Best Varnish Remover For Wood

Best varnish remover for wood. Varnish remover is a safe product for those who want to restore their furniture. It doesn’t matter if you are stripping paint, varnish, or anything else.

It will work fine as long as you pick the suitable varnish remover. If you have a lot of objects that need restoration, then it might be wise to pick up a larger container of the product since they can come in many sizes.

The larger ones tend to carry a better price per gallon than those that are on the smaller side. Be aware that varnish removers can damage your skin, so wear proper gloves and wash your hands after using any available in regular stores.

To make purchasing more accessible for those looking for great solutions for repairs like this, we created this review article with all of the information necessary to help you find your perfect choice ahead of time.

8 Best Varnish Remover For Wood

1. Sunnyside Paint and Varnish Remover

sunnyside paint and varnish remover

Sunnyside’s brand of paint stripper is oodles safer than the stuff you can buy at any local hardware store. It’s non-flammable, so no worries about the house going up in flames if you have to deal with this after hours or on a rainy day.

This makes Sunnyside significantly safer than most of its competitors available on the market.

And although it might appear so at first, Sunnyside 65732A does not contain any methylene chloride or n-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), which are seen in petrochemical products like benzene and NMP.

Making sure that you take proper care when using it is essential. Still, you also want to consider an appropriate disposal practice because this product is full of concentrated chemicals that might get into the environment if left out in the trash or poured down a drainpipe.

In case it gets on your skin, don’t worry! It won’t hurt you unless accidentally swallowed or splashed into your eyes.

2. Citristrip Paint and Varnish Stripping Gel

citristrip paint and varnish stripping gel

For those who want to get the job done, you may wish to consider Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel.

This product works quickly to remove all kinds of paint and varnish from different surfaces, including wood, metal, and even masonry.

This best varnish remover for wood is a bit more expensive than other products today but also benefits from an efficient working formula that will last longer than most types.

For this reason, this item makes number 5 on our list of top choices if speed or removing power is what you desire!

This product contains no methylene chloride ingredients, which means it is safer for consumer use and has fewer fumes than competitors’ options.

There are many desirable features surrounding this product, making it efficient and safe for consumer use.

3. Dumond Advanced Paint Remover

dumond advanced paint remover

The Dumond Chemicals 3332 Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover is one of the best environmentally-friendly paint removers we’ve come across.

It works well, and it is free from many of the harsh chemicals commonly found in other paint removers like methylene chloride, which could be carcinogenic.

This best varnish remover for wood also claims to biodegrade within a few days once it touches the soil, which is good news for nature lovers and our planet!

However, there are a few flaws with this product. For example, the packaging can be pretty terrible. There are no safety mechanisms on the packaging, making disposal tricky.

We understand that it comes from an eco-friendly brand, but surely even green products need guidelines when stored?

And perhaps we should mention that the application process isn’t easy either – we had to do it outside because of all the fumes.

4. MotsenbockerLatex Paint Remover

motsenbockerlatex paint remover

If you have a small project, you might not want to buy a giant bottle of paint remover. Motsenbocker’s Latex Paint Remover is perfect for pickier jobs!

It can remove old and new latex paint and latex enamel from various surfaces such as walls, trim, molding, floors, wood, vinyl tile, laminate, metal brick, concrete, and vehicles.

This product is versatile yet cheap compared to similar ones on the market that work just as well when applied using the high-quality spray bottle, allowing multiple angles and even shapes.

While this best varnish remover for wood contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it’s almost half the regulated VOC limit per the manufacturer.

The last thing we want is our newly renovated room covered in harmful fumes or chemicals, so this brand will be sure to remove the old paint without causing any damage to the surface below.

5. MAX Strip Paint and Varnish Stripper

max strip paint and varnish stripper

If you’re looking for a quality paint remover that is both effective and budget-friendly, try Motsenbocker’s Latex Paint Remover for your next project.

This product removes latex paint and enamel from surfaces like walls, molding, trim, and floors. With Motsenbocker’s Latex Paint Remover, you can stop masking off feet or making huge areas that need cleanup beforehand.

Despite its power to remove paint easily, it won’t cause any damage to the surfaces below, so there are no worries about product safety or having to sand down afterward.

While this product contains volatile organic compounds (VOC), it’s one of the lowest regulated levels per the manufacturer, which means that consumers do not need to go through any extra precautions when using it!

Made by a trusted brand name in cleaning supplies, this paint remover is a must-have for latex paint projects.

6. Sunnyside 2-Minute Remover

sunnyside 2-minute remover

Sunnyside Paint and Varnish Remover are fast-acting and can be applied in mere minutes.

It can resolve several layers or coats of paint or varnish and deal with color that’s been spattered on textured surfaces.

It’s particularly adept at removing paint from nooks and crannies. If you have a challenging task ahead of you, you may need the Sunnyside Paint and Varnish Remover to apply multiple times for complete resolution.

Still, you will have desired results accomplished within minutes for most jobs.

7. Krud Kutter Latex Paint Remover

krud kutter latex paint remover

Latex paints have become very common in residential painting. If there are drips or you need to remove multiple layers, Krud Kutter will help you get a clean finish.

This best varnish remover for wood can be used on soft and hard surfaces, like brick and floors. On the other hand, it can remove paint from carpets and any hardcover.

The spray bottle makes it convenient to use. Just spray on the latex residue, let sit for a few moments and then wipe away with soap and water.

While there’s an odor, it is biodegradable and low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

8. Rust-Oleum Aircraft Remover

best varnish remover for wood in 2022

This paint remover product from Rust-Oleum is ideal for removing all sorts of finishes, including paint, acrylic, lacquer, epoxy, and polyurethane, from metal surfaces without corrosion or damage.

That makes it particularly well suited for removing automotive stains from your car, truck, or any other surface where you find this material.

This best varnish remover for wood will take up to 45 minutes to work, and using it on fiberglass or plastic will cause the finishing job to fail.

Since this is a gel instead of a liquid, you won’t have to worry about drips or the product straying outside its intended application spot.

Use this exterior-friendly paint remover solution outside for maximum ventilation and, therefore, safety.

Buying Guide – Best Varnish Remover for Wood

1. Effectiveness

Varnish Removers should work well, be effective, and be easy to apply. While safety should always come first, the safest solution isn’t going to help if it doesn’t remove the varnish or paint.

You want one that works seamlessly and enables you to clean up all of your unwanted markings in a short time (and with a bit of effort).

The easiest way to determine how well it works is to check out reviews from other users about their own experience with the product. You can see how it performs firsthand before purchasing it yourself.

2. Safety

Varnish remover is no laughing matter. Varnish can be dangerous, especially if you breathe in its potentially foul-smelling fumes or touch the liquid directly.

Over time, the varnish may start to peel; although it might not seem like much now, you might come to regret the decision by the time you hit a decade of ownership.

Different solutions for removing varnish paint exist, some of which are safer than others and create less harmful fumes when used.

We think these products are safe to use and good options if you need something that works and can save your time and health.

3. Speed

The speed at which a varnish remover works is of interest to most people. Is it going to take off the paint you must remove in just one night, or will it be a process that drags on for weeks?

Ideally, if your product can smash through whatever paint you apply to the walls within hours, you save money and time. Varnish removers may not have worked effectively if they used to take a week, and no one wants this taking up their time.

Usually, someone leaves a paint remover on for at least two hours, and once you see the liquid from the remover has evaporated, it’s been working effectively.

You don’t want to leave the remover on when there’s Gump because what holds gumb makes it difficult for removal.

It’ll be easier to remove varnish with thinner products whenever these evaporate fast – sparing users from following a series of coats or spending days trying to keep themselves busy removing paint from their cars.

4. Cost

Varnish remover is relatively cheap. You’ll commonly see it for around $10 or less on your average varnish remover bottle. This amount of money will get you one quart.

When considering how much a varnish remover costs, you’ll want to consider several factors. First and foremost, note the size of the container, as this is often a key indicator of whether or not you will be running out quickly (which isn’t always good) or that you could potentially save money by buying in bulk at a later stage when needed (usually best)!

Secondly, pay attention to the needs of the actual piece of furniture – some work better than others and sometimes require many more applications to work well – which will influence the overall cost.

After all, prices are not fixed on products, and we sometimes have no say in what they are, but if we’re thinking about our purchases, we can make sure that even if something is expensive, we won’t feel cheated by it later.


Best varnish remover for wood. Many restoration projects require a varnish remover to remove the varnish from furniture, flooring, and other wooden surfaces. One can find it unsurprising that these products vary greatly between one another, given their primary purpose.

When purchasing this product, our review and buyer’s guide should help you make the correct decision. Ultimately we would recommend Sunnyside 65732A multi-strip paint & varnish remover as the best today. It is safe and has no unpleasant fumes or undesirable by-products – and one of the higher concentrations available.

While technically a neutral product (having low alkalinity and acidity), it works well on most surfaces, especially wood (including pine, mahogany, or oak). If cost is an issue, Sunnyside 63432 Varnish Remover Gel may better suit your needs (but please do not expect miracles; its capacity is limited).

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