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Do Ants Eat Termites

Do ants eat termites? Yes, ants do eat termites. And it might sound great to use ants for termite control, but unfortunately, they can never completely eradicate an infestation on their own.

They are good at doing their job – eating termites – and will help get rid of them in your house or commercial property, but you must understand that this is very difficult to do correctly.

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, we strongly urge against trying to use an ant colony to eliminate your entire termites from your home.

So that your place is squeaky clean because as appealing as bringing a colony into your home may be; there are many scientific reasons why this isn’t suggested.

Do Ants Eat Termites

ants eat termites

Yes! Ants try to kill and eat as many termites as possible to alleviate their hunger without sharing with anyone else.

They hope that they can conserve their food supply by killing off all opposing actors by keeping them on a stricter schedule.

However, it’s not easy for ants to kill and eat them. Although termites are a formidable opponent against ants on an individual level, they can be fought off by the sheer numbers of their enemies.

As many ants joining together could quickly overrun a single termite colony. This doesn’t make things any easier since termites are also great escapes and can often slip away from their predators through the cracks in the ground.

Even if a mound were to be broken somehow, invading the colony is still no walk in the park since they’ve made sure to secure their homes using mud and saliva, which helps give their mounds even more strength.

Is it Possible To Get Rid Of Termites With Ants?

No, you don’t want to. You think that unleashing some ants on a termite nest will remove termites from your home. The presence of both termites and ants is risky for yourself and the structure of your home.

It would be best to get rid of both ants and termites at once if you find that in any location within or around your home or property.

You know by now, neither can wipe out an entire colony solo – nor do they need to cause systems such as those in human contact can still contract infestation through less than careful handling of objects in contact with the contamination source.

So if you have either termites or ants in your home or are tracking any down on your property, make sure to avail yourself of a specialized exterminator so they may get rid of them right away.

Is it true that black ants eat termites?

Yes, black ants eat termites too. However, you won’t get rid of a termite infestation just by having black ants in your home.

One thing to keep in mind is that while black ants will eat some termites, they would still leave behind a large portion of the colony that hasn’t been touched yet.

Black ants are more significant and slower than their smaller counterparts making them less agile and unable to reach the nooks and crevices where their prey hides.

They can’t see heat or vibrations like other species. Therefore, they would be left without food after consuming only part of the infestation due to their inability to follow it deep into hidden areas, leaving the dry wood termites all safe from harm.

Do Ants Indicate Termites?

No, ants of any type, including black ants (carpenter ants), are not proof that you have termites. They can be attracted to a broken termite mound in your yard – but this wouldn’t be the only reason for their presence!

Ants can get into your home and yard without termites being present. Many insects make up an ant’s diet, not just one insect species. Termites help provide nutrients to certain types of ants.

But other insects also provide their value as food sources, making them just as important! When ants swarm around a particular source and gather food from it during certain parts of the year or whenever they need to because food is always available and plentiful.


Do ants eat termites. Ants eat and kill termites, and now we’ll explain why ants aren’t a good option for termite control. As we mentioned earlier, ants are not effective in wiping out entire colonies of destructive pests. A colony of termites may infest almost every part of the house except beneath the slab foundation. These nests are so extensive that no amount of work by ants can keep them cleaned out.

How would ants do so independently if they can’t get rid of the nests? Just like we mentioned earlier, they wouldn’t be able to, meaning the termites would come back soon after. So ant control is not an effective strategy when considering eradicating pesky bugs from your home or garden for good! For fast-acting results, you need an exterminator.

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