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Small Kitchen Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Small kitchen two tone kitchen cabinets. Two-tone kitchens have been quite popular lately. They seem to be around forever and always look like they’ll be around.

Two-tone kitchens can add something interesting to a space while delivering an overall look that’s still timeless and classic.

If you’re not so big into two-tones, don’t worry, There’s room for everyone. Before you buy some furniture or paint your kitchen.

Making it all one colour and feeling like this trend doesn’t apply to you just yet, take a look at these tips for determining if your kitchen would benefit from some strategically placed dual-toned elements.

Small Kitchen Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

two tone kitchen cabinets

When purchasing new stone countertops for your kitchen, it is important to keep in mind the colors of your cabinets because stone countertops can be a little expensive, and you will not want to end up spending more than necessary.

Make sure that you choose a color that works with both of your main cabinet colors so there is no disconnect.

For instance, if one set of cabinets is black with white handles while the other is white with black handles, you will want to choose a marble color like one with black veining because it reflects both colors evenly.

1. Your darker colour should be a focal point

In larger kitchens, the focal point is most often the island. However, if there isn’t enough space for an island in your kitchen, you’ll need to choose a focal point elsewhere.

In galley-style kitchens, for example, this can be something as simple as the lower cabinets on one side of the room or to continue with your two-toned theme by choosing a darker colour all around combined with white cabinetry against more of your main wall colour idea.

2. Colours

Colours are everywhere, and it’s hard not to notice them. Texture and perceptions can differ between a great space and an ordinary or tacky one.

Sometimes, using too many clashing colours can feel overkill and result in very little balance. You want to create rainbow vibes all over your project, but how do you achieve this?

Mixing it up is key – from small details that provide variation to large paint strokes that help you create different underlying tones.

Bold colours paired with neutral tones can make for a beautiful scheme, as it’s been widely seen in minimalist designs as it blends well without sacrificing separation in the room.

3. Adding dark colours to two-tone schemes isn’t necessary

In most kitchens, the biggest priority is space and the amount of light. Darker colours make rooms seem smaller, so pastels work best because they create an airier feel in smaller areas.

The darker colours help warm up a room without making it feel closed-off and stuffy, but if you want the two-tone look, you can go lighter on the trim colour instead of bold writing.

4. Coordination of colours is essential

coordination of cabinet colours

When painting your kitchen, it’s not just what colour combination you should use for your upper and lower cabinets.

The colour of the walls and hardware matters too, as does the tone you decide on.

Think about what you’re trying to convey by having a unified theme. If your cabinets are all warm colours, for example, then coordinate with wall colours with cool undertones such as cream or light off-white shades of paint.

You’ll find it much easier to create a unified theme if you don’t stray from a similar tone in both cases.

5. Bring the look together with hardware

When designing with two-toned cabinets, you want to find a way to make them both match and stand out. An easy way for that to happen is by updating your hardware fixtures.

Hardware should be a uniting theme across all cabinetry that ties any large individual piece into the whole mix.

You can choose to match the cabinet or accent colour depending on what works best with both tones, and contrastingly.

Try bolder hardware to emphasize how well everything comes together in harmony, just like in this case where there’s an excellent metal tone that brings out both of the darker tones in contrast to that.

6. Focus on the lower cabinets

Two-tone kitchens don’t always mean the dark cabinets are on the bottom and the light ones are on top. And you know what, sometimes people choose to bring in colour blocking to make one wall a bold focal point.

But in a smaller space, one of the biggest challenges is making sure that your kitchen doesn’t look too heavy overall.

Therefore, in this type of kitchen design, you’ll want to keep your darker colours down low and your lighter shades up top.

In this case, using dark base cabinets helps keep the room grounded while you want to make sure that there’s more light reflecting off of the lighter upper cabinets.

7. Material mixing and matching

Another way to keep the drama going in a two-tone kitchen is to use contrasting materials. Formica and glass, or even custom made tiles are a few good examples of using materials that don’t always belong together because they visually affect each other.

High gloss surfaces coupled with matte tones are different effective ways to make dramatic contrasts in your two-tone kitchen!

Fridge cabinets, tiling and high gloss surfaces highlight new trends for the two-tone kitchen. This lighting process involves either tinting your existing walls a lighter shade if you wish to create an ambience in direct contrast from your darker flooring or painting darker walls with whitewash if you want the feel of a more monochromatic space.

8. Flooring is an important consideration

In any home, kitchen floors can make a big difference in improving the aesthetics of your design and cleaning up messes much more quickly!

While it’s essential to consider the feel you wish to achieve in your home, it’s also good to remember that kitchen flooring is crucial when it comes down to messy or sticky bits which get on your shoes after stepping outside the door and entering.

Especially in small kitchens, a flooring choice like wood tiles or even some simple laminate planks can greatly contrast light cabinets and walls featuring white paint.

9. Consider a bold countertop

Granite and marble countertops are trendy right now, in large part because they’re durable enough to last a lifetime.

To unite two-tone cabinets in your kitchen, choose stone countertops that play on both primary colours, like white marble with black veining, to complete the look in a black and white kitchen.

There is almost certainly a stone to match no matter what colours you choose for a two-tone kitchen.

Just because your kitchen is short on space doesn’t mean you can’t have the two-tone design of your dreams. Use these tips and tricks to help pull together a fantastic look in your new kitchen.

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