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How To Hang Frameless Mirror

How to hang frameless mirror? Frameless mirrors are most frequently used in bathrooms, over top of bathroom vanities for people to see themselves while brushing their teeth, washing their face, or applying makeup.

They are also used in other home areas. They have a clean and straightforward style that works well with more conservative interior decor styles such as minimalist, contemporary, modern, and rustic.

If you’ve just bought a frameless mirror to use in your home and you want to know how to mount it on the wall without any frame surrounding the glass surface.

There are a few different options available depending on what type of mirror you own.

Did you know that you could easily hang a frameless mirror using clips? Clips are easy to work with, as they can be attached to either your wall or mirror surface.

More clips are out there than just regular old clips (which is marketed under the brand name Surehold), such as magnetic clips and spring-loaded clips (Sprigs).

The best option for you will depend on the size and weight of your mirror, your level of DIY skills, how you want your mirror to look, and the type of damage you’re willing to sustain on your wall (if any).

How To Hang Frameless Mirror

guide to hang frameless mirror

Place strips for drywall or plaster walls. Pick strips that are adhesive on 1 side and have Velcro on the other.

Remove 1 liner from 1 sticky side of each of your double-sided strips and attach them to your frame.

1. Clips

Hanging a frameless mirror with clips provides the stability you need to ensure your mirror stays safely in place and for longer.

Mirrors are often heavy, but our handy clips transform them into a light, hanging decoration that can be moved around at will without causing any damage.

However, if you want an extra piece of mind knowing that your mirror is entirely secure – purchase some additional clips!

You’ll be left with some visible markers on your wall when it’s time to take down the mirror, but don’t worry! These faint markings can only be seen when close, and they will disappear over time.

2. Adhesive

Hanging a mirror without the help of framing hardware or methods is easier said than done. You need to consider many things before construction even begins, especially once the drywall stage of construction has come into play.

If your goal is to hang a mirror without any assistance from professionals, then think long and hard about your decision beforehand because this method can result in significant damage to your wall if you happen to decide later that you changed your mind about where you want the mirror.

Stick with areas of the home which are flexible as far as their decor goes, like rooms with neutral décor or more contemporary interior design schemes.

3. Picture Hanging Strips

Using a variety of picture hangers like Command Strips or Velcro hangers to hang frameless mirrors or pictures is an effortless and straightforward task.

These kinds of hanging strips are ideal because they can be easily used and removed without causing any damage to walls, while they also cause no marks (or residue) on surfaces where they’ve been attached.

The best thing is that you have the freedom to place your mirror anywhere precisely how you want it; you don’t have to worry about making holes in the ceiling either!

What is the best place to hang a mirror?

Mirrors can provide your home with an abundance of stylish appeal as well as sophistication should you happen to be a true fan of Feng Shui.

If you’re having trouble visualizing where exactly to add one, consider putting them in these areas:

1. Entry

When you’re preparing to leave the house, you always want to make sure that you’re looking your best in front of a mirror.

Putting a rectangular mirror next to your front door will make sure it can’t be missed – and placing something on top of the mirror, like an ornamental table (as shown in our example), will bring extra value and style to this essential piece of décor.

2. Bedroom

Bedrooms are beautiful places to have mirrors, especially full-length ones.

You can also hang a mirror on your closet door bedroom door or lay a full-length mirror against the wall, and this way, it is an excellent location for trying on new clothes and shoes.

3. Bathroom

While many American homes have a mirror, few think to place another mirror in their bathroom, even on the top of their sink just below where they usually catch sight of themselves each morning.

You can also consider placing a wall mirror at a height where you might spot your reflection when shaving or putting on your makeup.

4. Fireplace

Hanging a mirror over the fireplace is just one of the most traditional home looks you can think of. It helps fireplaces make any room look cozier and more inviting, as well as reflective.

A mirror also helps rooms appear bigger than they are; for example, if you have a short hallway, it will give it the illusion of being longer; trust us, we’ve tried it.


How to hang frameless mirror. In this article, we’ve given you some great tips on how to hang a frameless mirror.

Be sure to take our advice and never place a mirror in your bathroom or other areas where there’s moisture or humidity as the finish will tarnish, and the glass surface can become foggy.

Also, make sure you don’t mount your mirror too close to a radiating heat source such as your furnace or water heater because it can cause problems like bubbling.

Which is when small areas of your wall start to rise due to expanding hot air.

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