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Common NYC Apartment Bugs

Common nyc apartment bugs. Many bugs can infest homes and apartments midst major cities, and New York City is no exception.

In this guide, you’ll find the most common NYC apartment bugs that bug the living daylights of New Yorkers while they’re trying to live their daily lives daily.

Some of the bugs on the list carry infestation risks, bacterial diseases, or skin irritations. But not all of them mean harm to your health as some are just nuisances and cannot do harm but make you feel uncomfortable or itchy.

You’ll also find some actionable tips on protecting your NYC apartment from a pesky bug invasion so you can enjoy living in comfort without worry!

So if you’re a New York City resident or look forward to moving there soon, this guide will help you avoid being bugged out by these annoying pests.

Common NYC Apartment Bugs

Cockroach and rat infestations are fairly common in New York City. Although there’s no way to eliminate these critters from your home, you can work to minimize the likelihood of an infestation by avoiding housing located near public parks or known to have pest problems.

You can also ask your landlord about their pest control strategies and ensure compliance with local laws.

1. Bed Bugs

baby bed bugs at home

The most popular city in the United States for bed bugs in New York City. It’s even among the top 10 cities in the country with a high number of cases.

Such a massive spike in bed bug infestation in New York City is its extremely diverse population, but there are many other reasons too.

Most homeowners either try to cut costs by using ineffective methods to detect bed bugs or take no action.

Often it’s the people moving from place to place who spread these pests from one apartment to another (and you can usually find out how because their mattresses are filled with bed bugs!).

Bed bugs are efficient hitchhikers, and they’re especially dangerous in large cities like New York. If there’s an infestation in one place, they can quickly spread into adjacent flats.

The best way to care for a bedbug problem is to call pest control professionals like Bug Busters and leave the rest to experts who know exactly how to eradicate the pests quickly without damaging your property or belongings.

2. Fleas

fleas bugs

Fleas suck the blood of pets, but they also bite the owner of your pet. When they bite you, they move to places like your bed where you sleep.

You can usually find fleas in soft furnishings like sofa, beds, and couch if family members have pets because pets carry the fleas with them, and wherever your pet goes, so will the fleas.

If your pet has a flea problem, it’s pretty common to find both bed bugs and fleas on soft furnishings. To know more, check out our post on how to take care of fleas in your home.

Which contains steps you can take to get rid of these blood-thirsty insects from infesting your favorite place to spend time – especially when you’ve taken time off from work!

This way, you won’t be leaving all of that time for the fleas to eat their fill.

3. Biting Mosquitoes

mosquitoes bugs

A few years ago, a mosquito-free season was almost laughable. Mosquito season lasted around six months, and they were abundant in the summer months only.

Who’d have thought that mosquitoes buzzing around in warm summer air would soon take over homes through the winter? Sure enough, it’s a problem today.

Experts add that the sewer lines under city streets are breeding grounds for mosquitoes which thrive in moist areas and breed in standing water.

In more recent years, employing pesticides and spraying larvicide for mosquitoes seems to have become less effective.

This has resulted in a sharp rise of insects plaguing New Yorkers all year long – even in winter when it’s below freezing outside.

4. Cockroaches


Cockroaches are almost always found in homes, but in New York City, there is a larger cockroach infestation than elsewhere in the United States.

This might be due to the city’s high rate of humidity and heat in recent years – ideal conditions for roaches to breed fast.

Mix that with all the fast food we consume here in NYC and all the crumbs we leave behind regularly, and you’ve got a perfect storm for an increase in cockroaches.

So it’s extra important to make sure your home is protected from these pests before they get out of control.

Roach infestations can quickly multiply, so it’s best to hire a pest control service rather than try to do it yourself.

5. Beetles

ground beetles

Three kinds of beetles are common in New York apartments-carpet beetles, spider beetles, and flour beetles. Carpet beetles cause damage to fabrics made of animal products.

So, carpet beetles love woolen carpets and rugs, expensive clothes made of silk, fur, leather, and even leather shoes. Carpet beetles are mostly black or brown with some white spots on them.

Carpet beetle larvae are small like adult beetles but solid-colored without any spots or stripes. They destroy stuff to feed on fabrics and whatever is left once the fabric has been eaten, such as dust bunnies.

After the eggs hatch, these larvae begin to feed on carpets and other materials, creating tiny holes. Unlike carpet beetles, flour beetles are pantry pests that eat cereal, grains, and spices in the kitchen.

The wingless insects have brown shells with a white-tipped abdomen; avoid storing food products near their infested packaging. Spider beetles resemble spiders with their large joints but lack waist divisions and smaller heads than their bodies.

They also like woodwork and textiles, making it important not to leave any food packaging damaged by carpet or flour beetles where they can feast, and be especially careful about what you buy if you suspect your food is part of an infestation.

6. Mice and Rats

Even though they’re not bugs, mice and rats are considered part of the standard New York apartment bug list.

Because they are a part of almost all of the typical dangers that come with living in an apartment in New York, it’s necessary to search for reliable ways to get rid of them.

Many rodent pathogens carry illnesses that can do some harm at any time if you happen to be infected by them. To insult injury, mice and rats eat human food by invading pantries and kitchens inside your home or apartment.

That’s how they spread dangerous diseases around as well! And don’t forget about them fleeing into closets, drawers, and wardrobes, which could destroy your belongings.


Common nyc apartment bugs. There are common NYC apartment bugs every resident should be aware of. One needs to be smart to avoid an infestation on their own successfully, or else one will have no recourse but to spend money on seeking the help of a reliable pest control company that offers extensive services, such as not only curing the present infestation but also giving advice about how to prevent similar situations from recurring. You can also use this concise guide as a go-to reference guide to recognizing any NYC apartment bug in a split second if you ever come across it.

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