Best Sofas For Tall People

Best sofas for tall people. Sofas are a must-have in every house, and they can be found in nearly any room. They are the essential pieces of furniture in a living area.

However, they may also be used in bedroom or hallway furniture. As a result of their wide range of features and comfort as a constant element, they are trendy.

There’s nothing more disappointing than arriving home after a physically demanding day sitting on the sofa and feeling uneasy as average-sized sofas are uncomfortable for taller individuals due to many factors like short backrest, low height, etc.

If you’re looking for the best couches for giants, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic options below. It’s simple to buy online if you note down specific measures like dimension, height, and height of a person.

Our selection of the best sofas for tall people might help you make your decision. Let’s get started on our selected products.

7 Best Sofas for Tall People

1. US Pride Best Couch for Tall Person

best couch for tall person

The delicate design sofa in polyester velvet fabric is simple to clean and maintain. It may be considered a tiny couch, but its 36-inch back height and 72-inch length make it comfortable for a tall person.

This velvet tufted sofa has a unique appearance thanks to its classic form. The sturdy frame sits on top of solid wood pyramid legs in black. The square arms and back cushions enhance the comfort level.

Finally, there are two bolster pillows to make you even more comfortable.

2. Lifestyle Best Sectional Sofa for Tall Person

best sectional sofa for tall person

The Lifestyle Solutions sofa, which is upholstered in a rich fabric, features a robust design. It has tufted back cushions and sleek armrests that display class.

You can go from viewing your favorite film to falling asleep in a matter of seconds. It has enough area so that tall individuals may recline their legs!

It’s elegant, requires minimal setup, and is user-friendly. It’s ideal for relaxing with friends and family.

Furthermore, it includes soft and cushioned seats with high-density foam. It also has serpentine springs to provide long-lasting comfort.

3. Modway Best Sleeper Sofa for Tall Person

best sleeper sofa for tall person

Here’s a lengthy mid-century modern upholstered sofa. It is available in several hues and has cherry-stained wood legs.

The chair’s back is covered with plain tufts, and the upholstery is a simple-to-clean polyester. The 6″ cushions are supportive and pleasant to sit or relax on.

Modway Engage is a popular choice for lounge areas of all sorts, providing a comfortable place to sit while chatting or drinking a steaming cup of coffee or tea.

4. Darcy Best Microfiber Sofa for Tall Person

best microfiber sofa for tall person

The Darcy Sofa is the best option if you’re looking for a cheap sofa. It’s far less expensive than other high-end sofas.

You may choose from nine different hues and an array of complementary pieces to fit your style.

These best sofas for tall people includes a sectional, loveseat, ottoman, and recliner, is included. It’s a fantastic low-cost way to get high-quality sofas for tall people under $1000.

This inexpensive couch looks plusher and more inviting than other low-cost alternatives with simple designs.

The amount of padding and the density of the foam provides this chair with an almost orthopedic feel. It has excellent style, fabric quality, and comfort ratings.

5. Serta Best High Sofa for Elderly

best high sofa for elderly

If you’re looking for well-made, elegant furniture, Serta is the way to go. The Rane Collection Convertible Sofa from the brand is insanely stylish and ideal for prominent individuals.

This versatile sofa converts to a multi-purpose lounger and is excellent for relaxing in any room.

It’s also a dynamic sofa that may be used with any décor style. Its unique contemporary style offers a comfortable yet sophisticated air to the space.

You’ll be able to enjoy this sofa immediately after receiving it. It also uses Click-Clack for setup technology and adjusts to your space. It also comes with a set of instructions to assist you with the quick installation procedure.

6. Linen Best Fabric Couch for Tall Person

best fabric couch for tall person

This streamlined sofa is a minimalist’s fantasy, with its striking fabric and clean lines. It has a traditional soft-cushion design set on a robust wooden framework.

These best sofas for tall people come with three adjustable sitting arrangements and is ideal for any occasion.

With your family, you may either converse meaningfully or watch long-awaited live sports.

It’s perfect for city dwellers who don’t want their living area to be filled up. It also has low upkeep demands because linen upholstery cleaning is simple.

7. Sterling Best Sofa for Tall Man

best sofas for tall people in 2022

Consider this Sterling Home statement piece if you’re searching for a sofa with an understated style.

The seat and back cushions are embellished with rows of buttoned tufts, complemented with blue velvet.

The soft cushions and balanced lean of this sofa make it ideal for comfort. It is made up of classic navy-blue fabric that complements today’s home décor effortlessly.

Furthermore, it has stainless steel legs that go well with the plush seating. To complete the set, you may also get a matching chair, bench, and ottoman from the same manufacturer.

Buying Guide – Best Sofas For Tall People

It is not easy to find a comfy sofa for tall people since everybody has various requirements when it comes to sitting. When you decide to purchase the sofa for tall people, consider three primary factors described below.

Height of Sofa’s Back

Your preferences and your height determine the position of the back of the sofa. The comfiest sofa has a back size of 25 to 30. A higher rear elevation is suitable for taller individuals.

Shorter individuals, on the other hand, may dislike a high back and prefer a conventional height. The ceiling height can also determine the back elevation of your sofa.

A low-profile sofa will look great in any home if you have standard 9-11′ ceilings. Choose a high-profile sofa for greater ceiling heights.

Depth of Sofa’s Seat

It’s vital to take into account seat depth since your height can impact how comfortable you are. You should be able to sit comfortably without the need for a throw cushion for depth.

The sofa should support your legs, and your feet should touch the floor. A tall person may benefit from a seat depth of 25-27 inches.

Some people like to use pillows when sitting upright, so it’s a matter of personal preference as to which position offers the most comfortable seat depth.

Height of Sofa

Tall people may feel as if they are squatting rather than sitting on a sofa too low for their height. As a result, seat height is significant when it comes to the most comfortable couch.

Modern, pleasant couches have a variety of seat heights. However, the typical range is between 15 and 20 inches.

The foam seat cushions might sink inside if you have a built-in soft cushion. You may slip into a soft seat cushion. Remember that the more profound the seat depth, the lower the seat height and vice versa.


What is the best height for a sofa?

Sofas provide a pleasant resting area for everyone. The most frequent seat height is 15-19 inches from floor to cushion top. That implies that the seat height should cater to people of all sizes.

What is the ideal depth for a sofa?

A sofa seat depth of 21 to 24 inches is typical, although there are a variety of alternatives outside of that range. If you want to sit upright on your sofa, pick a shorter seat depth.

What size is considered standard for a sofa?

A standard size sofa, often called a three-seater sofa, measures 90x38x34 inches. However, this varies by brand.

What is the best back height for a sofa?

A sofa’s back rest should be about 12 – 16 inches higher than the seat. This height is more comfortable for your lower back without putting unnecessary pressure on them.

Also, with this range, it doesn’t force you to hunch over when seated upright thanks to its height.

How tall is a typical couch?

The average sofa seat measures 17-18″ high. In order to determine the suitable seat height, also keep in mind how much you’re going to settle into the couch once you sit. A great rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the deeper the sofa, the lower the seat needs to be.


Best sofas for tall people. Based on our extensive testing, we’ve compiled a list of the top-rated sofas that will fit any space and budget. We hope this article has assisted you in finding the ideal sofa for tall people.

Whether it’s a new couch or an old one that needs to be replaced, we’ve attached our list of top-rated sofas to fit every type of area and price range. Good luck with your choice!

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