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Ice Maker Wont Stop Making Ice

Ice maker wont stop making ice. When it comes to your refrigerator and its cooling system, you might eventually expect that at some point.

Your fridge will develop problems with how it circulates cold air to cool various parts of the refrigerator and potentially other areas.

A shorted pump or a broken fan is not an uncommon issue facing refrigerators, and one should be able to take care of the issue quickly.

To prevent more serious problems, though, when this issue manifests, several potential culprits need to be eliminated as possibilities until only one is left as an option.

Because if you don’t take care of the problem fast, you may end up with a new problem on your hands (no pun intended) where for example your freezer is filled with ice!

Ice Maker Wont Stop Making Ice

ice maker wont stop making ice 2022 fix

We will discuss here the reasons for won’t stop the ice maker.

Change the Shut-Off Arm

Unfortunately, this may be the least likely of your three problems to be the issue. The shut-off arm is what switches the ice maker on and off as needed.

So it makes sense that this part would get a lot of play when it comes down to troubleshooting your ice maker.

If you turn this off and your ice maker keeps running, then it’s likely that this component will need replacing.

However, this requires minor disassembly of your appliance as you must push it into place before popping out several pieces from their alcoves before swapping in a new part.

Check the Water Valve

If the shut-off arm and wire clip are fine but ice is still created, the next possible issue is a broken water entry valve. If the water supply in your refrigerator has frozen, the ice will often appear rough or dull.

Look for a cracked or broken water valve, which resembles a little pipe with a handle. If you feel yours isn’t working properly, cut off the electricity and water before removing it.

Wrap towels around your inlet valve and carry them outdoors while you work on it. Your goal should be to unblock any ice that has formed inside the valve and repair any issues as soon as possible.

Change the Feeler Paddle

If your shut icing arm isn’t working and you’ve eliminated the possibility of sugar particles obstructing it, the issue is with your feeler.

When you switch on an ice maker, there should be a plastic paddle inside that stops creating ice after the bin is full, and the extra water should drain into your freezer.

If this feeler failed, it would continue to produce ice even after the full container, resulting in icicles spilling out of your fridge.

Unclip it and look underneath to determine whether there is a problem with the paddle. If it is lubricated or frozen, you can replace just that part without buying a new one!


Why is my ice maker overfilling?

If there is not enough water pressure, then the water shut-off valve will not close all the way when it shuts off. This means that water will continue to flow into your ice maker and overfill it, freezing it inside.

To fix this problem, look at your home’s (or building’s) water pressure: if there isn’t enough pressure, you may need to call a plumber or take another step.

Do ice makers use a lot of electricity?

An ice maker for a commercial business uses about 350 kilowatts of energy every month. If it costs $0.06 a kilowatt-hour, that would cost $21 or less, depending on how much the machine costs.

A machine like this in your house could make around 500 pounds of ice in 24 hours or less, depending on exactly what the model is and how efficient it is.


We hope that you were able to learn something from our blog and that you will be able to take care of your refrigerator when an issue presents itself. If you do, please share your findings on refrigerators and their cooling systems with others so they can benefit too!

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