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Best Above Ground Pool Filter

Best above ground pool filter. Above ground pools are a lot like filters: they both keep things nice and clear.

A pool filter, similar to an above-ground water filter, does this by removing particles that can obstruct visibility or make your pool water seem cloudy.

In addition to ridding of unhealthy microbes that might be lurking around unless you want them to make tiny little homes using your pool as a foundation.

The most powerful above-ground water filters work quickly without affecting the quality of the filtered water or requiring much effort thanks to their multiple layers of filtration media which usually include polyester material or stainless steel mesh.

An above-ground pool filter is a great option for those who want something more affordable than in-ground choices, but don’t mind getting their hands dirty by building it themselves or having someone else do it for them.

6 Best Above Ground Pool Filter

1. Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump

intex krystal clear sand filter pump

This pump and filter combo for above-ground pools needs, almost, no maintenance thanks to its filtration system that involves sand.

The 1750 antifouling overspray paint keeps this pool simple to care for! Its 2,100 gallon water per hour flow rate means it’s ideal for small-to-medium sized above-ground pools with up to 16,800 gallons of water.

Having a powerful 1/3 horsepower or 725 watts makes it capable enough to handle small-to-medium size above ground pools with ease.

This best above ground pool filter has several modes of operation: drain and close mode; rinse mode; recirculation mode; and backwash cleaning mode.

These automated features make caring for the pump effortless because it can be set and performed without having to worry about turning the system on and off when needed like in the manual settings.

The Intex 2150E Ultra Series Sand Filter Pump offers lots of advantages over the old DE or cartridge above-ground pool pumps.

These sand filter pumps operate at greater efficiency than others and last longer too so you don’t need to worry about replacing it as often.

Additionally, you’ll save money in the wallet since it uses less energy as well. Plus, this sand filter pump operates up to a 50% greater flow rate than traditional DE models do and comes equipped with 1-1/2” threaded ports.

It is a perfect option for budget-wise consumers who are seeking value and longevity in their purchase without sacrificing performance.

2. Summer Waves Filter Pump Above Ground

summer waves filter pump above ground

This pump and filter unit combo is best for use with a small above ground pool (up to 10ft in diameter) that is not frequently used, since rusting may occur if it has been in contact with the elements for too long.

When using this product, remember to keep it away from water that has turned green or black as this could damage its motor.

In order to maximize its functionality, make sure it remains connected to an electrical outlet while you are using your pool and after you have cleaned it.

If a mud cloud appears, clean the skimmer and strainer basket regularly – soaking them in water and some mild detergent before rinsing them off will do the trick!

This is the most clever and efficient way to filter pool water. Both the filtration system and its skimmer are contained in a single pump unit, ensuring efficient processes without any loss of time or unnecessary movements while you’re on vacation.

The innovative system uses high-quality filtering materials that purify your pool with chlorination and ultra-fine filter paper.

Your family will spend hours swimming when you’re away, but they won’t get sick! This is one of the most ingenious and efficient ways to filter pools. It’s got an integrated pump, which means everything is contained in a single unit.

3. Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Pool Filter

hayward swimclear cartridge pool filter

When looking to install a top quality pool filter, customers prioritize ease of access and simple maintenance procedures. The Hayward StarClear Plus is just such a product.

This best above ground pool filter is designed for use with the Hayward cartridge system or with compatible DE or Diatomaceous earth (a naturally occurring sedimentary rock) filters.

It comes in several finishes to complement the new modern style of your swimming space and offers industry leading technology to reduce chemicals, debris and other contaminants from pool water.

This UltraStar Clear filter comes in convenient sizes, so whether you are looking for something for an above ground pool or a larger swimming pool, this system is sure to best suit your needs and size requirements.

In addition, multiple features make it simpler to use and maintain as well! This filter might look like a beige fire hydrant, but Hayward makes some powerful equipment with this pool filter and you won’t find a more efficient model when it comes to cleaning pools on the market.

Designed as an upgraded version of their other models and equipped with higher horsepower, these are far superior to sand filters when it comes to removing dirt, algae, and other contaminants from pool water.

In terms of speed, Hayward DE Pool Filters are expensive but worth the cost when measured against the performance landspeed record of just one hour and 45 minutes!

4. GAME SandPRO Pool Sand Filter Unit

game sandpro pool sand filter unit

A huge part of the problem of having a pool is that it always has some kind of murky residue floating in it — especially if you have been using your pool for years.

The GAME SandPRO solves this issue by filtering out all the unwanted particles with sand which makes your water crystal clear! And even better, there’s no more obnoxious, loud pump to deal with.

The SandPro relies on 3/4 HP in order to fully work and comes with a TOPCAT original design that genuinely improves game night at home!

With so many benefits to owning such an excellent pool vacuum that clears high quality water, you can rest assured knowing that every time you use your pool, it’ll be crystal clear waters all around!

This best above ground pool filter quality replacement filtration system that works best with Intex and Bestway pools but can be used with any above ground swimming pool.

This ultra-quiet sand filter features a high flow rate motor that runs on 3/4 horsepower and requires 75 pounds of medium grade pool filtering sand (not included with purchase)—it’s perfect for pools holding up to 15,000 gallons.

The GAME NIB75D Series Sand Filter is ideal for above ground swimming pools with a 52 GPM flow rate and requires 75 pounds of medium-grade sand filtering powder.

5. SUNCOO Sand Filter Above Ground

suncoo sand filter above ground

This sand filter pump is made for larger pools. It has a 45-lb capacity, so it’s perfect for keeping any swimming pool clean and maintained.

The stainless steel components make it more durable than other pump models so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down from regular use or rust damage over time.

An internal pressure gauge will help keep track of the water quality in your pool as you get started using this product.

This makes it easier to see when or if it’s necessary to backwash so that you can maintain optimal water quality moving forward.

This best above ground pool filter is unlike any other on the market. With an effective sand filter and built-in air purifier, water clarity is guaranteed!

Having a clean swimming pool can improve everyone’s mood in the summertime, be it a relaxing swim after work or playing with children in the sprinkler or Slip ‘N Slide.

This Top Performance Sand Filter Pump is designed to run for years to come and help keep your above-ground pools clean from dirt and debris.

If you suspect foul water, it might be time to make sure that everything filters properly. Make sure you change cartridges as needed for best results!

This 2-in-1 pool pump is used in a wide variety of pools and can help with both the circulation and the filtration.

By using this pump, you can make sure that your swimming experience only includes crystal clear, clean water.

6. XtremepowerUS Pool Sand Filter

best above ground pool filter in 2022

If you are searching for a product that removes contaminants from your pool water, you’re probably thinking about the different options out there.

The XtremepowerUS 12″ Sand Filter Combo is one of those choices and comes from a company that’s been producing pumps like this for quite some time now.

The primary benefit to using this particular on-ground pool filter package is that it mixes sand and pump pressure together to get rid of particulate matter.

This best above ground pool filter is completely self-maintaining and easy to install, making it a top choice among pool owners. This sand filter pump with 42 Lbs of sand is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance.

While still delivering the power you need to effectively treat your swimming pool’s clean water. This pump has a truck drain cap that allows for draining the pressure chamber without needing to open any other components.

Which reduces wear and tear on internal components: you can clean it by simply flipping a lever. To protect yourself from liability and prevent untrained users from causing damage.

This pump comes with auto-return cut-off switch and an emergency shut-off valve that cuts off the water supply in case there is any obstruction of airflow during operation.

This submersible pump is housed in a tub-style filter tank with an integrated 6-way valve, which reduces the number of parts that need to be assembled before using. It also comes with a detachable power cable.


Is a bigger filter better for a pool?

The pressure from the water in your pool trying to find a way to get out against the filter can clog it up and break it over time. A good rule of thumb is that bigger filters work better than smaller ones.

Although larger filters may mean spending more money, they tend to last longer, which means you won’t have to fork out lots of money on new filtration equipment anytime soon!

What is better salt water or chlorine pool?

There’s less chlorine! The water in saltwater pools has little to no scent and contains less harsh ingredients. It feels super soft and swimming can be gentler on the skin.

When you swim in a saltpool, your hair doesn’t get frizzy and it doesn’t sting your eyes as much either.

Saltwater swimming also minimizes the need for chlorination products because they evaporate quicker than chlorine.

So they don’t have time to clog up your filters or leave scum behind on walls, floors and people like chlorine does. Saltwater swimming costs less in maintenance fees due to these factors.

What happens if your pool filter is too small?

A large pump with a small filter will likely cause unnecessary wear and tear on your pump as it is required to work much harder.

This can result in the pump breaking down early, and this also has a negative effect on the quality of water that passes through the filter, resulting in dirt being carried along with it, which may lead to additional damage over time.


Best above ground pool filter. We hope you enjoyed our blog about above ground pools and filters. When you are looking for the perfect above ground pool for you, it is important to consider keeping water clean and healthy by using a powerful above ground water filter.

While there are many different types of filters, the most powerful ones use multiple layers of media to remove the biggest and most harmful particles in the water. If you want to learn more about above ground pools or the best above ground pool filters, please read our complete blog.

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