Best Heat Gun To Remove Paint

Best heat gun to remove paint. When it comes to paint stripping, sometimes a paint scraper is just not enough!

There is probably a piece of outdated information in your mind that using heat guns is more effective than scraping, which as a rule of thumb can leave streaks.

If we are talking about tools, we need to think outside the box and confront myths with facts – facts like using a quality heat gun will guarantee an economical investment (both in terms of time saved, ease of removal and perfect work).

We have prepared some insights on how to pick the most efficient model.

6 Best Heat Gun To Remove Paint

1. Wagner Digital Heat Gun

Wagner Digital Heat Gun

The Wagner HT-1000 is a low quality heat gun that does not perform to the level one could expect given its cheap price tag.

It is equipped with only 2 temperature settings, 750 and 1000 degrees and is therefore too hot for some applications and not hot enough for others.

Even if you keep this model in mind as a last resort, it’s worth noting that you may experience some minor problems such as overheating or burning smells coming from the device because there are no safety features built in.

All things considered, the upside of getting this heat gun is that it comes with a 2 year warranty. The heat gun is a go-to tool for many professional and do-it-yourself users.

It can be used to carry out home improvement projects or accomplish tasks that require heat. Heat guns are great choices for removing paint, bending plastic or PVC, thawing frozen pipes, removing rusted bolts and much more.

The heat gun comes with a number of features that make it simple to operate. Continuous usage of the tool is not uncomfortable because to its ergonomic design.

For individuals who want to multitask while working on their projects, the stand that comes with the gun makes it possible.

There are also a variety of accessories that can help you finish your work. When you’re finished with the tool, switch it to cool down mode and blow out any excess hot air to avoid accidently burning yourself if you leave it alone or store it wrongly.



This  heat gun also has several features to help your projects stay on budget; the ergonomic design equates to sustained comfort while the integrated stand allows for hands-free operation.

Best heat gun to remove paint comes with two nozzles: a glass protector and a flare nozzle, allowing the consumer to manage their costs effectively when they decide to purchase the product.

When you’re done with your work and want storage space, simply switch the tool over to cool down mode and use it as a blower.

The majority of customers, however, have claimed that the temperatures this model can reach at 1000 degrees are too low, and that it does not reach a high enough temperature to be useful in their projects.

One user reported that the device couldn’t even soft boil an egg on the highest level – which is essential for preparing the perfect poached egg.

And that it doesn’t stay hot long enough for their needs, and that it tends to burn out if used for more than half an hour on the maximum setting.

Customers looking for a model that can withstand higher temperatures should search elsewhere; nevertheless, those looking for a robust, inexpensive, slimline gadget would like this item.



The Porter-Cable PC1500HG is a decent deal even if you have to spend some money on it.

You can get it for a fraction of the cost of the previous model on our list, and it still has much of the same functionality.

It comes with a powerful 1500-watt motor, which reacts to changes in heat level almost immediately, giving you ample power to keep working without having to wait around for your equipment to catch up.

Its temperature range also stands apart from competitors’, spanning from 120-900 degrees at low speed and 130-1150 degrees at high speed, leaving room to breathe when compared with more limited competitors’ ranges.

This model has a variable speed setting which allows you to control how fast you work it. You tend to paint jobs more efficiently, and there’s no excuse for being lazy when the work is getting done faster than usual!

One downside to this unit is that it doesn’t have as much power as some of its competitors, so holding the gun too far away from your object will result in minimal airflow.

That does make this option not as efficient when spraying high-volume surfaces, but since we like working quickly we don’t mind sacrificing some efficiency if it means getting out of the house faster!

4. DEWALT Heat Gun


The   DEWALT D26960K Heavy Duty Heat Gun  is the highest quality heat gun on the market, and it has a lot of features.

For example , it has an LCD screen that helps to eliminate guesswork when using it – so you can accomplish your task more efficiently!

This incredible heat gun also can be adjusted by as much as 150-1100-degrees Fahrenheit in increments of 50 degrees.

So whether you have delicate projects or heavy-duty projects planned, this is definitely the product for you.   It comes equipped with several useful attachments which can shape its airflow in various ways to carry out tasks more efficiently.

Best heat gun to remove paint is also equipped with an adjustable stand that allows the user to tilt and direct the output according to their needs, which we think is convenient for a variety of reasons.

First, it means you can circumvent overheating any object when using this device because you do not have to keep the nozzle directly in contact with it.

The one thing that this model lacks is a fast-cooling feature, so that’s something else to consider if you have time on your hands and don’t want to wait around a while between uses of this heat gun.

Overall though we believe it’s a great choice for those who are just starting out as a DIYer or someone who plans on doing projects occasionally and would like the ability to do multiple tasks.

5. QST Ul Plug Heat Gun

QST Ul Plug Heat Gun

The best thing about the QST Multi-Purpose Heat Gun is its small size. It makes it easy to work in areas of machines or machinery that larger heat guns would not be able to reach.

However, this machine only comes with a standard universal pistol grip making it difficult for users to carry and operate.

The nozzle of this machine is also very small which means that users may have to cover fewer surfaces in less time than what is possible on larger heat guns due to the limited surface area coverage.

Best heat gun to remove paint can run at a maximum temperature of 200°C which means that this product should not be used for industrial applications and heated metal projects.

Make sure you clean the condenser regularly so no dust builds up on the walls and nozzle. And never direct hot air at any person or creature!

After use, simply remove the excess heat residue that is clinging to the walls of your product by using the scraper we provided and don’t let it set for too long before you do so.

The specialists in our company know that if you keep out any unused product away from extreme temperatures, it will lengthen its lifespan.

Remember to pick a suitable distance between you and what you are working on while making sure not to overtax one part of your hot air gun overly-so as to prevent injury or burn damage to yourself.

6. Makita Heat Gun


It’s safe to say that the Makita HG6530VK Heat Gun makes the perfect Christmas present for a crafty friend or person who loves doing handy-work around the house.

With a push-button to change the temperature in 50 degrees Fahrenheit increments it has been praised as an easy-to-use “no”nonsense tool, not just for DIYers but for your construction workers too.

It’s very quiet when in use and also comes with an LCD screen to aid in precision. This particular model is useful for jobs such as paint removal, stripping lacquer, thawing frozen pipes, loosening floor tiles and putty, re-melting adhesive, removing stickers, waxing and dewaxing etc.

Much more than just a wavy hairdryer replacement! The Makita Variable Speed Heat Guns are a good choice for industrial uses because they have the ability to adjust temperature and air flow settings.

This enables them to be effective for numerous applications in various industries, such as vehicle wraps, tinting, stripping lacquer, paint, varnish, thawing of frozen pipe work, loosening tiles and puttying jobs, re-melting adhesives and removing stickers or decals.

This heat gun features a push button temperature control (122° – 1,202° F) and a slide switch for three air flow settings so that the user can set the gun’s temperature and blower speeds based on the application they are working on.


Is a heat gun effective in removing paint?

A heat gun is a useful tool because it’s able to soften the paint, making it easy to remove with a metal scraper. Heat guns are great at removing multiple layers of paint all at once because the intense heat softens everything so you can scrape it all off at once.

Can you use a hair dryer as a heat gun to remove paint?

When removing latex paint that has already come loose, set the hair dryer to Low Heat, Low Speed. An X-acto blade is great for this delicate process since it has a sharp point on one end and a tapered edge – similar to an X-acto knife – to help you properly pinpoint the areas where you want peeling off while also taking care not to overheat surrounding paint.


Best heat gun to remove paint. For years there has been a belief that scraping paint is the best way to strip paint from surfaces, with the belief being that applying heat will result in streaking.

Heat guns can be a great way to strip paint from surfaces, so long as you invest in a quality heat gun with a ceramic element and pick the right tip.

If you need to strip paint from surfaces regularly, we recommend you invest in a heat gun for paint stripping (rather than a paint scraper).

We hope this blog post has provided you with some new insights on how to pick the right heat gun for paint stripping! If you have any other questions, please contact us anytime. Thanks for reading!

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