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Killing A Cockroach Attracts More

Killing a cockroach attracts more. While there’s nothing better than a fresh kill, it turns out that you need to be careful with your recent victims because they can attract even more roaches!

Dead roaches emit oleic acid, a chemical that signals to other roaches that it’s safe and an easy meal. So while everyone is focused on killing the pest, they are misplacing their main objective: to get rid of the dead carcasses.

This guide will help you learn how to spot signs of infestation, assess how bad the problem might be, and inform you about how to dispose of dead roaches properly, so your home doesn’t attract more pests.

This guide will also tell you where cockroaches like to hide inside your home and what kinds of products are best for getting them out.

Killing A Cockroach Attracts More

why does killing a cockroach attracts more

When cockroaches die, their bodies will drip a fatty acid known as oleic acid.

When roaches are near death, they will emit another particular kind of pheromone to signal others to start consuming them, and sometimes even fight each other over the right to eat that delicious feast!

Scientists proved this theory by spraying some oleic acid (a fatty acid) onto live ants, and the other ants reacted by eating the treated ones immediately.

Similar experiments with dead cockroaches resulted in roaches wanting to eat their deceased brethren after smelling the pheromones emitted from those killed underneath human feet!

It’s pretty fascinating when you think about it; these behaviors we have learned prove how social cockroaches are; they’ll even kill one of their own if it’s necessary for survival.

Ways of Eliminating Cockroach Infestation In Your Home

  1. Seal Your Home’s Gaps And Cracks To Keep Roaches And Bugs Out.
  2. Cockroach baits can be placed near areas where cockroaches may hide.
  3. Roaches can be killed with boric acid traps.
  4. Use Roach Killing Insecticide Sprays to kill roaches.
  5. An exterminator can eliminate cockroach infestations.

How can you Stop A Dead Roach from Attract Other Roaches?

Disposing of dead roaches is crucial for keeping your home free from pests and getting rid of them for good.

One should never throw the greasy, smelly bodies over the sink or anywhere in their house, for that matter. Aside from leaving a pungent smell, this will also attract other roaches if you have any on hand nearby.

Burying them deep into the ground doesn’t work either since they are well known to come back to the surface once convenient.

The best way to ensure no more dead roaches then is by spreading their bodies outside. This way, you can remove most body odor and avoid any possible contamination within your property.

Placing bugs in areas with direct sunlight such as windowsills, window seals, and bottom sills are not recommended since this will cause them to dry out very quickly, so take several steps towards getting rid of dead bugs before they become a threat.

What causes adult roaches to eat their nymphs?

There are times when a group of cockroaches will turn on their kind and devour them alive. They will eat the babies, the young ones, or the mated cockroach who could not be able to escape due to having been injured in some way.

The various types of roaches out there naturally prefer different things to eat. Some cockroaches prefer cereal like Cheerios for breakfast, whereas others might want to wake up with a glass of orange juice or diet soda.

As you know though that these roaches love to eat their kind – it’s upon exceptional circumstances such as food sources becoming scarce that they feel compelled to feast on their nymphs or other adults!

With younger roaches being so helpless, they will become an easy meal for older, more developed roaches.


Killing a cockroach and not throwing away the dead body will undoubtedly attract more roaches to your home. In our guide, you’ve learned how they don’t want to lose their smell trail and why that happens when you clean up everything and believe nobody can sense them anymore. We will explain why it’s essential to be thorough when you manage the remains of those insects that you kill – because if there is any trace of their scent, they will rapidly return to their old stomping grounds! If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on getting rid of roaches in your home, don’t forget to check out our guide on cockroach infestation and its solution.

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