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How To Protect Your Car from Snow Without a Garage

How to protect your car from snow without a garage. Snow is about the most useless thing that can happen to your car. Unless you live somewhere where it’s warm all year round.

Snow will make your life one giant snowball of howling wind and impromptu snowball fights with your neighbors.

You don’t want the snow to interfere with how safe and well-functioning your vehicle is. You probably like having a place to park too, but let’s be honest here – how many of us genuinely have access to an indoor parking space?

Of course, heaters help keep our cars running during winter (and even summer), but what if we could avoid dealing with snow altogether?

How To Protect Your Car from Snow Without a Garage

Here are some ways to protect your car from snow without a garage:

measures to protect your car from snow without a garage

1. Adjust Your Car’s Tire Pressure

Snow and ice make your car sink because of how much weight they add. The best way to prevent this is by adjusting your tire pressure according to the weather you’re dealing with – winter or summer.

This will help you compensate for how much snow your tires will be dragging around, making them less likely to slip off the road. Don’t forget that cold temperatures can also affect how much pressure is in your tires!

2. Clean Off All Visible Snow

Make sure that no part of your car is covered in snow before you turn on the engine – it could cause a traffic accident! If there are only tiny patches of snow here and there, use some mechanism (like a brush or a broom) to remove it.

3. Check Your Wipers and Windshield for Ice

Ice can create a layer of frost on your windshield in the same way it does on your windows. If you don’t want to deal with scraping off thick, clumpy ice, or if you don’t have window scrapers handy.

Check your windshield wipers and defroster for ice. Sometimes just giving them a little tap will break up the ice so that when you turn them on, they’ll be ready to work.

4. Cover Your Hood with Something Warm

If possible, park your car facing away from the wind. This way, the side of your vehicle that will have to face howling winds will be covered by a windbreak. Do this at least a couple of minutes before you turn on your engine .

If you’re lucky, it’ll keep the heat in too. You can also cover your hood with a towel or blanket if you have anything else available.

5. Park in An Indoor Parking Space

As we’ve already mentioned, trying to park outside as much as possible is not something we recommend. If there aren’t any garage spaces available for rent or use near where you live/park your car.

Try parking in an indoor parking space during the winter months (and summer months).

6. Use a Car Cover

car cover to protect your car from snow without a garage

If you live in an area where it snows often, or if you can’t park your car indoors during the winter months, we recommend using a car cover. Many different kinds of car covers exist.

Some are better for extreme cold and howling winds. In contrast, others are meant to keep the elements away from your vehicle but without blocking heating devices (like a windshield defroster).

The best way to find out which kind of cover works best for your needs is by reading reviews online.

7. Keep Your Windows Clear from Snow

When it comes to protecting your car from the snow without a garage, how you use the inside of your windows is just as important as how well they’re insulated!

The faster you remove all the snow that gathers on your windows, the better. This will allow you to turn on your defroster earlier while it’s cold outside, making sure that there won’t be any ice accumulating on your windshield.

8. Keep Your Defroster on at All Times

If you want how to protect your car from snow without a garage that lasts more than five minutes, this is how! Turn on your windshield defroster right after cleaning off all visible snow .

But only when the temperature outside has dropped below freezing (or 32 degrees Fahrenheit). You might need to push a button or pull a trigger for air manually and hot air to come out of the defroster; if not, make sure it’s turned on before getting in your car.

If you turn it on and nothing comes out, check to ensure that the fuse or another powering mechanism hasn’t blown. You should also keep your mirrors defrosted at all times – otherwise, how could you see anything!?

9. Check Your Washer Fluid Often

Make sure that the windshield washing liquid you use is suitable for the winter months. Also, make sure it’s anti-froze!

If you do this, you won’t have to worry about how to keep your car windows clean during snowfall – since they’ll be regularly cleaned anyway.

If you want how to protect your car from snow without a garage that doesn’t get eaten away by ice, take advantage of the washer fluid that’s used to clean it.

Make sure that there is enough of it at all times, and if possible, use a mixture of water and salt for better results.

10. Keep a Bottle of Washer Fluid in Your Car

We know how important how to protect your car from snow without a garage, but how much washer fluid you have left going to help you with the task at hand?

While it might not melt away heavy amounts of ice and snow, washing off small pieces before they become something bigger will come in handy.

We recommend carrying around an empty bottle or two that you can fill up with washer fluid once your original supply runs out.

This way, you’ll always have some on-hand if it turns out that how many washers’ fluid you have left isn’t enough. Especially since how well windshield wipers work depends on how full/pressurized your washer fluid reservoir is.

11. Keep Your Tire Pressure at the Recommended Levels

In order how to protect your car from snow without a garage for a more extended period, you’ll need to ensure that how much washer fluid you have left in your reservoir is enough.

Another thing that needs taking care of is how well your windshield wipers work, which can be done by checking how full/pressurized your washer fluid reservoir is.

Tires with the right amount of pressure not only provide better traction when driving on snowy roads but how to protect your car from the snow without a garage every few weeks or so.

We recommend checking tire pressure levels often – especially when it starts getting colder outside!


To wrap up, don’t let the snow in your driveway ruin your car. If you have a garage or access to one, park inside it when not using it so that the snow doesn’t pile on top of the vehicle and damage any part.

But if you are without this luxury, there are still things you can do to protect your car from being damaged by all that white stuff falling from the sky! Remember these tips before another storm is forecasted!

It just takes some time and creativity – maybe even getting help with shoveling out afterward if possible.

Happy Winters!

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