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Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Earwigs

Essential oils to get rid of earwigs. Earwigs are an occasional pest at best, though they may give the impression of being quite imposing due to the nature of their distinctive appearance.

Earwigs should be approached in a non-confrontational manner whenever possible. A relatively easy and often effective method for safely removing earwigs is administering controlled doses of pesticides. S

uppose you prefer not to utilize this method. In that case, numerous home remedies are alternately successful when repelling them away from your premises.

Perhaps due in part to their essential oils™ long-lasting efficacy. In fact, in addition to treating earwig infestations, many of these versatile oils help repel ants and termites.

Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Earwigs

oils to get rid of earwigs

Here are 7 essential oils that you can use to get rid of earwigs at home:

  1. Lavender Essential Oil
  2. Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  3. Rosemary Essential Oil
  4. Cinnamon Essential Oil
  5. Basil Essential Oil
  6. Peppermint Essential Oil
  7. Clove Essential Oil

However, if you choose the wrong type of oil, the earwigs will still be there. Do many people make mistakes in selecting the right oil?

They think that buying fragrance oils that are cheaply made is not a harmful thing, and they believe it’s just as good as natural products. But they have no idea that they could make their plants and flowers sick.

Fragrance oils are made from essential oils diluted with synthetic additives and chemicals, so they don’t smell as strong or fresh as essential oils. In contrast, essential oils are pure concentrated plants and flower extract, making them thick and potent than fragrance oils.

If you want to get rid of earwigs, you should buy 100% pure essential oil for your plants and flowers without any side effects to yourself or your home.

How To Use Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Earwigs?

Earwigs are a common household pest known to invade most house areas. A big concern is that they cause harm if they manage to bite you, as they carry a parasite called Leukocytozoon.

Which causes ‘sleeping sickness in humans. Where can earwig problems start? It all depends on their hiding spots.

Earwigs generally hide in the dark, moist areas such as ground levels and basements of homes, so it pays to keep these places clear of clutter and food for bugs.

Focus cleaning around sinks, bathrooms, inside cabinets, under sinks, and even under your refrigerator!

Nighttime sightings can be found on window sills (to escape predators), behind doors, or inside closets – simply because of their quest for food!

Once you know where earwigs are likely to hide, keeping them sprayed with an essential oil solution becomes easy – spread discreetly in corners of your floors and other hidden parts of the home at night while bedding down to ensure their demise.

How to make an essential oil spray with water?

Mix 1/4 cup of water with 10-15 drops of eucalyptus essential oil to create a potent liquid spray that wards away earwigs. Grab only the freshest ingredients when mixing up this repellent.

Let your concoction sit for 24 hours at room temperature before using it to keep it practical.

Spray your homemade earwig control mix around the most likely places the critters might be lurking, including any cracks or holes in your house and into dark corners or open closets.

Remember: arwigs are nocturnal creatures who like to eat at night, so spraying some eucalyptus insect repellent in your home during the day can also help stop them before they become a pest.


Essential oils to get rid of earwigs. There are many ways to keep pests out of your home, but some methods seem to be more effective than others. The firm, pungent smell of cold condensed essential oils has been found to repel earwigs. Essential oils are also beneficial in repelling many other insects like silverfish and roaches. However, nothing beats the old-fashioned way for pests such as termites and bed bugs: sealing all your doors and windows.

Always remember that essential oils are pest repellents, not pest killers. There are ways to use essential oils like Double-Down Tobacco Leaf Oil or Snail Odor Eliminator with Ylang, which has been said to help eliminate these pests, but it would be best to find an expert; it is always recommended to leave extermination work strictly up to the professionals.

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