Best Snowblower For Heavy Wet Snow

Best snowblower for heavy wet snow. In places that get quite a bit of snowfall, it’s important to have a snowblower.

They can make the task of removing snow easier on you and especially if you’re having a hard time moving large amounts of wet snow.

To help you find the one that fits best for your needs, we’ve included ten reviews at the bottom of this article!

We’ll take an in-depth look so you know what kind suits your needs with each product’s pros and cons. If you should come across any terms that are unfamiliar or need further explanation.

We’ve got a quick buyer’s guide included at the end where we’ll provide more details about the products and their vital components.

So whether you’re researching online or using our paper version, you’ll have all of the information provided directly!

6 Best Snowblower For Heavy Wet Snow

1. Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Blower

briggs & stratton dual-stage snow blower

A light snow that sticks to the grass will be blown clean by top pick, the Briggs and Stratton S1227 Snow Blower.

With a 250 cc engine and 11.5 ft/lbs of torque, this model can clear a 27-in wide path with its 12 inch steel auger blades and 20 inch intake capacity.

It features five forward speeds and two reverse speeds for maximum control and comfort while you are working.

Free hand control allows you to operate the controls with one hand while you guide the machine with the other so your movement is not hindered in any way, making it great for lawns where there is a lot of surrounding landscaping.

It also has an electric start for added convenience. The auger drive mechanism is undoubtedly the most outstanding function on this device.

An especially wear resistant and convenient feature due to it’s rubber-edged design which aids in propelling snow by pushing the device forward swiftly.

The engine has been made for hard winter use; due to this, the gadget will do much of your work like clearing snow down your pavement or out back.

The handle of this best snowblower for heavy wet snow is designed primarily to assist you by allowing you to shift the direction it shoots ice with ease.

With a simple squeeze of a chute attached handle, one can also vary the height and distance over which ice can be flung.

2. YARDMAX Two-Stage Snow Blower

yardmax two-stage snow blower

The Yardmax YB5765 is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a snowblower. One of the reasons why we like this offering is.

Since it’s very easy to use which means you can put it to work right away and that too with ease even though you might be tired after getting over a storm.

We also appreciate how reliable this particular model happens to be and comparatively speaking, the numbers don’t lie in terms of what type of performance you’re going to get versus other items in this class.

For example, we think the 6.5 horsepower on offer is more than most people would need unless they’ve got much more property or have a large family.

The Yardmax 2485 is an inexpensive, yet powerful choice for homeowners who need power in order to get their jobs done.

This model can spit out aeration at up to 170 mph while its five distinct speed settings help it get the job done faster over bigger or smaller areas as needed. Steel augers and an ax-shaped casing make it able to handle snow, ice and compacted layers without having to work too hard.

Overall, this best snowblower for heavy wet snow has some great features for those looking for something that’s more affordable, functional and easy-to-use.

One drawback of this model is that it can be a bit difficult to assemble at first especially if you’re not used to working with tools.

3. Snow Joe iON Series Snow Blower

snow joe ion series snow blower

The Snow Joe is a powerful but lightweight snow removal device used to remove unwanted snow from one’s property with little effort or time expenditure.

At 30 pounds, it’s easy to transport, allowing you to move it out of the way for other tasks after completion.

The most important aspect of this unique snow blower/scraper is that it has a lithium battery, which allows you to get through large areas covered in snow at high speeds with very little downtime or recharge time needed.

It even works quietly, which makes it possible for you to clear snow without disturbing others around your home who are sleeping or trying to organize outside activities.

Moreover, this outdoor equipment products are reliable tools for clearing away many different types of surfaces: driveways (up to 20 feet wide), sidewalks, decks and pool areas.

This best snowblower for heavy wet snow is indeed a useful cordless device that will clear snow out of your way during the winter season so you can enjoy your back deck in the summer!

Whether it’s falling snow or exposure to UV sun rays that’s causing damage to your deck, you won’t want to go out of your way by resorting to manual means such as shovels or rakes; instead try this all-in-one cordless product that efficiently takes care of the dirty work!

4. PowerSmart Snow Blower

powersmart snow blower

This powerful snow blower has a 212cc engine that is able to battle through even the heaviest accumulation of snow in one sweeping motion.

This feature frees up time to do other things such as feed your pet iguana, which are a little tricky when it comes to food choices and require careful attention!

The six forward and two reverse speed settings make this fun to operate without getting bored and its functional chute rotation adds an element of excitement during each operation because no two snow clearing jobs are quite the same!

Get out there and bring winter on with this bad boy! The device comes with wheels that are inflatable to enable it for faster travel with less effort.

In addition, it has metal skid shoes which are adjustable, along with a push button for electric start. The tires give it the ability to pass through snow easily in spite of its light weight.

It’s durability and reliable quality make it the perfect choice whether your journey is on slippery terrain or you happen to be hiking in wilderness areas where it snows consistently.

For those looking to make their lives easier while they venture into snowy lands – this product will bring you back much more money than you’ve invested in because of its various uses and beneficial qualities!

5. Husqvarna Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower

husqvarna two-stage gas snow blower

The Husqvarna ST224P gas-powered snow blower is designed to make removing heavy, wet snow easy. It features a powerful 208cc engine capable of producing 9.6 ft/lbs. of torque so it can handle even tough jobs.

This snow blower cuts a 24-inch path and uses 12-inch steel auger for effective removal, and has a remote control chute rotator that makes it easy to point where you want the snow to go.

This best snowblower for heavy wet snow is self-propelled to reduce the effort required to maneuver over sidewalk and driveways, and also comes with power-operated turning so it’s easier when making those hard turns on corners or in tight spaces.

Also featured are heated handles, LED headlights and an electric start mechanism that means no more pulling on the string!

The Husqvarna ST224P Gas Snow Blower is an impressive machine, but it can be nearly impossible to start at times, even with the electric start, which needs to be connected to a house outlet.

This is the main drawback of this snow blower since you are typically stuck in your driveway unless you want to lug around an extension cord.

However, after having a few failures of the handle not deactivating at the end of the cycle, I was forced to combat these issues by using my own methods instead of all the helpful features that are advertised on this product directly from Husqvarna’s.

6. Poulan Two-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

best snowblower for heavy wet snow in 2022

Poulan Pro PR241 Electric Start Snow Blower is a product from the well-known brand Poulan. The snow blower comes with an electric start feature which allows easy maneuvering even at the lowest temperatures.

This best snowblower for heavy wet snow engine will quite easily remove snow that is up to 6 inches deep and when needed, you can increase or decrease its speed.

A drive control feature allows diagonal operation for covering bigger areas; the remote chute rotation feature enables the direction of thrown snow to be controlled in different directions.

Several of the drawbacks we found with the Poulan Pro model were related to the included accessories. The 21”, 2.6 horsepower engine did very well and seemed to be pretty powerful.

We especially liked how the safety chains at both front and back prevented kickback, which seemed less than common on this model of chainsaw.

However, we felt that the most expensive accessory was not worth it because of its low-quality design and performance. In fact, during our safety check, we also discovered difficulties starting it up compared to other models.

Overall, we thought that this was a good product for its price point but there were some issues with the included headlight.


Do snowblowers work in wet heavy snow?

While single-stage snowblowers are better than not having any blower at all, they don’t do much to break down chunks of snow and ice.

They also aren’t ideal for wet snow, so take that into consideration when deciding what type of machine you’ll need for your driveway.

A single stage blower is also unable to handle gravel driveways. If it’s cold enough, then the rubber tires will make contact with the gravel surface if it’s static (not slushy), causing this variety of driveway to be unsuitable for a single stage model.

How many inches of snow before you use a snowblower?

Snowblowers work best on snow deeper than two inches, but they can effectively handle any depth of snow. Whether you’re removing snow from the driveway or the sidewalk.

It is vital that you understand what type of surface you’ll be clearing so as not to damage your machine. Additionally, winter weather conditions could impact when and where you choose to clear away your snow.


Best snowblower for heavy wet snow. When purchasing a snow blower one needs to consider several factors including the size of the plow, power source and speed. Factors important to consider when choosing from different types of snow blowers include power source, snow chute design and how much the machine costs.

We hope you have enjoyed reading over our reviews for the best brands of Snowblowers available this season and we really do hope that you find them useful for sorting out all these important factors so one can find the Snow Blower that’s perfect for their needs this winter.

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