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GE Oven Wont Heat Up

GE oven wont heat up. Oven malfunctions can come into play when you’re least expecting it, which is especially frustrating if you’ve gone to prepare a meal because you and your family are hungry.

When it comes specifically to oven malfunctions regarding not heating up, there could be several reasons for the problem ranging from a burned-out bake element to a blown thermal fuse.

GE offers an appliance troubleshooting site, which will walk you through the process of determining the specific cause of your oven’s failure.

GE Oven Wont Heat Up

 ge oven wont heat up 2022 guide

We will discuss here the reasons for not heating the Ge Oven.

Faulty Igniter

When a gas oven doesn’t heat up, it might be due to the failure of its igniter, which has recently begun failing in some GE freestanding models.

These components must generate enough horsepower to open the valve, allowing fuel to flow and producing a spark that lights the gas fire.

The oven won’t heat up if it can’t perform one or both of those tasks. To find out whether or not the igniter is generating enough power to open up the valves.

You need only check for continuity with a multimeter by testing for continuity between each end of the igniter bridge clip (black) and one lead from each wire on its coil terminals (white and red). If this test doesn’t show continuity, there’s probably something wrong with your igniter.

Thermal Oven Fuse Blown

A thermal fuse is a device that protects the oven from damage due to excess heat by cutting off the flow of energy in case something goes wrong.

There are some cases when the thermal fuse will blow. Firstly, if there’s not enough energy flowing into it – for example, due to normal wear and tear

Secondly, if the door latch assembly fails; and thirdly, if there is an overload of too much energy beyond its capacity at one time.

To confirm that you need a new device, you will have to test the current one with a multimeter which should show no continuity in case it’s blown. Once you notice that your thermal fuse is broken – replace it!

Faulty Control Board

The oven control board receives the power from the line of contacts back behind the circuit breaker panel and passes it on to the heating components using this line.

The voltage is turned off when you turn off the power switch. When there is a malfunction with the function of either one or all three baking circuits, possible causes range from a defective oven control board to faulty wiring inside the oven’s cavity. If replacing components doesn’t fix the problem, replace your oven’s control board first.


Why isn’t my GE electric oven heating up?

When the electric oven in your GE electric range is not heating, ensure the problem isn’t with the oven control board.

The control board works with the oven sensor to maintain a predetermined temperature. If either component malfunctions, your range’s temperature may become unruly.

On a GE oven, where is the temperature sensor located?

The oven temperature sensor is usually located at the back of your oven directly beneath the interior light and is designed to detect the heat inside your oven.

The oven temperature sensor communicates with your electronic control, which then adjusts as necessary to create the correct temperature inside your appliance.


When it comes to oven malfunctions, it’s important to be able to troubleshoot the problem so you can get back to cooking as soon as possible. GE offers a comprehensive guide to troubleshooting your oven, and we hope this has been helpful for you.

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