Best Chainsaw For Alaskan Sawmill

Best chainsaw for alaskan sawmill. If you have a big project lined up, and lots of cutting involved, you have to choose the best chainsaw for milling.

While there are different kinds of saws on the market today, not every chainsaw is equipped for heavy work. When your old saw gives you troubles after years of hard work.

You’re going to want to replace it with a new one that can handle tough jobs. There are four factors you need to take into consideration when purchasing your new chainsaw – gas consumption per hour.

Overall weight, engine displacement and bar length – otherwise known as stroke length and power bandsaw capacity.

But remember you want something extra special if it’s going to cut down trees fast like this one right here that also has an automatic chain oiler.

6 Best Chainsaw For Alaskan Sawmill

1. Husqvarna Gas Powered Chain Saw

Husqvarna Gas Powered Chain Saw

Husqvarna Company is proud to present the 450 Rancher 24-Inch Gas Powered Chain Saw, a chain saw which was designed to give you your best chances of tackling the various tasks and projects which are essential for maintaining your lawn.

This product will be sure to deliver excellent results with its 60cc 2 stroke engine and 2.3HP (18.5 peak horse power).

This Gas Powered Chain Saw gives you the added safety with an Air Injection System, a Smart Start system, a LowVib feature as well as an inertia activated chain brake system.

The +Handle can allow you to have optimum comfort when using this product so that you don’t end up getting tired quickly.

When cutting thanks to the comfortable padded grip handle and can help improve your cutting speed thanks to its lightweight at only 12 Pounds.

And for even more durability, a Three piece Crank Shaft system wasn’t overlooked because it increases durability whilst also making the product light weight: at only 11 Pounds!

However, because of this it means that it might be a bit difficult to have full control over the chainsaw. But don’t fret as there are 2 sizes remaining and they will be perfect for both 30 and 36 inch Alaskan mills.

Besides this, at 60.3cc this engine is not the most powerful on our list but should still cut logs with ease. On top of this, the chainsaw has a horsepower of 3.7 – which is actually the second highest if you’re comparing power values!

2. COOCHEER 20 Gas Powered Chain Saws

COOCHEER 20 Gas Powered Chain Saws

This powerful and dependable machine is capable of taking care of many different tasks, including clearing land.

Made for less experienced users, the power and consistency of this device cannot be overstated.

The engine can reach a max speed of 8500 RPM and operates at a choice of 3.2 or 4.8 kW rated power.

This model is also equipped with Smart Start technology which makes it even easier to get started and go through your daily cutting activities with great ease!

It has a tough 20 Inch Bar, whose diameter can vary between 27″-33″ and the bar’s length 21-1/2” allows you to keep yourself far enough away from any object that might hinder your work.

The loop handle features an innovative design resulting in safer performance during use as well as making it more comfortable for operating for prolonged periods of time.

The stylish black and green color scheme compliments most environments where you’ll be using this equipment making it easy to integrate into your landscaping needs! A high-quality imported steel chain that does a great job of resisting wear.

This Super Air Filter System, along with this Automatic Chain Oiler which feeds oil directly to the top of the bar will keep your chain sharp and in one piece for several years longer than other ones on the market.

3. Echo CS-590 Chain Saw

Echo CS-590 Chain Saw

This chainsaw tool is a powerful one that will get your work done without fail. It comes with a professional grade 2 stroke engine that provides long term reliability in performance every time you turn it on.

You also have no power problems to worry about with this tool as it provides excellent low emission performance as well.

Best chainsaw for alaskan sawmill comes with a 20 inch chain bar length and remains the best fit for lumbers with large diameters since it has been developed to handle just that.

And due its convenient starting mechanism, you won’t have any stress or hassle getting started on your task purpose so easily – the built in decompression valve reduces the hassle of rope pulling greatly.

This chainsaw is heavier but more stable when handling because it has great handles and weight distribution, making it easier to use during extended periods of operation.

The motor is powerful enough for dealing with larger branches as well so you can cut down on your yard work or home renovation project without having to stop frequently to rest.

A 1.38 HP engine, automatic oiling systems and built-in filtration system all work together to reduce overall maintenance time and increase user convenience, allowing the saw to last longer over all.

4. SALEM MASTER Gas Powered Chainsaw

SALEM MASTER Gas Powered Chainsaw

The Salem Master 4160 Gas Chainsaw is great for the kind of job you need to do. It comes with a 1700 watt motor that does its work without any stress on the environment.

The machine has a two-cycle gas engine with an air-cooled design. This prevents it from overheating, and you can use it continuously if required.

One of the highlights of this chainsaw is that there are ejectors in place to lessen its sound effects when operating.

This one in contrast works at 65 decibels which is why you would have no trouble working with it around your loved ones.

Furthermore, it has a five point anti vibration system (for reduced stress) and chain brakes (to avoid injury). This tool comes with 2 20-inch chains, so you’ll have no problem maneuvering the saw around your work site.

Best chainsaw for alaskan sawmill come in different models. These run very quietly and are equipped with auto-oiling that ensures the machine stays lubricated throughout.

This keeps your chainsaw in top shape so you can keep cutting safely and effectively!

5. XtremepowerUS  Gasoline Chainsaw

XtremepowerUS  Gasoline Chainsaw

This saw is an affordable and practical option for any landowner who has the occasional need to cut down a tree.

Granted, you may find yourself wishing you had something more powerful if it’s something that you do often, but it won’t give you any problems provided that your needs aren’t too demanding.

The 2-inch longer bar on this model because it enables us to handle bigger pieces of lumber as compared to similar saws that feature shorter bars.

Power is a limitation on this machine so don’t expect it to hold up when you’re constantly asking of a lot from it, otherwise you’ll run into some trouble!

The XtremepowerUS 2.4 HP Gas Chainsaw is an excellent tool for those who are looking to cut through tree branches with ease.

Not only can you get through cuttings fast with the anti kickback chain that provides additional safety, but you can also feel safer as a result of the increased control and comfort from never having to worry about accidentally being caught by a wire.

Best chainsaw for alaskan sawmill comes equipped with a 2.4 HP EcoBoost engine for 360 degree coverage when cutting tough branches under heavy brush where other devices may struggle or even be damaged if they try this alone.

If someone in your family needs help cutting down trees, then look no further than our XtremepowerUS 2.4 HP Gas Chainsaw!

6. Poulan Pro Gas Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw For Alaskan Sawmill in 2022

Poulan is a brand that produces chainsaws and other power-tools. Their products are loved because of the quality.

However, it seemed that Poulan was failing to provide their clients with the best experience possible when they released the PR5020.

This chain saw has several problems that made it difficult to use, but most chainsaws suffer from this issue at some point or another.

The PR5020 is different though in that it does not hold a charge for very long, nor does it begin to grow cold quickly as most warm tools do when left unattended after use.

If once started you must leave the tool for any amount of time without using it immediately, there is a good chance you will have problems restarting!

Poulan Pro gas-powered chainsaws are powered by a 2-stroke engine and our very own spring-assisted Effortless Pull-Start System.

This ensures that you don’t have to work hard when starting your chain saw. Equipped with a filtering system, these chainsaws will keep the air filter from clogging up.

Thus reducing the amount of fuel consumption yet it still delivers ample power for felling trees, cutting firewood, or even clearing up debris.


What is the best size chainsaw for an Alaskan mill?

When you need to cut wood for a project, it’s important that you have the right chainsaw at hand. You will want to have a saw that has a powerful engine and can run the appropriate chain size and length of your choice.

For example, if you’re cutting logs or milling lumber then it will be best to choose a chainsaw with at least a 50cc displacement engine capable of carrying either a 20-inch chain, or potentially smaller chains as well depending on your needs!

What’s the difference between a ripping chain and a regular chainsaw chain?

The cutters on standard chain saws cut with a 30 degree angle. This means they follow the path of the grain in the wood instead of cutting across it. Some chainsaws have what’s called “ripping” chains.

Which are specifically designed to remove more material (i.e., cut along the grain) than their standard counterparts and leave significantly smaller chunks after doing so.

Is a full chisel chain good for ripping?

Standard chains come in a range of styles from full chisel and semi to milled, wherein each one has its due pros and cons.

This is where you want to take note that these chains are designed for steeper cutting angles ranging from 25°-35° and are perfect for making aggressive cuts.

If, however, your work requires you to make more precise or shallower cuts, then it might be wise to opt for a ripping chain instead.

What is a 404 chainsaw chain?

The 404″ Pitch Cutting System is perfect for all of your tricky cutting jobs that’ve got you stumped. Not only does the formidable-looking blade mean business, but the design of the handle lets you make control cuts with the flick of a wrist.


Best chainsaw for alaskan sawmill. We hope you enjoyed our article about how to choose the best chainsaw for milling. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your milling projects when using a chainsaw that is able to handle the job at hand. Visit this site from the chainsaw company if you’re ready to purchase a chainsaw for your next heavy job.

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