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How To Light A Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

How to light a living room with no overhead lighting. When designing a home’s living area, it’s essential not to overlook the light choice.

It can either add character or detract from the room’s overall atmosphere. Ideally, you will want this area to be as inviting and cozy as possible.

Hence, candles or chandeliers are certainly great options for an intimate ambiance, but where is that fun personality we all need at times?

Whether you choose pendants or wall lights, it is essential to let your home have that little extra lighting!

How To Light A Living Room With No Overhead Lighting

Here are some ways to light a living room with no overhead lighting:

light a living room with no overhead lighting

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are commonly referred to as a pair of lights fixed either on the corner of a room or on each side of mirrors or paintings.

There is no doubt wall sconces look great when installed together. In homes, hotels, and restaurants, you may have seen wall sconces standing on walls at the corner.

Which creates more spaciousness in the room and provides more light to the space. Wall sconce looks gorgeous in both classic and contemporary settings.

That being said, if you’re searching for one that also possesses visual appeal rather than just selecting them to serve lighting purposes alone, getting ones with beautiful shades and glazing can add to your interior design beauty.

Table lights

These lamps may be used as task lights for reading or working on your computer and, therefore, might not serve any other purpose than that.

However, in homes with family rooms with large windows in the daytime, people tend to use the living room for other things such as watching movies or getting some work done; a lamp may provide sufficient illumination.

Floor Lamps

floor lamps to light a room

These lights can be pretty complex and come in a few different designs. It’s possible to pick out the basic silhouette structure of an arc floor light with a beautiful design.

It also gives off plenty of light throughout the room as needed. These lights are usually massive, so space is of great importance here.

If you don’t have much room, you may choose a tripod-floor light that generally works well in multiple homes.

However, you should pair these up and place them on opposite sides, possibly by a couch, or they can work well at the end of a bed.

Tree Lamp

If you’re looking for extra detail and some spice, then take a look at our wide range of floor lamps.

Adding a little ambiance to your home is easy with our vast selection of lighting options, which feature four or more bulbs on one stand.

The extra light from these fixtures can help fill out the amount currently in your house, adding some sparkle here and there depending upon where you decide to use them.

String Lights

string lights to light a room

If you have a home with more modern and slightly more ‘cartoony’ designs, these might not be the best option.

However, their vibrantly attractive appearance will be perfect for lighting up a living room with a bohemian aesthetic.

The boho inhabitants of this living room will likely prefer to do things in their way, like wear pastels and floral prints to match the unique style of their interior.

All they need is one light projector that attaches to the ceiling while adding a decorative touch to it by making the roofs resemble constellations in the night sky during springtime.

LED Strip Lights

Accent lighting has a way of turning down the lights on some areas and increasing their brightness. You’d do this so that there would be some focus on items.

These accents may primarily emphasize what are considered architectural elements, like bookcases or chandeliers.

Still, they could also highlight masterpieces or other sentimental objects you keep around that you don’t usually want to pass by without giving them a second glance.

In any case, accent lighting is meant to provide the room with an air of refinement while still being practical when it comes down to it because they light the way rather than direct the ambiance entirely.

A plug-in pendant

pendant lights to light a room

If you don’t want to commit to wiring a ceiling but still think overhead lighting needs to be a feature of your place, then budget-friendly can light pendants are the way to go.

They require just enough work removing lids and reaching up to but save time and space by eliminating cables or placing chandeliers.

And they’re better than traditional lamps with shades positioned on tables that make at feng shui disaster in Asian-inspired rooms unless there is a natural focal point like a fireplace behind the seating arranged in front of it.

Swag Chandelier Lights

More elegant yet modern LED pendant lights are a great way to add ambient lighting to your home. And while these fixtures can be ordered by simply drilling a hole in the ceiling and watching them dangle.

These lights sometimes come with extra strings that can make your room look rather tacky.

Thankfully, they will never clash with any color scheme because you can always purchase cord covers online – or even at Walmart or Amazon!

Some of those cloth-wrapped wires are meant to blend right into the background, giving folks a clear view of the area below (where all the magic happens!).

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