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How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa

How to place a rug under a sectional sofa? Rugs are essential when it comes to bringing a room together.

The right size rug can anchor the furniture in your living room so that it looks and feels like a cohesive unit, while the wrong carpet can make your space look off-balance.

In general, rugs are used to define a living space, so determining where you want a rug about a sectional sofa will enhance what kinds of interior design elements your room or home has on offer.

How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa

different ways to place a rug under a sectional sofa

Here are some ways to place a rug under a sectional sofa:

All the Sofa Legs on the Rug

The first way to arrange your living room with a sectional and rug is to cover the entire area underneath the couch with an oval or round family area rug.

When placing furniture throughout the room, follow these rules: all feet of the sofa must sit right on top of the rug and not hang over any of its corners.

Also, make sure that any other furniture legs are either placed propped up on furniture coasters or hidden by accent rugs depending on what type of flooring you have.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t refer only to sofas either; it transfers into various living room decor styles! The result is a tidy, organized living space that is polished and cohesive, as shown in this example.

Only the Front Sofa Legs on the Rug

The second option is to partially place your rug under the sectional sofa with the front legs on the carpet and another part of the sofa off the rug.

This is a typical living room arrangement for smaller spaces as it allows you to include other furniture items, such as the coffee table on the rug.

Having the sofa partially sit on the rug will help frame your space and create a focal point by drawing your attention to other areas.

With these rugs placed under your sectional sofa, you can create an inviting seating arrangement for guests to enjoy.

Match the Rug with the Short-Side of Sectional

match the rug with the short-side of sectional

Another option is to line the area rug up with the shorter side of your sectional sofa. Creating a geometric effect will help balance out the room.

If you want to add some more fun and excitement to this space, consider placing your coffee table in the centre of this rug as a focal point for people to congregate around.

For your seating arrangement to feel a little more balanced, add an end table along the longer side of your sofa.

Typically we recommend an end table on either side of your couch, but if the chaise is longer than any other part of your sectional.

Then make sure you have one tucked nicely underneath it, ready for those who wish to snuggle up right next to you.

Room-Centered Rug Placement

When it comes to placing a rug in your living room, there are no actual rules per se. The more rugs you can have open at one time (provided they’re all coordinating with each other), the better!

Placing a rug in the centre of your seating area is perhaps the most popular option because it will give your floor space around the rug and all of the furniture that touches it a nice rounded look.

Exceptionally if the rest of the furniture in your room is rounded as well. If you have seating surrounding your coffee table instead, placing a rug right under that table is another excellent centre-based rug idea.

Go Asymmetrical or Diagonal

Creative and effective rug placement can help you flow from room to room in your home by creating a gradual transition.

An asymmetrical or diagonal position brings the room together, and this works for any open-concept space or focal points such as the living area/dining area combination.

The idea is to create a complementary flow marked by genuine interest rather than focus on one element.

Placing more extended features (pillows, rugs, throw blankets) at an angle ensures coherence within the ensemble of furnishings.

Round Rugs to Break Monotony

round rug

Rectangular rugs aren’t the only option for placing under your sectional sofa. Round rugs can be just as visually appealing with your couch to break up the monotony in a living room.

Place a circular rug in the centre of your sectional sofa to keep lines balanced and create a beautiful harmony, breaking boundaries and uniting smaller spaces like tables without needing a coffee table or television set.

Creating Visual Interest with a Centered Table

Make sure your rug is not overwhelmed by the presence of the sectional sofa. Sometimes even rectangular and circular carpets can get treated as a decorative items in a room since their size can add to the decor of that specific part of the room.

But again, it is essential to choose one that blends well with the rest of the furniture in the room and does not seem out of place by any means!


How to place a rug under a sectional sofa. When choosing a rug for your living room, it’s essential to ensure you choose one that anchors the space.

Although it doesn’t need to be bigger than your sofa or be the same shape, it should take up most of the floor area in front of your couch.

If you want to choose the correct size rug for a sectional sofa, make sure you measure your couch first.

You can then draw a scale floor plan with your sectional and experiment with different sizes and shapes of rugs to see what works best for your room.

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