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Dead Bed Bugs

Dead bed bugs. If you’re finding dead bugs, that could be a sigh of relief if they happen to be of the housefly or other inanimate type.

However, if they happen to be tiny and brown or reddish, we suggest taking care of your home right away because it’s a sign that bed bugs are present and may even be biting you!

Learn what steps to take on seeing their corpses below.

Dead Bed Bugs

dead bed bugs at home

If you’re finding dead bedbugs after having your home treated for bedbugs, don’t panic! Professional exterminators are trained to find bugs anywhere possible and treat them accordingly.

Unfortunately, it may be challenging to get rid of bedbugs entirely even after a thorough treatment. They’re discovered deep in the seams of a mattress or in other hidden nooks and crannies.

Consider confirming the infestation with another pest control technician before going mattress shopping again.

If you discover live bugs or even one dead one when there have been none before, inspect your luggage, especially if you have traveled lately.

Bedbugs could hitchhike a ride with you on your clothing. Even worse is if the bedbug is a female that has been laying eggs nearby, so be sure to notify an exterminator immediately.

Three basic steps to take if you’re finding dead bed bugs:

  1. Infested areas should be checked for signs of bed bugs.
  2. Clean the soft furnishings, including your bed mattress, with a steam cleaner.
  3. A pest controller can inspect your home for bed bugs.

Is it true that bed bugs play dead?

Bed bugs often kill themselves as a defense mechanism if they sense that their life is in danger.

On the other hand, spiders, who are very effective web spinners, are not very good predators when efficiently getting rid of bed bugs on your bed and in your home.

So if you spot one, please don’t kill it! Bed bugs like spiders cannot live outside the human environment (homes and hotel rooms).

Most predators in the outside world are not interested in finding or eating a bed bug unless they are carrying diseases.

How Do Dead Bed Bugs Look?

Dead bed bugs will appear pale after death compared to their natural hue. This is because the erythrocytes no longer inside the insect’s body had left behind their exoskeleton just before it died.

A recently-deceased bug will not appear pale and may lose some blood, but it likely isn’t fully drained of blood like most other deceased bugs are upon death.

Some bedbugs die with their abdomens facing upwards since they die on top of something, which makes this the only possible position for them to have for that to happen.

What are the signs of bed bug infestation?

Bites from bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are red and itchy. Bed bug bites come in three forms: 1) classic, 2) irregular dispersed, and 3) miscoded.

Classic bed bug bites follow an exposed trail, whereas irregular dispersed bites the arms and torso without a dependent pattern. Miscoded tidbits are consistently random on all parts of the body.

The easiest way to tell if you have a bed bug infestation is by going over your home with a magnifying glass and looking for discarded bed bug shells or dead bodies that look like bb-sized rice or something along those lines.

Find nothing but live bed bugs crawling around. You might ask family members if they’ve noticed any bites appearing that are otherwise unexplained or were unsure about whether when asked about claimed sightings.

As it’s common for people to blame unrelated sources such as mosquitos when they can’t identify what bit them even after scratching their skin raw.


Dead bed bugs. When crawling through your bedsheets, you might find odd circular bite marks on them which resemble the patterns left behind by bugs. The first thing you should do is identify whether this results from a home-wide bed bug infestation or post-treatment bites. You should contact a pest control expert right away in case of any doubts! Usually, the chances are high that it’s a bed bug infestation – especially if you’ve recently moved into a house where somebody was battling an infestation before. However, an inspection will show for sure.

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