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How To Mount A Headboard To The Wall

How to mount a headboard to the wall? You may have seen some gorgeous beds in inspirational photographs that appear to be directly affixed to the wall and think it would be fantastic for your bedroom.

Maybe you are sick of your current bed headboard that constantly shakes with every movement and wants something new, more valuable, and practical.

You’ve picked out a headboard, and you want to purchase it, but how exactly do you hang a hanging headboard? The answer is one of the many ways to mount a hanging headboard competently!

The following article shows several ways to rig a hanging headboard (hung on hooks, mounted using brackets, or drilled on an angle).

How To Mount A Headboard To The Wall

steps to mount a headboard to the wall

Attaching a headboard to the wall can be done with essential tools and hardware. An easy-to-use alternative is installing it using French cleats.

This way, you can add a lot of extra weight to it without worrying too much as they are some of the most robust hardware out there while being very simple to install!

You must refer to your user manual for an exact location to not compromise your safety or security.

Remember: You should never attach things to walls unless necessary.

1. Make sure you Must Have French Cleats or a Massive Wall-Mount

Before you can hang the hardware, you need a few simple things. First, make sure that your hardware is mounted to the wall and headboard without an issue.

Secondly, measure the height of your bracket or headboard as it may be slightly different than what is stated in most instructions. If either need adjusting, you can always shim it with some wood blocks or pieces of wood.

Now let’s take a look at how to install French cleats, which should make installing quick and easy for those who want to hang their headboards themselves.

2. Determine the Accurate height

The size of your bed will vary depending on what type of bedding you have. If you have full sheets, your measurements will differ from comforters and blankets.

To find out the size of your bed, you can use a measuring tape to calculate the length and width by simply wrapping it around where your body sleeps the most.

Once you have figured out these dimensions, make sure that the headboard fits this size.

To be sure of this, lay the headboard against a wall and make sure there is space behind it for one’s knees to bend when laying in a flat position between both the headboard and the bed.

3. Follow the Measurements

Create your first hole with the power drill within the outline or markings you have established. Insert a French cleat into this initial hole and make sure it’s set about halfway down the headboard.

The cleats should line up on both boards to create a solid platform for the bed frame. Drill holes for plastic wall anchors and tap them in by hand.

A power drill can also be used for this purpose ideally because tape measures are too imprecise for technical measurements like these (in our humble opinion.

4. Install the hardware

After drilling a hole in the headboard to secure it to the wall, level the board and drill holes through its surface for the three sets of screws that will attach it to each corresponding protective cleat.

You will install on either side of the inner fence. Then, before installing any nuts or bolts, ensure that your work area is safe for an electric screwdriver by double-checking that no cords are dangling about or can otherwise be easily tripped over.

You don’t want anyone getting hurt while trying to assemble this TV stand.

5. Slide the Headboard into Place

Now that you have secured the headboard to the wall, it can be slid into place over the brackets and interlocked with the sides.

As before, have a friend help you lift your headboard and slide them in along the walls. The headboard will now be held onto the wall by these mounting brackets, so make sure everything is sturdy, and there are no gaps.

Once you have verified this is secure, all that is left for you to do is drill some holes on either side of your bracketed walls and ensure to measure exactly where you want them to be placed.

These perfectly level holes will give you peace of mind and minimize damage to your walls when mounting your headboards.

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