Best Chainsaw Mills

Best chainsaw mills. If you decide to take some of the wood in your yard and turn it into lumber, but don’t want to spend a fortune dragging it to a large mill to have it cut in half, a chainsaw mill is just the tool for you.

These portable structures are designed specifically for sawmill work – this will be especially important if there are not any sawmills nearby.

Chances are good that the blade on your chainsaw mill will be rugged enough to cut through whatever sticks or logs you happen to find lying around your backwoods property.

While these mills do present a safety hazard due to their sharp blades, they are also extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

A lot of people like choosing the best chainsaw brand products because it gives them options in terms of what cuts they want their piece of lumber to become at the end of the day – so make sure you pick out one that fits with your needs!

6 Best Chainsaw Mills

1. GRANBERG Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

GRANBERG Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

The Granberg Alaskan Mark-IV, clearly designed for use in truly extreme weather conditions, is by far the best chainsaw mill for tough jobs.

The sturdy, heavy-duty construction blends zinc-plated steel and aluminum together to create a mill that is both highly durable and very effective even at the most hostile of work environments.

The chainsaw mill combines this rugged construction with clearly marked depth scales and a portable design which makes it ideal for taking with you wherever you have a hard job to do.

At only 20 pounds this chainsaw mill will not weigh down or slow you down when it counts! By using the Granberg, plant owners run the risk of doing a lot of re-shaping.

The way the mill cuts pine is extremely fine, so re-work and making the cuts wider are part and parcel of using this unit.

A bar clamp often makes a five to six inch difference in chainsaw capacity, depending on how large or small the bar is.

So, if using larger bars, like 20 inches for example, and one then uses this smaller mill, they’re essentially losing around six inches of cutting space as compared to something like a 30 inch bar size saw.

2. Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

If you’re looking for a chainsaw mill that gives you a lot of power without sacrificing quality, then the Carmyra may be the perfect choice.

The Carmyra’s 36-inch cutting width offers even more capacity than some comparably priced competitors! It comes with additional attachments so you can mill with confidence.

While the instructions are fair, we recommend having a professional assemble this product for maximum safety and effectiveness.

Nonetheless, once constructed, it promises to give you all the power and usability that you need during your projects!

You won’t find better performance at this price point anywhere else! The device is a valuable addition to any workshop or garage.

You can use it with your chainsaw to ensure safe and consistent angles every time you cut and the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to how you might choose to utilize this tool.

If you don’t have a one by your name, get yourself one in the near future! Additionally, the model is sturdy. This means determining when to use it during bad weather will not be a problem because you can handle it successfully even in dreary conditions.

Take advantage of its capability to help you handle even tasks that require certain elements like handling trash when it’s raining or removing snow from your property in the winter.

3. SHZOND Chainsaw Mill 

SHZOND Chainsaw Mill 

If you need to cut wood that is greater than 3 feet in diameter, the chainsaw mill from SHZOND may be an option worth looking into.

To ensure that this product is right for you, note that it will likely require a larger chainsaw bar since most models do not come with three-foot ones.

You can only cut to a maximum depth of 12 inches, but for most projects the saw’s maximum cutting depth will leave you plenty of room.

This end bar has its measure system built in so you can easily figure out how thick your board should be cut down to.

Best chainsaw mills makes it easy to process a lot of wood fast. The product is made of heavy duty materials, like aircraft grade aluminum, that let it standup to continuous use throughout the day.

The mill is portable and attaches directly to the saw so you aren’t tempted to walk away from freshly cut wood. This also helps control dust and wood debris as well since it’s attached directly to the saw.

When users reviewed this product they appreciated these features, but some suggestions for improvement included a sturdier chain and avoiding the use of an oil-based chain wax or dip on this model since those can gum up easily with excess oil dripping from the wood being milled.

4. Popsport Chainsaw Mill

Popsport Chainsaw Mill

The Popsport Chainsaw Log Mill was created for personal lumberjacks and small time lumber companies.

It is a highly useful machine for producing usable wood logs by shaving off pieces of wood.

You can make all sorts of wood products, from house frames to bed posts with this machine.

It’s easy to clamp on directly to the bar on your chainsaw, though at 10 x 20 inches, it may be too wide for some smaller saws.

Best chainsaw mills runs using two steel runners on each end that allow you to easily slide along toward the tree while cutting off pieces by simply pressing down.

You will notice that because this product uses 2×6 material instead of 2×4 material that it doesn’t take as long to mill through log after log.

Which means there’s less wear and tear on this particular milling machine, resulting in longer lifespans and more money saved over previous models.

This 24″ chainsaw mill is a versatile tools used to cut down trees into log-sized logs. The heavy duty chainsaw lumber mill clamps up to a 24″ bar and accurately cuts planks and beams up to 1/2” to 12” deep.

It’s best for use with the saw mill, because it makes accurate first cuts along a log. A perfect tool for anyone that needs a simple solution in order to make his or her project!

5. HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mil

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mil

The HiHydro mill uses this powerful but compact chainsaw-like tool to cut through lumber up to 12 inches thick, which gives it a lot of versatility.

If you want to be able to expand the types of projects you work on as well as completing them faster, then this sawmill could be a great addition to your woodworking tools.

With rust-resistant stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, you’ll have an amazingly sturdy sawmill that’s also lightweight enough for anyone to move around when necessary.

In fact, because it’s so light, most people can even take it with them if they need to move their project! Because it’s so versatile it would be great for both hobbyists and professionals who are looking for their own way of sourcing.

Their own lumber without relying on DIY stores or convenience stores like Lowes or Home Depot. Enough people have purchased.

This product that you can get real reviews from other customers – and they’ll tell you if they’ve had any problems in assembly.

The aluminium rails are gleaming, and the steel components are gleaming as well. The log carriage is strong, well-built, and appealing to the eye.

6. XRKJ Chainsaw Mill

Best Chainsaw Mills in 2022

The XRKJ is a low-cost horizontal chainsaw mill that uses quality materials. It also features steel and aluminum construction, which makes it durable but lightweight.

This helps to increase its versatility because it can be lighter than competitors’ heavy models as well as cheaper than comparable light products.

However, though it lacks durability in comparison to higher quality mills on the market , it does come with an attractive price tag for the occasional user.

Although listed as able to cut up to 12 inches in diameter, the actually resulting maximum safe cut is closer to 8 inches with a 20 inch chainsaw.

So definitely not as big of a mark as you might think considering its name and price! Ultimately, this product’s flexibility means that it will do just fine with occasional use.

But will work best if you already own a 20 inch chainsaw that is powerful enough to efficiently power through projects.

Best chainsaw mills is ideal for woodworkers, carpenters, or anyone interested in milling lumber. You can either do this at home or in the woods depending on how adventurous you are.


Are chainsaw mills worth it?

Chainsaw mills are one of the most effective and efficient tools for converting wood into lumber. Lumber can be an effective raw material used in a variety of different ways, whether it’s for residential or commercial uses.

It can be used to create firewood or wooden buildings and structures, so let your imagination run wild when you’re next looking to make something with wood.

What size chainsaw do you need for a chainsaw mill?

Bringing a powerful chainsaw with enough size to get the job done is essential when cutting through logs and milling boards.

When compared to the 30-40 cc of the lesser versions, chainsaws with a displacement of 50 cc or more will provide plenty of power.

Those who work with smaller logs or grind small items, on the other hand, may prefer a smaller one. This may appear to be unnecessarily long, but it just condenses all necessary information into a single statement.

Furthermore, for readability and clarity, bullet points should be used instead of numbers.


Best chainsaw mills. Chainsaw mills are an excellent choice if you’re searching for a less expensive way to cut wood. Because of their simple construction.

These mills not only require extremely little care and upkeep, but they also provide an affordable alternative to owning a normal sawmill.

Furthermore, these sawmills can be moved and set up almost anywhere, which is extremely useful if none are accessible in your area.

While the sharp blades can be a safety threat, they are small enough that they don’t require any big gear or vehicles to carry from one site to another, which is good for your pocketbook!

We recommend going with the most popular chainsaw brand so you have more options when it comes to making cut decisions at the end of the day.

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