Best Blender For Green Smoothies

Best blender for green smoothies. Chopping greens finely enough for smoothies isn’t always easy, but there are some shortcuts.

One method is to ensure that you have the best blender for making green smoothies, which is a combination of having the right blades that aren’t just designed to chop fibrous material (greens).

As well as having a powerful motor so that the blades can work their magic. In our search for these features, we came across many blenders.

But had difficulty narrowing our choices because we found ourselves thinking about other things such as how much its noise level may interfere with household activities and what type of additional features would be useful.

For example, an LCD display to see what setting it’s on. We hope that by putting this information in writing, you will have a better understanding of what makes one model superior to another and will be able to find the right model or a combination of models more easily when shopping around.

6 Best Blender For Green Smoothies

1. Vitamix Explorian Blender

vitamix explorian blender

Vitamix’s Explorian has powerful blades and a motor which allows you to blend your greens with ease. At first, it may seem impossible to blend in some fibrous greens because they are quite obstinate and chewy.

Don’t fear, because the power of this blender will have fruits and vegetables blending together as if they were similar flavored jell-o dessert!

People tend to get stressed out when shopping for appliances or products that are required for their everyday lifestyle.

There is a great way to alleviate any stress when purchasing such items: spread the cost over time using a credit card with no annual fee.

This is one of the best blenders on the market but it comes with a hefty price tag. Vitamix is a blender that can help you create restaurant-appropriate dishes in the comfort of your home.

But the majority of bakers buy this best blender for green smoothies not only to make drinks but also to use it for making desserts and other types of foods.

This goes to show that even though you might think professional chefs are the ideal buyers for such products, many common people invest in them as well.

That just goes to exemplify that there isn’t one specific lifestyle associated with everyone who buys it.

2. Ninja Countertop Blender

ninja countertop blender

If the price of Ninja’s Professional Countertop Blender and Vitamix 5200 left you a bit breathless, then you may want to consider this Frigidaire blender.

It’s a lot more affordable than our top 2 picks, but it’s not cheap by any means. It’s pretty good at chopping up foods and blending greens, even if it can’t get them completely smooth the way our winning pick can.

It doesn’t have a lot of moving parts, so it’s very easy to clean (there are no tiny crevices that make cleaning challenging).

The pitcher is pretty big too, so when you’re ready to blend your next smoothie you won’t have to worry about doing it more often than absolutely needed.

On the downside, this blender does tend to be louder than other blenders that cost around the same price.

That’s just something we think you should know about going into making your decision on which blender would be best for home use in your kitchen.

The largest capacity blender pitcher on the market, this 72 oz pitcher is ideal for families and entertaining. Blend up to 64 oz of ingredients before putting the lid on.

Create smoothies and frozen drinks in seconds with Total Crushing Technology, which pulverizes ice into snow or blends whole fruits and vegetables at speeds never seen before.

Included with your purchase is a free recipe book that gives you a starting point for creating drinks for all occasions.

3. Oster Core 16 Speed Blender

oster core 16 speed blender

The Oster 6812 Blender is perfect for those who need a great smoothie blender thanks to its affordable price and effectiveness.

The device comes with five different cups, which are all scratch-resistant, so you can drink your favorite green smoothies without harming your health or having to buy new blender cups each time.

In addition, this blender includes a cross blade with four different branches that work perfectly to prepare a delicious and healthy smoothie every time.

This best blender for green smoothies also allows you to grind nuts and spices in seconds so you can enjoy fresh soups or fresh fruit juices that are filled with surprise!

Another interesting fact about the Oster 6812 Blender for Smoothies is that the machine comes equipped with a 700-watt engine that offers very efficient results from start to finish.

Moreover, it is also ideal for people who have limited space on their kitchen counter as it has a compact design unlike other blenders available on the market today.

There’s a kind of blender that we really like, and it’s the model with a control panel. Choosing between low power and high power is very important because we have different needs at any given moment.

16 speed settings – including grate, blend, shred, grind, mash, liquefy, frappe, stir, beat, puree and more are also great to have since there are so many types of foods out there for us to make.

We find that having sharp ice crushing stainless steel blades is ideal because they do a great job at breaking apart the cold substances efficiently without overheating or overworking themselves.

4. Blendtec Classic Blender

blendtec classic blender

Blendtec Total Classic line is a great blender for anyone who works in the food industry, as it has all of the features one could need if they work in that field.

It can be used to create your own frappuccino by creating smoothies, yogurt, and ice-cream drinks with frozen fruit. Your favorite whipped cream can also be made with ease!

This blender is convenient when it comes down to being able to make tasty treats of your own instead of paying others quite unnecessarily.

This best blender for green smoothies makes things so much easier and more affordable than ever before. There’s even a thick recipe book which helps users get started right away!

This blender has two very useful buttons for speeding up or slowing down the rate at which you blend your ingredients. As a result, one can adjust the speed by using the Pulse button.

This particular machine has an LCD screen which shows how long it will take to blend the full contents of your container before having to remove it from the base and replace it with another ingredient.

Additionally, this screen also displays all ten different grinding speeds that this particular blender model possesses, and below these digits is an indication of how much time left till blending is complete.

Finally, this feature allows customers to have a better estimate on how long they have until a task is done, so they don’t have to constantly watch their blender while it mixes everything together!

5. Cleanblend Countertop Blender

cleanblend countertop blender

If you’re looking for a moderate, not brand new but good enough to last a long time, working blender, we’d suggest the Blender By Cleanblend.

It won’t quite work as well as the Blendtec or the Vitamix, and it isn’t as affordable as our best for the money pick. It sits right between them.

If you make green smoothies often and don’t love seeing some fiber in your drinks, this is for you. We also like the 64 oz pitcher because you can make a lot of green blends at once in one go.

It is a little loud so we wouldn’t recommend using ear protection if there are any sleeping people around since it would definitely wake them up – unless of course they are people you don’t like!

While it cleans itself, you will need to occasionally disassemble everything yourself to give it a deep clean and proper maintenance after long-time use.

This one is hard to get apart so try not to do that too often. There are plenty of powerful blenders out there, but if you want to crush green smoothies, make salsa from scratch, or puree soup in a matter of minutes, you’ll need the CleanBlend.

Whether you’re looking for a machine that can handle heavy batches or just one that blends at an industrial speed for personal smoothies and blended coffees, this blender does it all.

You also get to save money with the CleanBlend because it completely replaces so many other appliances.

So whether you’re looking for an efficient blender for your next margarita party or a full-bodied implement that can rapidly pulverize fruits and veggies for soups or dips, look no further than the impressive CleanBlend Blender!

6. Breville Super Blender

best blender for green smoothies in 2022

The Breville BBL910XL is one of the best blenders for making green smoothies. This device features a powerful 1500 Watt motor that will work hard to liquefy anything in the pitcher.

This best blender for green smoothies is able to extract all of the nutrients and vitamins from fruit and vegetables, making healthy beverages. Because of its tempered glass lining, it’s also very easy to clean!

Not only that but this blender comes with a large backlit LCD display so you can better control speed as well as a grinding function.

It’s compact and practical enough to fit anywhere because it doesn’t require much counter space. No matter what, it won’t take much time or effort on your part to clean up at the end of the day because the container will come completely apart!

The Breville Boss High-Speed Blender’s unique ProKinetix® blade system easily breaks-down ingredients and is perfect for any avid cook or health junkie.

The patented wheel design provides you with an accurate pulse reset speed, letting you know when to break down the mixture by giving it a quick pulse before moving onto the next step of your recipe (i.e.: adding another ingredient, etc.).

The Breville Boss comes complete with 1000 watts of power, two 16 oz BPA-Free cups and a tamper to give you the ultimate blending experience!


What is a smoothie bowl maker?

Smoothie bowls are simply delightful to look at as well as taste! Unfortunately, the fact that they aren’t frozen can make it a little more difficult for one to actually create.

However, with a NutriBullet Balance Blender and some smart decision making about ingredients, you can easily create delightful smoothie bowls just like the ones in trendy cafes.

What makes Smoothie Bowl thick?

The biggest influence on whether or not your smoothie will be thick and creamy is the ingredients you choose.

Using ingredients like milk, yogurt, or anything that yields a lot of water when frozen are likely to create a smoothie that’s more watered down than thick depending on how much liquid is originally in the product in question.

A great way to help your smoothie become thicker is by using bananas because they yield little moisture when frozen.

Alternatively, you can add ice blocks or crushed ice to further cool and chill the entire beverage and include other products that have similar properties – preferably those that would need refrigeration after it’s been placed in a blender.


Best blender for green smoothies. We found that the Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is the best green smoothie blender out there. It liquifies even raw kale and is easy to clean, but you will absolutely pay for it – although not as much as some of the other high-end blenders we tested. Blendtec’s Total Classic Original Blender was a good contender for the top pick and costs a little less than the Explorian, but it’s also much louder, so we gave it our runner-up rank.

The Ninja Professional Countertop Blender doesn’t grind to the smooth consistency of our top two, but it does deliver for what you’ll pay. We gave it our best for the money rank. The Blender By Cleanblend is a great mix of value and performance, grinding up greens and turning ice into snow, but it’s loud and difficult to take apart if you need to replace a part or clean out any residue.

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