the structure of the fireplace. It would be best to look for a mirror whose frame and shape harmoniously coordinate with the fireplace.

They should be medium-sized and huge, but also small enough to not take up too much mantel real estate because we want there to be room for accent decor in addition to our simple centerpiece mirror.

Our heart is set (and we feel safe knowing) that its placement will give off an aura of security and elegance. A sturdy medium mirror centered on the mantel gives this level of refinement that our renovated mantel currently lacks.

3. Pictures

Placing pictures on the mantelpiece is a common thing that should have a certain sense. This way, you can display everything from family memories travel experiences to masterpieces.

The magic lies in harmonizing the paintings with the place where the mantel is located. By doing so, you can create harmony between the decorated objects and enjoy this feature that enhances the place’s tasteful order.

In addition, placing mantel decorations makes such a pleasant impact that it looks like remodeling a fireplace, so it is necessary to properly combine all the objects and only use the needed ones.

5. Artificial Lights

You may have noticed that most corner fireplaces are usually located in dark places, almost always living rooms.

How you choose to light up a corner fireplace can say a lot about the style and design of your room and the things you would like to focus attention on.

If you want these things to stand out, we recommend keeping more bright lights in only a few areas.

In this case, dimmer lights are better, and it’s recommended to use them as decoration in a corner fireplace where they will be able to pull more attention than an entire room.

6. Decorative Objects

If you enjoy decorating your home with things related to a particular place or event, one storage solution that can help you display these things in a chic way is by using a corner fireplace shelf as a platform.

It’s recommended to choose items of similar size to not distract from the public space, such as family photos.

It’s best to display them in chronological order according to what they represent – going over both sides of the shelf if necessary: favorite holiday destinations, wedding gifts, or souvenirs collected on vacations.

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