Best shoe after calcaneal fracture

Best shoe after calcaneal fracture. When you suffer a foot injury like a calcaneal fracture, you need to wear the right shoes. It might not seem like a big deal.

But it is critically important to ensure that you choose the right shoes because this will affect how well your foot heals.

Shoe materials after calcaneal fracture can be leather, textile, or synthetic materials. Some doctors may recommend correction with a slight lift to an Orthopedic shoe store for the patient with a calcaneal fracture.

Finding the right kind of shoe to support your ankle is vital after an injury. To ensure proper healing and reduced likelihood of injury, we recommend a quality shoe that will prevent excessive weight/pressure on specific areas at all times.

There are several different hiking and walking shoes (and other kinds of cushioned shoes) that can help support your foot while it’s healing, but this article will focus on the best shoe after calcaneal fracture.

7 Best shoe after calcaneal fracture

1. United Ortho Best Shoes to Wear After Broken Heel

best shoes to wear after broken heel

The black United Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot is perfect for those who need to be on the go with a wrap-around design.

Wear these boots with complete confidence in their stability and traction anywhere your day may take you.

These boots are fancy-looking and feature a cushioned insole for added comfort! The rubber sole pads provide stability and traction on slippery surfaces.

It has a universal size that adjusts accordingly to fit the right or left foot.

If you are applying in person, you should use our interactive sizing chart, which allows you to choose your gender and see what fit is best for you.

These best shoe after calcaneal fracture can help you go all day long, which may result in less fatigue and no more aching feet. Their carefully crafted design allows for truly custom compression.

So they can give your foot the support it needs while also encouraging comfort, making them an excellent option if you aren’t interested in hurting during your workday anymore!

Finally, you don’t have to be worried about foot pain or injury again with these sturdy, lightweight shoes for fractured feet.

Feet don’t need much protection when wearing these best shoes after calcaneal fracture when doing various activities like walking around or running errands.

Sturdy reinforced plastic shell and uprights allow it to support and protect the user’s foot even when they’re constantly standing or on their feet for long hours of use!

2. Superior Best Shoes to Immobilize the Affected Bone

best shoes to immobilize the affected bone

The Superior Braces are the perfect solution to give any runner, walker, or just anyone who requires some extra support in place of an injury.

These low-profile air pump devices work by activating the calf muscles on each stride taken while wearing them to improve the stability of joints during any activity that may put a lot of stress on these areas, such as walking or running.

This best shoe after calcaneal fracture also offers medial arch protection using an EVA Foam footbed and heel stabilizer pod system, which will prevent overpronation of your feet.

The shoe size varies depending on whether you’re a male or female.

The types of shoes that are available differ depending on whether you’re left-footed or right-footed, as well as the specific sizes between 7.5-10 for males and 8.5-11.5 for females.

The Low-Profile best shoe after calcaneal fracture is a perfect product for when your toe or foot is no longer as perky as it used to be!

It creates an excellent cast configuration that cushions and protects the foot, ankle, and toes. You can no longer ignore those aches and pains in your heel, which will instantly alleviate the pain.

3. Aircast AirSelect Best Boot for Heel Fracture

best boot for heel fracture

The Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Walking Boot is a boot that provides the comfort and support needed for cases of plantar fasciitis.

The boot structure is created with a rubber sole, a fabric top, and a plastic frame attached to the body.

The rubber inside this best shoe after calcaneal fracture offers better traction, so you will get a good grip and move with a more effortless stride.

The semi-rigid shell creates a protective shield around your leg that keeps your leg wholly protected. The soft strike technology makes the boot shock absorbent and resistant against jumps.

The rocker traction of this boot increases its versatility. It’s also lightweight, so your mobility will be enhanced with no sacrifice to endurance.

The footbed in this best shoe after calcaneal fracture is adjustable using a pump that allows you to control the level of comfort you need while considering any food sensitivities.

If you are experiencing a fractured heel, getting the Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Walking Boot is the best action. It allows for calcaneal fracture healing support that protects against the pain and for bone alignment as well.

4. BraceAbility Best Footwear after Calcaneal Fracture

best footwear after calcaneal fracture

The BraceAbility short fracture recovery boot is a lightweight, and portable design ideal for use after patients have an injury on their toe, foot, or ankle.

It comes with streamlined toes and heel construction that promote a better fit while walking.

Its simple design allows people to get into the boot quickly without the complication of crutches or large protective equipment.

This best shoe after calcaneal fracture is secured using a three-strap system with Velcro, making it comfortable and secure.

Rocky treads at the bottom of this boot make it easier to walk in and give you a safer experience while outside.

Soft pads on the inside of this best shoe after calcaneal fracture reduce shock and make walking even more comfortable than ever.

Lastly, the footbed of this best shoe after calcaneal fracture is designed wide for flexibility. This serves a two-fold purpose: firstly, because swelling or bandaging might be necessary as the condition of your feet changes.

Secondly, to provide extra comfort so that you don’t get unwanted pain and discomfort while wearing them.

5. ExoArmor Best Shoe to Wear After Surgery

best shoe to wear after surgery

The ExoArmor Ultralight is a genius medical device that will make all the difference to anyone looking to help treat or recover from a broken foot.

The boot  itself of this best shoe after calcaneal fracture weighs only 1 pound, making it an incredibly lightweight option that is unlikely to cause any further discomfort as you nurse your way back to 100%.

Its durable build ensures protection and is kind to sensitive areas on foot during recovery.

In addition, it doesn’t slip or slide while being worn since it has a self-adhesive back that keeps it comfortably in place on the leg.

Additionally, this best shoe after calcaneal fracture is equipped with a unique cushioned sole.

The sole contains pressurized air that, when released, dissipates the shock of the landing while flexing to adapt the stressed and compressed foot resulting in a significant reduction of pain.

The outsole is slip-resistant because it has two different tread patterns that cause friction with the ground. It’s also curved in such a way that allows your foot to move naturally without being forced to walk a certain way.

6. ProCare Best Shoes for Heel Pain

best shoes for heel pain

The unique and high-quality design of the ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe allows you to keep your feet ventilated by keeping them dry.

And because they are made in a square form, they have extra space to let your dressing be well cushioned. Yes, this means you have left and right shoes – one for each foot.

This best shoe after calcaneal fracture provides the benefits of a more structured rocker traction sole that helps those who pronate naturally.

It is designed to be comfortable while providing better flexibility and natural movement.

This best shoe after calcaneal fracture helps heal more quickly, offering a stable and secure fit around your foot. The shoe features ankle straps to keep your foot in the correct position for healing.

Additionally, this best shoe after calcaneal fracture is designed engagingly so that you can aid in keeping up with your stylish appearance goals, even while injured!

7. Mars Best Heel Cups for Heel Pain

best shoe after calcaneal fracture in 2022

If you’ve recently had foot surgery or injury and need to walk on it for the first time post-op, this shoe is made for you.

The square toe design provides extra stability preventing your feet from rolling inwards as you might experience with other shoes. It also allows you to take short walks without any pain.

The walking shoes should also have an orthopedic insert pad that adds additional cushioning.

Even people with problems such as tendonitis or arthritis can enjoy the pain-free benefits of the usual walk around the neighborhood.

Made for all kinds of feet, these lace-up boots look great and feel even better. The easy-to-adjust ankle strap gives you the option to loosen or tighten them as desired while also acting as a fail-safe against heel slippage.

This best shoe after calcaneal fracture features a rigid rocker sole that provides stability and traction. The design helps to alleviate pressure points on your feet so that you can walk comfortably for more extended periods throughout the day.

Lastly, these best shoe after calcaneal fracture are designed to reinforce rocker bottom for increased durability and reduced foot fatigue during long working hours.

The rubber soles of this best shoe after calcaneal fracture also ensure you have firm footing and grip to prevent slips or falls from slippery surfaces like wet floors.


When can I walk after calcaneus surgery?

After your surgery, you will be non-weight bearing for the first eight weeks while in a walking boot. You will be given crutches after surgery (or, if you prefer, you may bring your own).

After eight weeks, you may begin fully walking on the foot.

Can you run after a calcaneus fracture?

Furthermore, we ought not to overestimate how long it takes for calcaneal stress to return to running. Usually, a six-week boot break followed by a slow and progressive return to walking and then running is recommended.

However, the recovery may take up to 6 months generally.

What not to wear for a calcaneal fracture?

If you have injured your heel, it’s best not to wear rigid shoes in the area around the heel because they won’t do you any good if they don’t fit right!


Best shoe after calcaneal fracture. We hope you enjoyed our article about the best shoes after a fracture of the heel bone. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your recovery and get back to your normal activities with ease after a heel bone fracture.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you follow our tips for choosing the best shoes for your rupture and that you talk to your doctor about when you can start exercising again. Thank you for reading; we are always excited when one of our posts can provide helpful information on a topic like this!

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