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How Do you Get Suction Cup to Stick to Tile Wall In the Shower

How do you get suction cup to stick to tile wall in the shower. The suction cup adheres well on a smooth, non-porous surface.  You have to be conscious as the tiniest pore or bump may cause the suction cup to come off.

The cup’s adhesive qualities are also disturbed by dampness, heat, and soap, even if you have a smooth surface as a result, you would be looking for solution to get suction cup to stick to tile.

Suction cup bath accessories are a lifesaver for individuals who are most concerned about home décor and don’t want to damage their lovely bathroom tiles. When it comes to drilling tile, there’s a good chance that the tile will be damaged.

If you know how to properly adhere a suction cup, you’ll discover that it’s a better option than screws and bolts. However, there are a few factors that can affect a suction cup’s adhesive property.

How Do you Get Suction Cup to Stick to Tile Wall In the Shower



Suction cups are wonderful for adding storage space in cramped places like bathrooms. They are also helpful if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall or use adhesives.

It would be best to keep in mind that the suction cups and the tiles should be clean; otherwise, the suction cup will not stick longer.

1. Clean the Tile

Suction cups will stick best to smooth, unblemished surfaces. Any impurities, such as minerals from hard water, soapy scum, or even droplets of water on the wall tile, reduce the ability of the suction cup to adhere.

Make sure to clean the required surface on which you want to put on the suction cup (tiles in our case); otherwise, washing the cup thoroughly would be in vain.

So, start with taking a dish wash liquid and sponge. Pour washing liquid on the sponge and scrub the tile gently and repeatedly for 2 minutes. Clean it out with clean water.

Now take a clean cloth and white vinegar, dip some fabric area in vinegar, and clean the tile with it. The vinegar will clean out the elements left. Let it dry for a couple of minutes.

2. Clean Cup’s Inner Surface

Rinse the interior of the suction cup with rubbing alcohol or methylated spirit to get rid of hidden dirt that may be hiding in the suction cup.

3. Clean the Suction Cup Outer Layer

This is a crucial stage in learning how to make suction cups adhere to tiles. Rinse your suction cups with warm water lathered with your favorite cleaning solution for another layer of assurance.

Dirt is easily cleaned using this method; even the most obscure remains are also removed. When you’re done, use a paper towel or a clean cloth to dry the cups.

Step 4 – Detailed Cleaning of Cup’s Underneath Layer

After that, fill a basin with warm water and rinse the undersides of each suction cup once again. Any surplus liquid should be removed if necessary.

It shouldn’t be cleaned using a soft cloth and no rubbing or drying is required this time since the little amount of moisture on the suction cup helps it to adhere to the tile.

Step 5 – Increase Suction Power

suction cup stick to the shower wall

Applying a little petroleum jelly to the surface before sticking the cup is one option. It should just be enough to cover the tile with an almost transparent layer.

If the surface is uneven, place a piece of tape on the wall before applying. The secret to avoiding this problem is to make sure there isn’t any space between the tape and the tile.

6. Properly Stick Suction Cup to the Surface

To attach the suction cup to a surface, first, make sure it’s clean and dry. After that, put the suction cup where you want it to adhere and press firmly for 20 seconds or longer.


If the pressure isn’t even throughout the cup, it may move or slide. Allow at least 24 hours for the cup to settle before immersing it in water or applying any weight on it.


I hope that this post has been helpful in determining how to attach a suction cup to a shower wall using tiles. This is an easy procedure that takes less than ten minutes!

If you follow the proper technique, a suction cup may adhere to the tile as if by magic. Keep in mind that the goal is, to begin with, a clean surface and a clean cup. Best wishes!

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